The cabinet is fascinated by idealism and eliminates the biological discrimination between men and women

At the beginning of September, the Gender Disclosure Amendment bill will be debated in the House of Representatives. At first glance, this appears to be a purely legal settlement of undisputed law, equal rights for all. Who could be against that? And so there will be many MPs who will want to vote for the law. The same thing happened in England a few years ago.

In 2004, the British Parliament passed sex recognition law For these trans people A sex recognition certificate Provided that the “acquired sex” is identical to their sexual desires. About 2,000 to 5,000 people participated in it across England.

It wasn’t necessarily sexual surgery or hormonal preparations to have this evidence. But you had to seriously prove that you suffer from a gender dysphoria. We find backgrounds for this in Kathleen Stock’s book, girls material.

Trans in England

In 2020, according to the British LGBT organization, there were around 600,000 transgender people in the UK. The government’s estimate in 2018 was somewhat lower, between 200,000 and 500,000. However, the number of children has increased dramatically in recent years.

In 2010, 40 boys and 32 girls were referred by the NHS to the Tavistock Gender Clinic. Everyone wanted to change the gender. In 2019, this number increased to 624 boys and 1,740 girls, the youngest being Three years old used to be. After a damning report from Hilary Cass, which was taken over by the NHS, the Tavistock Gender Clinic was closed.

Inhibitors of puberty and sexual processes are now seen as irresponsible. This is the motivation for to her – about what’s more later – which Public Health Minister Ernst Kuipers (D66) does not want to accept. About a thousand British families will now sue the clinic. This at least sounds like something to think about. Is this law really reasonable?

English language gender advocacy groups such as Stonewall and Mermaids have grown in number since 2004 and have been able to apply effective political pressure. Since 2004, you can easily change your gender by “self-identification”, without a medical explanation for sexual dysphoria. It is purely administrative work. A similar proposal is now before the House of Representatives.

to her

in the Netherlands to her Who stands in the face of this and defends the rights of women and girls. Jan Kuitenbrouwer and Peter Vasterman introduced the audience to all the obstacles of passing motion. Gender action groups are being bitten by feminists who do not adhere to their ideology. Whether their critical opinions ever made it to the House of Representatives is open to question. We will know on September 5th. I am not optimistic, partly in light of developments in England. It seems useful to take another look at exactly what’s going on.

sex as feeling

Gender identity is a feeling, an abstract internal issue. Your biological gender comes second, or is rejected. Spaces that were previously available exclusively to women, such as toilets, changing rooms, women’s prisons, and student homes, are now open to trans women (that is, biological men).

From the official side, politics, and society, we are now hearing the view that transgender women are women, and that debate about this must stop. Ernst Kuipers of Public Health sees nothing in the flyers to her He wants to give to parents who have children who think they are “transgender”.

to her He rightly asks to be careful with children who want a new gender identity. The handout is carefully worded, but for Kuipers, this goes too far. Thinking is not allowed. I’m afraid the room will be in line with the Kuipers. If you suffer from “transphobia” or “homophobia” or suffer from “sexual anxiety”. Debate is hardly possible, every question you ask about sex and sexuality is seen as a personal attack on the trans movement.

awkward sound

Kathleen Stock, author of the book to which I am referring, sees herself as an outsider, and is – of course, I would say – frivolous and dismissed as a reactionary. Well, she says to herself, let me be a heretic, I did not become a philosopher to join a new sect.

She writes I am critical of gender identity, but not the transgender people I care about. At the end of 2020, she was awarded a high British award for her work. A storm of protest arose from her fellow philosophers. About 600 philosophers signed the petition. The combination of hysterical students and ever-vibrating university boards cost her her job.

Simone de Beauvoir

Stock lists a number of books and formative events for the rest of her book. I want to go through it briefly because it forms the backbone of the rest of her book. And they give a little more insight into exactly what’s going on.

First, remember the story of Simone de Beauvoir second sex. You are not born a woman, but you are socially attached as a woman according to de Beauvoir. From the 1960s and 1970s onwards, gender still has the meaning of social construction. Women’s studies departments at universities at that time focused mainly on stereotypes, roles, and expectations. Gender was defined socially.

Sex as a role experience

Somewhat later, John Money and Robert Stoller introduced the concept of “sex”. Gender role is a driven behavior. Gender identity is the private experience of a role model. Stoller, an American physician, makes way with money for a bisexual or bisexual gender identity.

In the 1980s, Anne Fausto Sterling wrote that biological sex is a continuum of different sexual characteristics. Fausto Stirling is Professor of Biology and Gender Studies at Brown University in the United States. She is convinced that biological sex has no natural binary separation. She believes that there are at least five genders with different sexual characteristics. Sex has become a continuum.

Transient Motion Teacher

Judith Butler can be considered the American counterpart of Kathleen Stock, who is also a philosopher and lead author in gender studies. Butler wrote that the idea of ​​”gender” is performative in nature (performance). In 1990, Butler published The problem of gender: feminism and the subversion of identity.

According to Butler, our whole life is a social construct. Our language does not reflect a pre-existing physical world, but Creates The world through language. In particular, the language(s) of science make hierarchies from below and above order. Concepts are not neutral, they may also constitute mechanisms of exclusion, in other words ‘power’. It is a complex issue, in fact a philosophical one, but it is present in all discussions of sex.

Astonishing perfection

Gender is a performative concept. It is really a philosophical concept, but I think it can be clarified with reference to current politics. The current government seems trapped in this performative thinking, it is not the material world that is central, but the world created through language: observations, legislation, politics.

Blindness to ever-increasing social upheaval, legislation that lacks unambiguous substance or an empirical substrate, all this is motivated by performative thinking. He called it a ‘faded idealism’, detached from physical reality.

Biology is slowly disappearing

Another important theorist is Julia Serrano. You write that gender identity makes you a man or a woman. Since the early 2000s, gender identity has been seen as an internal psychological representation, and it is no longer your biological gender that is the deciding factor, nor your role, but rather your female or male genderidentification.

In 2007, Cyrano, a trans woman and biologist, wrote the book skin girl which had a significant impact on thinking about gender. For Cyrano, the generic term “woman” exists for trans women and cis women. (“Cisgender” is the full name). The same applies to men. Trans men and cis men are the same “men”.

Stock writes that this goes a little further than Money, and it’s a really radical perspective. The distinction between gays (lesbians or gays), or bisexuals, is no longer relevant. Cyrano, who is originally a man, is attracted to women and considers himself a lesbian. Same-sex or opposite-sex discrimination is seen here as old-fashioned.

pink lion

This also explains the deprivation pink lion In another pride event. pink lion Primarily standing for biological discrimination such as gay, homosexual or bisexual. The transient movement fueled by the radical queer movement does not accept this. in the Netherlands in 1 Who occupies this position.

A person who is in transition from a woman to a man and focuses only on men, is seen as a gay man. According to the activist group Stonewall, a gay woman can have a trans woman (a biological man) as a partner.

Transit movement receives important legal support with Principles of Yogyakarta. The principles Recommending gender identity as a human right. In 2006, an international group of experts in international law, medical scholars and human rights lawyers gathered in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). The resulting document is Principles of Yogyakarta the name of the thing.

The document formulates twenty-eight human rights for the non-normative gender category. Some of these rights are unproblematic because they advocate for public rights, but now especially for gay and transgender people in an often hostile world. The principles It has had an impact on official documents used by various governments, and the United Nations.

n number of identities

Meanwhile, an explosion of identities occurred. Stonewall’s online glossary contains a large number of variations under the term generic gender which can have different meanings at this point. Facebook gives you a choice of seventy-one “gender options”. Once again, the alpha divisions took first place.

The University of Kent in England distinguishes between ‘semifluid’ and ‘Demiflux’, which appear to be the same, partly fluid gender identity, with other parts fixed. But in constant flux, one of the sexes is not binary. You just have to get up there.

The University of Essex also recognizes “crazy”, people who have multiple races sometimes working together, sometimes separately. All ‘binary’ distinctions are seen either as a product of Eurocentrism, as colonialism, or as ‘white supremacy’ – notions typical of He woke up-Globalism.

It will be obvious that an X, or a male female of your choice in your passport is no longer sufficient. The next step is ready. Universities have a host of identities waiting for you. Ernst Kuipers doesn’t know what he’s getting into.

Kathleen Stock girls material Why does reality matter to feminism? (Fleet 2021).

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