6 things Princess Caroline prefers to remain silent

Six things Princess Caroline prefers to keep quiet because she’s not very elegant. He could easily become twenty-seven, because under every luxurious Chanel outfit there is a colorful character.

She adores her fine-haired Dachshunds and puts their livers and lungs to the test, without ever apologizing for it. And I spoke with the late family friend Karl Lagerfeld about everyone they knew (which is the whole community). In short, a woman who follows our heart, prefers not to let others know that she has her own VIP corner at parties, so as not to mingle with the crowd. What’s Next?

1. You smoke like a chimney

The Princess series was smoking incessantly during the ’80s and ’90s, even lighting one up every now and then when she was pregnant. He gets three packs a day Caroline Not anymore, but she still smokes happily through New York’s strict no-smoking rules. And no one would dare say anything about her. The fact that she’s always a little late has everything to do with the fact that beforehand, whether it’s a business visit or a party, she always wants to smoke a cigarette in the privacy of her blind car. Because she officially doesn’t smoke, you know?

2. She knows the nightlife of Paris

As a teenager, Caroline was at odds with her parents and was appearing negatively in the news due to petty outbursts. Hoping that a new beginning improves relationships, go Princess blessing To Paris with her eldest daughter. The goal was for Caroline to study philosophy there at the Sorbonne. Instead, the princess mainly studied the nightlife and the differences between the more expensive champagne labels. The disco queen was there, surviving on nicotine and bubbles and making more front pages than Monaco.

3. Out of revenge, she married a playboy

In a final attempt to break free from her parents’ protocol and rules, Caroline falls in love with an older playboy and street boy in the late 1970s. Philip Junot. They married in 1978, and he was already unfaithful to her on their honeymoon. The marriage ended in divorce after two years of seclusion. Junot is said to have received a large amount of silence money from her trust fund.

Philip Juno with Princess Caroline and Prince Rainier in front of the palace, 1979. Photo: BrunoPress

4. She stole her friend’s husband

Caroline married Stefano Casiraghi three years later, calling him “the love of my life.” The marriage was only by law, and the Catholic Act refused to annul her marriage to Junot. Stefano and Caroline had three children together: Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte. Caroline, who is very Catholic, has had a perpetual problem with the fact that she also cannot marry before God. And he shamelessly pressured the Pope to get it done.

Stefano and Caroline’s engagement. Photo: BrunoPress

Stefano didn’t live anymore: he died in an accident in 1990. Two years later in Rome they still flirted with the Roman heart and declared that her marriage to Junot was really over, so she was free to remarry, both legally and religiously. And she did: she stole the aforementioned Prince Ernst-August from her good friend Chantal Hocholi.

5. She loves her nickname

Princess Caroline of Monaco married Prince of Hanover Ernst August 1999. Although this prince is not well known, he belongs to a much higher nobility than the Grimaldis.

Caroline and Ernst marriage. Photo: BrunoPress

Caroline took his title with lightning speed, was promoted from Royal Highness to Royal Highness and became so fashionable that she was allowed to join the royal weddings. Like that achieved by Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark in 2004. Great victory, because the European royals were previously somewhat nervous everything Monaco. Caroline spent a good few years with Ernst, until the marriage fell apart in his country’s ways. The couple has been living apart from the table and bed for years, but there is no official divorce. Then the princess must hand over the title of Hanover to her Alexandra’s daughter The longest-running property in the whole family. There are limits to what an ambitious 65-year-old girl can handle.

6. She doesn’t care about protocol

“I wasn’t allowed to wear a bikini, jeans and other girls weren’t allowed,” Princess Caroline says. “I thought that was silly. What I have to do always comes before what I want to do. I have always wanted more freedom for my children. I have been able to give it to them, and it gives me great satisfaction.” Both Andrea and Charlotte had illegitimate children. Caroline warmly welcomed her partners. He did not care about Aristotle and his courtiers practicing raspberry drills. She wandered cheerfully with her grandchildren before the eyes of the world. Thus, she made her point before the court. cool. And now another cigarette, please.

Text: Beau Monde Archive | Photo: BrunoPress

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