The most beautiful biblical names for boys and girls –

In the Bible you will find classic names, but also unique, original and less common ones. Biblical names often have meanings that are valuable to many people and are therefore very special to your child. Sometimes it is chosen to give the second name only a biblical tint and some parents would like to give a full biblical name to their children. Whatever you are looking for, we have listed the most beautiful biblical names for boys and girls for you.

bible names for boys

The Bible contains a lot of inspiration for boys’ names. In this list of baby names in the Bible you will find names from the Old and New Testaments.

Aaronmeans “mountain of strength”
One form of Aaron is Aaron, which is also regularly used in Holland as a biblical name for a boy.

Asher – means “happy”
The name is of Hebrew origin and it is a beautiful biblical name with great meaning!

Benjamin – means “son of happiness” and also “son at my right hand.”
Ben and Benga are variants of this name.

Boaz – means strength
This biblical boy’s name can be written in two ways, Boaz or Boa.

Caleb – means “with all the heart”
This boy’s name comes from the Hebrew words kal, which means “whole,” and lev meaning “heart.” Hence the meaning of “with all the heart”.

Daniel – means “God is a judge
A common variation of the biblical name Daniel is of course Dan.

David – means “beloved”
A nice variation on this popular biblical name is of course Dave!

Efron – means “fruitful or fruitful.”
You can also write it as: Efron

Elon – means “mighty”
This biblical name appears in the first book, Genesis.

Ezra – means “help”
A Hebrew boy’s name from the Bible is becoming more and more popular.

Philemon – means “love”
Can you think of a better meaning?

Gabriel – means “God’s strong man.”
In the Bible, Gabriel is the name of one of the Archangels.

Gershom – means “strange”
A variation on this name is Gershon.

Hiram – means brother of the Almighty.
This is a Hebrew boy’s name and a variant is Hirom.

Emre – means ‘eloquent’
The alternate name, but not the biblical boy, is Imre.

James – means “extractor”
The most beautiful variation of this Hebrew name is “James” as far as we are concerned.

Yari – means “that begins to move”
Cute variants of this name are also called Jaäre or Jaïr.

Joel – means “Lord is God.”
This is a very common biblical name in the Bible, as well as today.

Yoram – means Almighty God.
Variants of this boys’ name are, Joris, Goreme, Yoran

Levi – means “loyalty” or “connected.”
Levi Strauss The most popular at the moment is of course Levi Strauss.

Luke – means “light”
This boy’s biblical name has a number of common variants, including Luca and Luke.

Matthias – means “gift from God.”
My book is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Nice variants are Matt and Matthew.

Micah – means “who is like God.”
The cute variants are Mika, Misha and Michelle

Nathan – means “given”
You can also spell this biblical name without an “h”, Nathan.

Noah – means “peaceful”
This name appears several times in the Bible.

Omar – means “to open” or “to speak.”
This is a Hebrew and Arabic name.

Raphael – means “God healed.”
You can also spell this boy’s name in many ways, like Raphael. Raven is a common type.

Rida – means “entertainment”
Variants include Resa and Resi.

Salem – means peace
The name comes from the Hebrew word shalom and the name is also the nickname for the city of Jerusalem.

Seth – means “the anointed one”
This boy’s biblical name has both Hebrew and Egyptian roots.

Zion – means “fortress”
Sion is a beautiful and unique biblical name that you can give to a boy.

Tobias – means “God is good.”
Beautiful Hebrew name from the Bible.

Ori – means “God is my light.”
A variant of this name is Aurea.

Zacchaeus – means “pure and clean” but it also means “remembrance of the Lord.”
The English version is Zachary.

Biblical names for girls

All the names of these beautiful girls appear in the Bible, as names for women, places, and in some cases for men. We’ve compiled a list of girls’ names in the Bible, again from both the New Testament and the Old Testament.

Adora – means “beloved”
The most beautiful meaning is beloved, but it can also mean “gift” or “beloved.”

Berenice – means “victory”
This is a girl’s name from the Bible of Greek origin.

Dana – means “God is Judge”
Dana and Dania are two variants of this biblical name which is the feminine variant of the name Daniel.

Deborah – means “her word”
She was a prophetess in the Bible, among other things.

Eden – means “fun”
We all know the Garden of Eden.

Esther – means “bride” or “star”.
Esther is a biblical girl name that was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s.

Phoebe – means “shining,” “luminous,” or “pure.”
As far as we’re concerned, a beautiful variation of this girl’s name is Phoebe.

Jade – means “my good fortune”
Although it was a boy’s name in the Bible, today it sounds like a famous girl’s name, like Maddie and Gabe.

Hadassah – means “ace”
It is the original Jewish name for Esther.

Hana – means “blessing” or “service”
Joanna, Anna, and Hani are cute variations of this biblical girl’s name.

Heaven – means heaven
Heaven is of course the English translation of Heaven, the name of a beautiful girl!

Jada – means “wise”
In the Bible this is a boy’s name. The beautiful variants are Jade and Jadith.

Gaara – means “princess”
In the Bible, this is again a boy’s name. Princess Yara has a different meaning.

Junya – means “young man”
This is not a common name in the Bible, but it is a beautiful name! The alternative is the famous girl’s name Julia.

Lot – means “hidden”
In the Bible, Lot was a man and doesn’t necessarily have a nice story. But the beautiful girls variant of the name is Charlotte.

Mara – means ‘bitter’
Again not a very convenient meaning of the name. The name is still very popular nowadays. The variants are Martji, Marit and Mira.

Mari – means “starfish”
This is the most popular girl name in the Bible.

Martha – means “lady”
You can also spell this name without the letter “h”.

Naomi – means “beautiful”
In the Bible, after the death of her sons and husband, Naomi called herself Mara, meaning bitterness.

Rachel – means “sheep”
While the meaning isn’t “you from that” per se, it’s still a fairly common name for girls.

Sapphira – means “precious” or “beautiful.”
Sapphira and her husband Ananias were killed in the Bible as punishment for lying to the Holy Spirit. Although she may not be the best role model, the name Sapphira sounds very beautiful and the meaning is also very beautiful.

Sarai – means “princess”
This name is a variant of the biblical name Sarah. In some versions of the Bible, the name Sarah Sarai is spelled.

Tamar – means “date” or “palm tree”.
Two Tamar appear in the Bible, both in the Old Testament. The name of this biblical girl is Tamara.

Tirza – means “magic.”
Tirzah was a woman and a city in the Bible.

Zimira – means the song
In the Bible, Zemira is a boy’s name, but today this beautiful name can also be used as a girl’s name.

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