The mysterious death of kung fu king Bruce Lee

Let’s start by explaining the greatness of Bruce Lee: He was praised by the leader Time magazine He has been named among the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

And in Los Angeles and Hong Kong there is a life-size statue of the karateka, which are still places of pilgrimage for all his followers. Because that’s what you might call his fans, his followers, because not only has he been praised for his superb style of karate in the films he starred in and made; His whole look has been and continues to be an inspiration to millions.


Legendary is an interview in The Pierre Burton Show From 1971 who asked for his secret. “this is is what it is, Yes?” Bruce says with piercing eyes Your mind… Shapeless, shapeless, put the water in the cup and it becomes the cup. Put the water in a bottle and it will become the bottle. Put the water into the teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or it can crash.

be water oh Friend … “

He leaves the interlocutor speechless with his words and his vague gaze. Perfectly aligned with his life, this interview has a special story.

It was filmed in 1971, but was lost before it could be broadcast. In 1994, the makers of the tape found it in an archive and broadcast it under the name Bruce Lee: The Lost an interview. The recording is also of great historical value as the karate player rarely gives interviews.

The king of kung fu

Who was Bruce Lee? The King of Kung Fu was an American of Chinese descent who was born on November 27, 1940 – in the year of the Dragon according to Chinese astrology. He was born in San Francisco’s Chinatown between 6 and 8 a.m., which is Dragon’s Hour again. Nothing is a coincidence, apparently in the case of Bruce Lee. His parents, who live in Hong Kong and tour America as opera actors, were not present at the birth because they had to perform. The first mystery arose in the first hours of his life: his parents named him Lee Yun Fan. However, the American nurse in the hospital had a completely different name written: Bruce Lee. Why, this is a mystery.

After he was 13 years old, Bruce Lee decided to take kung fu lessons

Bruce’s mother was superstitious, like many Asian women, and changed his name again to protect him from the influence of Chinese demons. Oddly enough, she gave him the maiden name Sai Fon, which means “little phoenix.” A boy from the family died already at a young age, so they gave their two sons virgin names to confuse the demons. However, they later lived like Peter and Robert. Bruce also had two sisters: Phoebe and Agnes. Bruce Lee – who later became his stage name – soon followed in the footsteps of his father Lee Hui Chuen, who was an opera singer and film actor. It was the first movie in which the subsequent karateka appeared Golden Gate Girl From 1941. He didn’t have to do much yet, because he was only a one-year-old baby. Nine years later, in 1950, he starred in the movie with his father Baby Cheung, based on a cartoon character. It was his first leading role. Bruce was barely 18 years old when he had already appeared in 20 Chinese films. For the record: none of the films showed Karateka; There was no such thing as a martial arts movie: the genre for which it would later become world famous.


natural talent

In fact, Bruce Lee laid the foundation for his street fighting movie career.

His hometown of Hong Kong, where he grew up, was the backdrop for ruthless street gangs. Lee also joined a gang called Tigers of Junction Street. At the age of thirteen he got involved in a hellish battle in which the stray kitten was completely destroyed. This was when Bruce Lee decided to take kung fu lessons. He turned out to be so naturally good that many other players didn’t want to fight him. In 1957 he earned his first martial arts title, winning the Hong Kong Amateur Boxing Championship.

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Along with friend and fellow fighting Chuck Norris.

In the meantime, he also became proficient in cha-cha-cha. He also proved to have the right genes for that and won many major competitions in Hong Kong. The resilience he gained from dancing served him well in his grand ambition: making fight movies. He would become one of the most famous Asian movie stars of all time and arguably the greatest martial artist the world had ever known. But he is above all a man with a moving life story. Anyway, he was the world’s most famous ambassador of oriental martial arts. Bruce Lee was a phenomenon on many levels.

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In the featured mode in The Big Boss.

When Lee reached adulthood, he left Hong Kong. The will of his parents, who are tired of all the fights in the street. He wanted to make a career in America and ended up in Seattle, Washington, where, how could it be otherwise, he went to work in a Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, he studied drama at the University of Washington and taught kung fu classes to fellow students. Linda Emery was one of his students, and he fell in love with him instantly. They got married, had a daughter and a son who, like his father, would become an actor years later. Very tragically, and in proportion to Lee’s turbulent life, his son Brandon died in 1993 while filming the movie. the crow bullet flying.

The cause of his death? Superstitious souls claimed that his family had been cursed and had been struck by demons


In America, young Lee got his first stage roles and soon his unprecedented talent in dancing, fighting and acting appeared. Film producer William Dozier happened to see him in action and immediately offered him a role in the feature film the green hornet. This was the beginning In a brilliant cinematic career. After being rejected by the Hollywood movie Mecca, he decided to make four martial arts films in Hong Kong, where the films are Enter the dragon And the road the Dragon From 1971 and respectively 1973, became true classics.

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The young movie star especially adored fans of oriental martial arts, also because he turned out to be an inspiring martial arts philosopher. He developed a distinct fighting philosophy and style, which he called Jeet Kune Do. He found that his traditional fighting styles and techniques were too harsh and narrow for the real world of street fighting and he strove for a “style without style”. He was greatly inspired by his dedication to sports.

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