Temptations Antonio explains the relationship with Cleo

recently released Temptations cleo You know in an honest Instagram Q&A that it won’t work again Antonio She and she revealed that he was actually going to deliver a new girl. Although he has been silent about his relationship with Cleo for a long time, he now tells Antonio Thank you How exactly does the thorn sit in the leg.

together again?

Although the last episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave She appeared on TV a while ago, and Cleo and Antonio’s relationship is still on my mind. Although a reunion between the lovebirds seemed nearly impossible during the recent campfire, they were regularly spotted together in public. Antonio has also mentioned several times in his Instagram Stories that he misses the blonde immensely and has called her his ‘forever dream woman’, which Cleo reposted in her Stories. So the couple appeared again come back together Although they persisted not for long.

Until the beginning of this week, when Cleo admitted to a frank questions tour on Instagram after seduction To try it out with Antonio, but it’s now officially over between them. It also let her know that she would never get better. “Antonio knows very well why,” she said. “I wish the girl he was with now good luck. You’re supposed to want to fight for me and keep texting me, but you’re busy with other practices. Don’t call me, yo.”

The first night

Although Antonio has been quiet about his relationship (breaking up) with Cleo for a long time, he now wants to tell his story exclusively in Thank you. say that temptation island It was the ultimate relationship test for them, even though it started with hard start. However, Antonio would like to stress that there is absolutely no cheating involved. “On my first night there, I just had a nice evening. Of course there was a flirtation, but it was all about me with a wink. I had a good drink, but nothing else happened,” he says.

Eventually Cleo saw this footage and it was a buildup of drunken behavior, but after a comment and once NinaThe butt press didn’t work that evening,” continues Antonio. “Of course this isn’t fiction, but it certainly wasn’t cheating,” he says. “He learned a lot from that first night.” I talked a lot about it with children And I realized that he wasn’t really smart and that these pictures could turn out poorly. In the days that followed, I really acted.”


However, for Cleo, this good behavior came too late and so she decided to end their relationship. After that, Antonio sought support from a bachelor FlorWith whom he spent two very beautiful evenings. Despite the fact that his relationship ended, he has been described on social media as a “cheater”, which he disagrees with.

“As far as I know, Cleo broke up with her and said she’s going to be unruly now,” he says. My reaction to that may have been a bit of frustration. I don’t know if this is smart. But everyone knows what happened next, and we don’t need to talk about it. Cleo also indicated on the program that things happened on the date of her dream. ”

Secret relationship

recordings Temptation Island: Love or Leave It has been more than six months now, during which time Antonio has been in contact with Cleo for a long time. “We were together every weekend and trying to pick up the lead again,” he reveals. However, the blonde did not want to reveal this in public, because she first wanted to wait for feedback on the last episode of the program. However, several juice channels have already managed to point out that the two have been spotted regularly.

“We’ve been increasingly spotted together and I think that’s starting to stand out. That’s why I really wanted to announce that we were together again,” says Antonio. According to him, Cleo had a lot of trouble with this matter, which did not benefit their relationship. “After several weeks of trying, I felt like our relationship needed some rest and that I needed time to think. During this time I decided to end it. I don’t say a bad word about Cleo, because she doesn’t deserve it. She has always been so good to me. There was Lots of inconveniences, so it doesn’t work anymore.” “We are now out of contact and now living our own lives, but I wish her all the best.” Clear!

Photo: Tom Cornelsen

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