Satisfaction reigns in the organization 4 Miles van Staphorst

After two years of absence due to Corona measures, the 4-mile Staphorst was finally held on Wednesday evening. For a while, approaching thunderstorms threatened to throw a wrench into the works, but these eventually didn’t materialize. It started raining right after the start, but this was short-lived and also refreshing for the participants.

At eight in the evening, Mayor Jan Ten Kate “surprised” the participants. Speaker Roel Poolman talked about the athletics event together and entertained the audience with all kinds of interesting facts about the participants and about running in general.

Robert van der Stilt of Kampen completed the fastest lap of the 6,437 km. This athlete of the BB sprinters finished in 19.50 minutes. The second was Sneek’s Gaert Jorritsma, a member of AV Horror, who came in after 19.57 minutes. HAC’63 athlete and former winner Eric Leusinc had to settle for third this time. De Rouvener ran with a time of 20.17 minutes. Leusink also won the award for the fastest resident in Staphorst municipality.

Course record

Sneek’s Vera de Vries (Dutch ‘under 20’ champion in 5000 metres) was the fastest among the women. In a time of 21.46 minutes, the AV horror athlete broke the record at the Floorball Jett track from Maple (23.14). Numbers 2 and 3 are also down at this time. Zwolle’s Aline Kootstra (ACO member van Elderen) came in second with a score of 22.46. And the third place went to Yasmin Hellbrink from Amsterdam. The AAC athlete crossed the line after 22:51.

The award for the fastest resident of Stavhurst municipality went to Ryan Newold of Pontorst. I ran for 26.13 minutes.


4 miles ago there were youth competitions. Kids up to 4 years old ran the 200+ meter race and this was fun to watch. The youngest was accompanied by a parent or grandparent while competing for the podiums. Among the girls, Stavhurst’s Tessa Hulse was the fastest with a time of 1.05 minutes. Zwolle’s Douwe Mars was the fastest boy: he won with a time of 56 seconds.

Children up to 7 years old ran the 800-meter race. Among the girls, Staphorst’s Elle-Noor Mulder crossed the finish line first, with a time of 3.20 minutes. Among the boys, Jesper Bisschop of Hoogeveen was the fastest: he set a time of 3.21 minutes.

The 1000m race is for children up to 10 years old. Ommen’s Nora Hickman (ACO member van Elderen) was the fastest girl with a time of 4.10. Her brother Roan was the fastest boy. Came 3.51 minutes later.

In the 1200m for kids up to 12 years old, the winners came from Staphorst itself. Nor Baldwin was the fastest among the girls with an average of 4.50 and Colin Trumpeter was the fastest boy: he finished the race in 4.23.


One euro of entrance fees went from each participant for a good cause. In addition, participants can make an additional contribution when registering online. This year’s charity was Stichting Bijzondere Vakantie Staphorst. The objective of this institution is to organize, provide and supervise medical leave, day trips and travel for persons with disabilities or (chronic) diseases. For example, they are looking for a suitable housing, where everyone can be themselves and experience fun and relaxation together. They can offer activities and care to guests through thanking volunteers and through donations. Just before the start of the 4 miles, the organization presented a check to the foundation for €750.


The organization, Bos Bedden Loopgroep AG’85, can look back on a successful release. There were about 500 participants in the beginning. Although this trend is less than the previous version in 2019, it is also shown in other running events.

On Monday August 29th, AG’85 next game will be held. In Nieuwleusen there is an Oranjeloop. Not only with competitions over 5 and 10 kilometers, but also with youth competitions. More information at

All prize winners

200 meters for girls: 1 – Tessa Hulse, Stafforst, 1.05; 2 – Daphne Veijer, Staphorst, 1.06; 3. Stella Brewer, Heerenveen, 1.07.

200 meters, boys: 1 – Douwe Mars, Zwolle 0.56; 2 – Hein-Smit, Ruffin, 0.55; 3. Dinant Bloemert, Staphorst, 0.58.

800 meters, for girls: 1. Elle-Noor Mulder, Staphorst, 3.20; 2 – Yara Smit, Staphorst, 3.34; 3. Esmee Smit, Staphorst, 3.36.

800 meters boys: 1 – Jesper Bisschop, Hoogeveen, 3.21; 2 – bim sibum, maple, 3.25; 3. Seth Bartels, Rouveen, 3.25.

1000 meters for girls: 1 – Nora Hakman, OMN 4.10; 2. Mike Credit, Stafforst, 4.11; 3. Sarah Bloem, Hasselt, 4.14.

1000 meters boys: 1 – Rowan Hickman, Omen, 3.51; 2 – Luke Janssen, Hammingen 3.55; 3. Seth Baumeister, Ruffin, 3.58.

1200 meters for girls: 1 – Noor Boldewijn, Staphorst, 4.50; 2 – Bock Kruehof, Stafforst, 5.10; 3. Merle Post, Ruffin, 5.13.

1200 meters, boys: 1. Colin Trompetter, Staphorst 4.23; 2 – Mika Timmerman, Stafforst, 4.26; 3. Sylvain Donnes, Stafforst, 4.31.

4 miles, older men: 1. Robert van der Stelt, Kampen, 19.50; 2. Geert-Goritsma, Snick, 19.57; 3. Erik Leusink, Rouveen, 20.17.

4 miles, huh Honor 35-49 years old: 1 – Ewout de Vos, Wezep, 20.32; 2 – Eric Driessen, Volenhof, 20.37; 3. Martin Mast, T. Hardy, 21.43.

4 miles, huh Honor 50+: 1 – Marcel van den Bosch, Yip 22.48; 2 – Henry Feldman, Pontebook 23.22; 3. Benny Tunker, Campen 23.23.

4 miles, d Ames Seniors: 1. Vera de Vries, Sneak, 21.46; 2 – Allen Kostra, Zvol, 22.46; 3. Jasmine Hellbrink, Amsterdam, 22.51.

4 miles, d Ames 35-49 years old: 1 – Tamara de Vries, Mibel 27.41; 2 – Anime Decker, Emilylord, 27.42; 3. Petra Harman, Zvol, 28.52.

4 miles, d Ames 50+: 1 – Saskia Schott, Wiesen, 25.48; 2. Petra Hasper, Mabel, 25.49, 3. Gerda Ackermann, Ruffin, 29.57.

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