opinion | That message from the 270-member Legion is poignant but “courageous”?

The video shows rows of identical backs in white shirts under all the same suspenders. “whore!” Cheer their fronts. the matrix Become a reality and choose these people blue pill. They didn’t have to, the red knowledge pill was ready to grab it, but in their right mind they took the blue pill out of mindless complacency and became members of the Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps (ASC). There they sat down to a large Lustrum dinner. You might say party for everyone, but the men sat separate from the women. why? Because misogyny is the norm, what their board members instilled in their speeches. With the explicit exception of the phrase “your mother, your sister, your girlfriend,” women are no more than one (and now all of them!): “HORE!”. By “whore” they do not mean “whore,” because the payment for sex is minimal. No, with the “whore” every woman is dehumanized, like a sex doll.

This is no exception, this is the code, it’s been that way for years. And then separate the men from the women dinner. The girls have to eat separately, and then the boys can go about their business, and then the humiliation of the women seems to go without a word. what does that mean? Group feeling. See also opposites, which operate on the same model. Being humiliated together by old people who, in turn, humiliate them together – this is not true, everyone knows that. And so everyone shares a secret about bad behavior that keeps you in control of each other for the rest of your life – watch any mafia movie and see how it works.

broken necks

But now the guys make it so special, apart from the chants of “whore!” , words like “bucket of semen” (how do you get it?) as a metaphor for “woman”, as well as imagining the broken necks of females in which a rooster can take its course (I don’t have an instant picture of it, I think it’s pretty scary).

The members of the corps protested a letter to the Council. Exceptional measure, mafia companies usually keep classes closed. Norwegian Refugee Council So I mentioned and under the heading “The body is not silent anymore.” But this one was too excited. On the other hand, the “over 270” brothers who signed the letter are silent. „None of the signatories to the letter contacted wanted to do so Norwegian Refugee Council to talk. The board of directors cannot be reached for further comments.”

Read also: “The monoculture of student body members encourages transgressions.”

It is small but big. This is where the ASC’s omerta is honored – just as it was taught to these 270 women when they got their start. They were humiliated, but that’s part of it. And you keep quiet about it – that’s part of it. These women signed up and then don’t want to know. They avoid the media, except for one anonymous person de Volkskrant after, after. Deviation from the norm is undesirable, and this is what the opposite pumps on them. By remaining silent, they themselves recognize their message as a slip.

But the message is there and the women are shocked, writing in it. They complain that they feel “unsafe”. Yes, they are not safe. However, if you draw with his 270s, you can count on the auxiliary forces if such an aggressive dodo gets close to a person. And then, is it safe? This has been fixed, with apologies, research and goodwill.

violent fantasy

The letter has crossed the point, by focusing on this state of insecurity rather than on the hundreds of young people who have been united in expressing their deep aversion to women. who are drawn into the illusion of violence. Oh, it’s just a joke. And that joke easily becomes an excuse for rampant misconduct, under the guise of this way we’re doing it here, ignoring the promised “cultural shift.”

ASC is no exception or an insignificant company. It is a scheme of student associations in Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Groningen, which are based on similar procedures, rituals, and rules of the maqad. And what they are allowed to do is also normal for other clubs, see the excesses of the fire services, police, army and routine misogyny. The habits of the student fraternities are also echoed in the recently revealed transnational behavior of Frans van Dremelen, a prominent D66, with members shutting their mouths and assaulting women who had nowhere to go and were pushed aside at the highest level.

That message from 270 ASC women is touching, but “courageous”? It would have been if 270 men had signed him. Now there were three.

blue pill

Back to those poised backs. Gnawing at their blue pills, they listen to the sad sermons pitted against them by four idiots (three board members and a common idiot) against all things feminine. These four are not the real problem. Big mouths and “jokes” everywhere. The problem is with those bras. They are opportunity givers and there are hundreds of them. On Twitter, it seems stern that the waitresses should have bitten. But those waitresses didn’t have to do it, these guys sitting there had to. But they did nothing. They are ringing in. Or no, sometimes one escapes, it seems. This does not wash their streets clean. They are all members of the Civil Service Commission and they are all complicit.

None of them had the nerve to say: This is ridiculous, we are taking action now! They kept silent. They didn’t dare or didn’t come up with the idea. They did nothing, and so far they are silent. Because otherwise they could be closed. so what? Like this is too bad.

The same goes for members. Don’t stop at this weak signature. Hypocritical excuses and lengthy investigations are not accepted. Do something. Organize a revolution against the misogynistic madmen. If that doesn’t work, leave. Join another club, there are many. Or create one yourself.

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