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Because of the bad news that usually dominates, sometimes it snows. So on Saturday we are going to include some positive and cheerful news. This time: an omikron vaccine on the way, a solution to PFAS, and free sanitary pads for Scottish women.

The British green light for the omikron seems to be a matter of time for the Netherlands

what is the news? The United Kingdom is the first country in the world to give the green light for a specially made Corona strike against the omkiron variant. Health watchdogs in the Netherlands and the rest of the European Union have not yet given this approval, but the Dutch Ministry of Health does not anticipate any problems. A spokesperson said he believed approval would come in September.

Why is this good news? Previous vaccines were made for older variants, not for omikron, the variant now in circulation. Not a disaster per se, as it still works well against serious illness or death. But the Brits say the new shot also works well against milder complaints.

This in itself is good news, but it has two additional advantages as a bonus. First: The less you cough and sniff, the less you will infect others. The second: the new injection could lead more elderly people to the injection street. They have been less interested in recent months. They often believed – wrongly – that the stab was no longer protected from serious illness and death. While this risk is greatest with them (although vaccination remains your choice of course).

Free tampons and pads in Scotland

what is the news? Scottish girls and women can now get their period tampons, pads and cups for free. They can pick up products from neighborhood centers and pharmacies, for example. Scotland is the first country in the world to take this step.

why is that good news? In a word: menstruation poverty. Or in ten words: Not every woman has money for these things every month. Especially now that life has become more expensive. The result: without tampons or sanitary pads, these girls and women have to stay home for a few days each month. A vicious cycle, because without school or work, the solution to the lack of money becomes increasingly out of sight.

Discover a way to disable ‘eternal’ PFAS

what is the news? Swedish scientists have discovered a cheap and simple way to break down the “unbreakable” chemical PFAS. PFAS is found, among other things, in the non-stick coating of your pan and the “waterproofing” of your raincoat.

why is that good news? PFAS eventually ends up in the environment everywhere – even in rainwater (read: drinking water in many countries) and in snow in Antarctica. If you take too much of it for a long time, it can eventually make you sick.

And yes: we have strict standards for PFAS in the Netherlands. But it is so strict that it is not possible to build as much as is necessary.

We won’t get bored of the chemistry that gets rid of PFAS, but for the enthusiast: VRT NWS Here he explains how carbon-fluorine compounds are made smaller.

Smaller news makes you happy too

Finally, some minor developments that also made us happy on the editorial team this week, or that made us smile:

  • It can be refueled here and there for as little as 2 euros per liter. The suggested retail price is now €2.19, but entrepreneurs who like to exercise would like to set the price at 1.99. So it is worth looking for the cheapest pump in your area.
  • Images posted on social media are helping scientists search for the southern right whale, a rare whale. Tourists who proudly post their photos on Facebook after a whale watching trip can hardly distinguish an orca from a porpoise, so to speak. But scientists see which species swim in the footage. Ten years of social media images yielded a wealth of information that further aided their research.
  • It is two peas. But specifically, a missing person was found due to the short height of one and a half year old Ethan. Elderly person from Georgia, USA Back home safe. An adult was shrugging it off, but Ethan could only see a few feet behind his yard fence. The 82-year-old was confused and lying on the ground in the bushes, but she was fine.
  • And good news for those who think the walrus Freya deserves not an syringe but a figurine: she gets that too. At least that’s the plan. In any case, enough funds were raised for a statue.

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