Top 5 books about motherhood

During dark days we stay nice and safe inside with a nice book in bed or bathroom. Yes, reading is quite a challenge in the tropics, we know, but you really want to make time for this gem! Since this stuff is so funny, sweet, fun, and soothing for the soul of a mother, you’ll be more than happy to avoid the binge night/early evening under the infinite fleece/app talks. Just for you, in chronological order of maternity:

Sorry to wake you upMarlis Quiers

After bestseller scalable diary Is there a sequel at last? In this sweet, thick book, midwife Marliss once again offers a unique look at her dynamic life as a midwife. What do you do if the parent turns out to be infected with corona? And is he busier than ever in practice because of the baby boom? A sweet and pure book with a special look behind the scenes.


“You must be thinking, another grumbler,” she snores. Not a moment. It’s okay to say you’re not happy. Not everyone suffers from a pink cloud and this time is also very difficult. You have given birth from which you need to recover and your lack of sleep has accumulated significantly, and the hormones are still circulating in your body.”

I think I can do thatFrank Van Hoeven

Yes, I’m sorry, I’m doing rude self-promotion here, because my smoker should smoke too. Especially with this cold. And the Believe meI have to click on a lot of pieces for it! So I hope you’ll forgive me and put my book, click, in your cart. For those I haven’t convinced yet: I wrote a handbook for surviving the first year of motherhood (because I thought it was a cool thing, that messy first year). It’s filled with hilarious stories and anecdotes from moms, and top tips from experts, like presenter Sophie van den Ink and sexologist Evelyn Stallart.
What others are saying about this book: “Very fun, full of humour, wonderfully sober, good advice, recognizable” and also: “You shouldn’t miss this holy mother” (really, I’m not lying! You can find the proof here)


The breast or the bottle? How do you choose this? Simple: by listening to your body and thinking about what you want, you are on your own. Whatever the government, or your partner, or your family, or your neighbor, or anyone or whatever they think, you can only make that decision for you and your child. It’s your breasts and your baby. One is not better than the other. #fedisbest’

All dads are still messing aroundAnna van den Bremer

Another sequel to the top song, The Book All parents are just messing around. What a cool nickname, if that alone doesn’t make you zen we don’t know what will. In this book, journalist Anna van den Bremer, known for her education issue in de VolkskrantAnswers to pressing issues, such as children having difficulty eating, crawling in your bed over and over, not being able to sit at the table, or exploding at the slightest thing. With advice from various experts, so that there is always advice to your liking (after all, the world is not black and white and cannot be made either). And in between all this learning, there’s also plenty of entertainment in the form of fun conversations with Léonie ter Brac, Fidan Ekes and Mark Tweetert, among others.


“Hello,” said my four-year-old daughter as the neighbor passed by. This polite salutation was quickly spoiled with the comment: “She has really big buttocks.” Earlier that week, a passerby had already pointed out his “crazy bald head.” In fact, these observations are true, but they were by no means civilized. How do you explain to a child that this behavior is undesirable?

Is it already seven o’clock? Margot C. Bull

Journalist Margot wrapped up with him one day, with all the balls in the air. She decided to cancel her clients and take care of her two sons (1 and 3 at the time) full time. But you can already feel it coming: It has turned out to be more difficult than expected. There is no endless cold morning in cozy coffee bars, but there is a strict closure as the children must be constantly entertained and Margot has no second to herself. A year later I decided: this experiment was not successful. But it resulted in a very honest and well-known book, for both housewife mothers and hardworking working chicks.


“Breakfast, fruit, lunch, and dinner, I cling to it like a man drowning in a spot, and when a toddler refuses to sleep in the afternoon, I get so angry: Even this little time you took from me. I can’t think. I can get nothing done however I’m broken at the end of each day.

For better or worse (but only if you wash the dishes)Ragna Heidweiler

This book is a serious warning about how your relationship can quickly fall into traditional gender roles, even if you have the best of intentions. Because although three-quarters of couples try to achieve a fair division of tasks, it hardly succeeds. And who is the shadow in that? Exactly, we are mothers. This is the reason why coach and trainer Ragna is looking for a solution to this problem. She delved into the numbers and interviewed many empirical experts, scholars, and experts, including former politician Heidi Dancona, writer and artist Pepijn Lanen, and entrepreneur and author Nina Pierson.


The fact that Samuel put out all the fires and was the primary point of contact meant that our daughters also began to see him this way and that Samuel maintained greater contact with the school and with babysitters and our grandparents and grandmothers. I noticed from everything that he was more present, where I would normally be.

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