Silver Medal for both 80s at the Coupe de la Jeunesse

Eight men and women each took home a silver this weekend at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in Castrelo de Miño, Spain. In addition, the Netherlands took fourth place in the points classification after Great Britain, Italy and France.

With 59 people, the Dutch team traveled to this beautiful location in northern Spain. The track, located in the coldest Costa Verde, was experiencing high temperatures. Temperatures hit 40 degrees over the weekend, which is why a zip program was run on both days to avoid the worst of the afternoon temperatures.

The Coupe de la Jeunesse is the broadcast for young Dutch people to learn to race. Learning to handle the stress of broadcasting and the new conditions of staying abroad as a team is just as important as the races themselves. And with the prevailing conditions, there were plenty of opportunities to learn. There were also a lot of challenges for the coaches. How do we keep all that ice cold and how do you make a cooling jacket out of tights?

All eight handled the circumstances well. Both won a silver medal. Men on Saturday and women on Sunday.

The men got off to a slow start in their race and after the 500m they finished fourth behind the French, Italians and Brits. With the theme of “bending the paddle”, which they took away from the guest training, it was time to speed up, and after a second 500m, they took second place and did not give up again. Despite the tension at the end with the rapidly rising Italians, in the end they still had nearly a second of leeway. Fantastic result coaches Irene Dusma and Fleur Benink were proud of.

The girls also weren’t the fastest among the first blocks and came third in the 500m. They also climbed to second in the second 500m and then didn’t give up. He won the silver medal behind the unrelated Britons but ahead of the French. Therefore, coach Gerrit Corbijn van Willensward, who watched the race with the British from the entry rafts, was satisfied.

At the crucial moment in the race, the helmsman, Heide Borneghem, said: “I’m sixth in France” and asked for a push of 20. I felt the acceleration and when I looked around I could conclude with relief that I was in second place at the height of rowing. French.

The fact that the Coupe de la Jeunesse is a tournament to learn is mainly illustrated by the fact that both eight teams won a medal on one day and not the next. The boys were successful on Saturday, and the girls were on Sunday. It can be argued that most teams performed better on Sunday than on Saturday. After the shock of the first race, of course, the rowers knew all too well what to expect. No doubt the open and constructive discussion the coaches had on Saturday night to see how they can best prepare the teams for the races.

Sunday’s race wrapped up with a special Dutch touch. Board member Helen Vobler has been awarded the Coupe de la Jeunesse flag. This is because the competition will be held on Bosbaan in Amsterdam in 2023.

The following teams have been sent to the Coupe de la Jeunesse (with results for Saturday and Sunday in parentheses):

JM 1x (6th and 8th)
Florian Groenwegen – MUSE
Jeroen Mas – De Mas (Coach)

JM 2x (seventh and fifth)
Owen Knowles – Mass
Erwin Wiltenberg – Mass
Jeroen Mas – De Mas (Coach)

JM 4x (10th and 9th)
Sam Yates – Matt Laith
Bjorn Bakker – Wetterwill
Juan Bubliers – Mass
Niels Kerngester – Viking
Simon Knappstein – Viking (Coach)

JM 2- (eleventh and tenth)
Reijer ter Laak – De Hoop
Anilus Russell van der Zee – ARZV (Coach)
Lorenzo van Velzen – De Hoop (Coach)

G4 – (8 & 8)
Arthur Peters – Beatrix
Zeno van Rijn – Die Leythe
Martin van den Bohoijsen – Theta
Simon van den Avewerd – Beatrix
Mike Van Dongen – Beatrix (Coach)

JM 4+ (7 and Sunday after preliminary match withdrew due to illness)
Rove Richtoys – Heat Sparn
Bear Bloomers – Heat Sparn
Casper de Gouer – Mass
Lysandros Tsiamparlis – The Hunze
Wiske Grünwald – RIC (also sends JM 8+)
Dan van der Beesen – Heat Sparn (Coach)

JM8+ (second and fourth)
Dead Peshuways – William III
Gino Schmersal – Sparn
Rob Van Holst – Duke
Dirk Maitland – William III
Coin de Favor – RIC
Reinier Broekhuizen – RIC
David Lutigen – William III
Wallace Santin – William III
Wiske Grunwald – RIC
Irene Dusma – Willem III (Coach)
Floor Pennink – RIC (Coach)

JW1x (tenth and eleventh)
Juliette Butger – De Hoop
Lorenzo van Velzen – De Hoop (Coach)

JW 2x (ninth and ninth)
Sunny de Haas – ARZV
Anilus Russell van der Zee – ARZV (Coach)

JW4x (5th and 6th)
Sasha Bros – Nautilus
Mariki’s Afternoon – William III
Fleur van Omren – Tromp
Sarah Roger – Nardin
Jeroen Harroijn – Nautilus (Coach)

JW 4- (eighth and eighth)
Kim Eaglemers – Beatrix
Helen Owenck – DDS
Annelot ten Berg – Viking
Lisa de Croo de Jong – Beatrix
Frank Risso – Viking (Coach)

JW 8+ (5th and 2nd)
Aniek van Beusekom – Trump
Lewis Body – Hemus
Marjoline Badt – Trump
Fimky de Witt – Hunzi
Luna Hartog – Himos
Marij Penema – Trump
Ike Bavelar – VADA
Tessa Shock – Trump
Hidde Bornhim – Trump
Gerrit Corbijn – De Hoonzi (Coach)

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