‘Yellow’ Vos leads the tour she’s been craving: ‘Unspeakable’


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Marianne Voss was in attendance, the last stage of the women’s peloton tour in 2009. That year’s “Tour Feminin” ended with four meaningless stages. Foss didn’t stop there. Thirteen years later, there was another round, of eight stages, with Vos in yellow.

After 2009, Vos fought for a new edition of the Tour de France, one with a serious track. The one-day La Course came in 2014 as an intermediate variant, but the pressure for a full round didn’t stop there. In October 2021, the Tour organization introduced an eight-part course.

“Now boys and girls can dream about the yellow jersey,” Voss said at the time. She is now that yellow girl. Voss looked like a young Voss in the sprint race up to Provence and is the flagship of the Tour de France. “Indescribable, I don’t have the words yet. Something really special. Starting tomorrow in yellow, that will be very special.”

Marianne Voss wins stage win and yellow jersey in Tour: ‘Indescribable, something very special’

The goal was to win a stage. The yellow shirt is a bonus. Because: “The competition is fierce.” A rider who has won almost everything should know to win on two wheels. “You get nervous,” Voss said on Sunday before the start of the first stage. I expected a week of nervous racing. “It will continue to be like this every day.”

Prophetic words, as it turned out 25 kilometers before the end of the second stage.

“The Remaining Things”

Nothing happened for tens of kilometers, but suddenly piles of riders appeared here and there. An FDJ woman in fetal position on the tarmac, a pink Falcar uniform climbing a ledge, and a confused grainfield passenger looking for her bike.

When everyone got back on their bikes, things got worse again. and again. and again. “The final was just a big mess,” said Vimek Marcus, who was then wearing the polka jersey. “Crashing just before the sprint, I was just about to arrive. It was bad luck.”

Cavalli’s favorite is falling hard and racing on it too

“The roads were very slippery,” Lorena Webbs said. “I also fell into neutralizing myself. With the wind, super chaotic, everyone wants to sit in the front and then lie down sometimes, yeah.”

A strong transverse wind blew the already nervous peloton up from its afternoon nap. You went to the side, and according to Marcus, there were more obstacles in the way, “Bumps. Holes. If you don’t pay attention for a second, there are fifty men lying on you.”

Marcus’ colleague Nicole Frain was responsible for the most horrific accident of the day. The Australian champion did not notice an accident and drove at full speed to (almost) stationary passengers. Marta Cavalli hit. The favorites leaderboard launched, stayed there for a long time, then got up again, but eventually gave up.

  • Marcus on ‘The Final Dangerous’: ‘Don’t pay attention for a second and you have fifty men above you’

  • Wiebes loses his yellow jersey: ‘He wasn’t sharp enough after the average sprint’

He gave up one of Annemiek van Vleuten’s biggest threats for the overall victory of this round. Cavalli’s favorite rode a solid spring, including her Amstel Gold race win – surprising Demi Follering and Van Vloten – and a second place finish at the Giro Don.

Giro winner Van Vleuten also missed out on today’s fight in the Chaos stage. The apparently angry Movistar leader did not appear in front of the cameras for post-race comment. In the general classification she is 0.50 behind Vos and 0.32 behind Elisa Longo Borghini. Competitor Mavi Garcia is only 0.05 ahead of her.

With a two-stage climb as the epilogue, No Man at Sea, but Van Vleuten wasn’t up for the big names. rarity.

‘Looking forward to tomorrow’

The rider who avoided the biggest mess was Mike van der Doyen in the white jersey. Because the chaos actually only began when 20-year-old Drenzi decided to attack. “It was tense all day and there was a chance for the fans, but it really didn’t happen.” When things calmed down, Van der Doyen set off on an adventure – on her own.

Only after the last middle sprint did she get a group behind. “I looked back and only saw big names.” Voss, Borghini, Elisa Balsamo. They drove to the end in a seamless collaboration. Running is no longer an option for Van der Duin. But: “One of the best days on the bike. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.”

Van der Doyen ‘very satisfied’ after the second stage: ‘He went with everything and bet’

Wiebes took off in that final intermediate race, but was unable to join the big names in the subsequent break. “I guess we weren’t clever enough after the mean sprint. We made a mistake there.” Nothing to be ashamed of in such a chaotic conclusion.

Are you also nervous on your way to Epernai?

On Tuesday he will leave Peloton from Reims to finish 133.6 kilometers later in Epernai. With three Category IV hikes and one Category III hike, most of which can be found in the last 50 kilometers, there are once again opportunities for refugees. The classification of women should also pay attention, especially in such a nervous peloton.

The “yellow” Fox would undoubtedly show herself to the front, although she had to recover after that sprint upwards. “Leggs hurt, but it’s totally worth it.”


An overview of the third stage

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