Rob Poland suffers from a terminal illness with his brother Verdi: Judah District

Not long ago, the Boland brothers declared their love for each other at Nieuwe Revu after being silent about each other for twenty years. Is it wrong again?

This is skimping. The sister band, sticking with military precision, looks forever ruined. In 2000, Rob Boland (67) and Ferdi Boland (65) got a blood ticket, after which a long period of silence followed between the two musical brothers. Until it turns out that Rob is terminally ill, he sympathizes with the men responsible for the world’s blows like I was in the army now And the ROCK ME Amadeus Join us in 2020. They made one song and together they worked on a musical about the life of Austrian international artist Falco. Until recently, the flame hit the pan again.

What is the fuse that lit the brotherly gunpowder again? Was anyone killed or raped?

Well, no. First, Rob accuses his brother Verdi, who is two years older than him, of changing one word in the musical’s script about Falco, while Verdi was absent for a while. Rob admits it, but claims the hit ROCK ME Amadeus It is his song and therefore he has the right to change a word about it in the musical text. deny in Ceremony Single co-wrote this score: “He was busy as a manager for his then-wife Sandra Rimmer, with whom he had his hands full.” Moreover, sibling conflict revolves around Verdi’s participation in the latest version of Dear singers. Rob’s last wish was to one day participate in this popular show. So he cannot understand that Verdi said yes, without also asking for his brother’s participation. Rob doesn’t have long to live because of cancer and even the allegations in telegraph It was rejected by show maker Frank Timmer: “Producer Frank Timmer did not think it was ethical to share with someone seriously ill.” There was a lot of fanfare about this claim, but on top of the dung bucket floats the insoluble war between the brothers of the army.

What does Verdi Boland think about himself?

So this mutual rivalry has always been with us. This was with everything, including the girls. As well as with music.

What do you think of Verdi Boland?

It is clear that they did not write to Brothers in arms.

Robs’ disease was not discussed when assessing whether he could participate. It was never asked so we didn’t talk about it. I can’t do more of it”

What do others think of Verdi Boland?

Rob Poland

angry brother

Per Party magazine: ‘If I go back to the origins, Rock Me Amadeus is my song. Trust me I can back it up with evidence and demo. Verdi is trying to rewrite history. He also wrote something, not just our two biggest hits. This annoys him. I honestly think it’s a bit pathetic. I feel sorry for him because he can’t accept that. I won’t argue with him anymore. Not private and not public. I’ve had it nonetheless. I blame him more for his solo engagement Dear singersIt was on my wish list. On the contrary, if I had been asked to do so, I would have stipulated that we do it together. Otherwise, I would have refused even my participation. It is Bolland & Bolland and not Bolland one because the other is a terminal. I wrote half the ammo on my own! After his engagement was announced and my disappointment expressed about it, I never spoke to Verdi again. My supposedly anxious brother, who has been feeling very anxious since he found out I was sick, isn’t anxious or worried at all. He considers me a huge obstacle and I realize that now. I’m really done with him now. I took the initiative to settle our long dispute. But then I feel sorry for that. I trusted him again. And that he does this to me, the trick of Judas. I would never have guessed it.

Annette Barlow

Frank Timmer’s wife

My husband Frank has absolutely no connection with the Bollands, the only thing is that Ferdi is on the Best Singers programme. Frank is totally out of it for the rest. I could ask him to come on the phone, but I think he’d say no. It is something between brothers. The fight is done on the back Dear singersBut it might have been something else. Always have his name Rob Poland mentioned as a scapegoat? It is clear that someone has to be appointed and that Frank is a creator and maker Dear singers. But Frank personally has nothing to do with that. It’s something between two brothers. Frank can go on, he just doesn’t feel like it at all. I’m done with that, it’s okay. We’ve already seen a few episodes of the new season, and Verdi is doing a great job. It really is a beautiful poem by Boland and Boland. For both, so there’s nothing to complain about. And what they should be complaining about is about them, not about Frank and Dear singers. Frank is quite open about the conversation, but now it’s exaggerated in the press. Whatever Frank himself says, it’s not about him. Ordered by Verdi Dear singers. This is it.’

Rick Luigis

Former Director Sandra Rimmer

Sandra and Verdi broke up amicably in 1991 after ten years of marriage. This is, of course, the reason why Verdi attended the funeral in June 2017 in front of the family. He was initially several rows back, but the family indicated that he was one of them. It indicates what that relationship was like: with a lot of mutual respect as a person and especially as an artist. The funeral took two days and Individual was also present on the second day. The connection between Sandra and Verdi has always remained good friends. Freddy didn’t know that Sandra was so sick that she died because of it. No one knew her except for her immediate family. I knew both of them when they were together, but after the divorce they still record songs together. I don’t know if Sandra mediated the quarrel between the Boland brothers. I saw them together in March of this year when they took home an Over Award at Kasteel Oud-Wassenaar. Then everything was still a cake and an egg. I know Sandra has also been good with Rob, who has been very active as an artist. Whether you tried to glue their fight together or not, this kind of thing wasn’t a problem for us. I was primarily interested in helping her take new steps at work and supporting her career.

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