‘Not bad that twelve have stopped

About ten weeks ago, Orange-Road were relegated from the Dutch top flight after thirteen years. In the Tilburg trilogy he was very strong after three penalty shootout series. How is the flag hung in Eindhoven in the meantime? Coach Rob Haantjes speaks.

It’s been a long time since landing. how are you?
Rob Huntgis: “Of course the drop was painful, but now we’re looking forward. Twelve girls stopped. We had seven left. At the time I was expecting there to be ten. So it went down a little bit. It might sound crazy, but I don’t mind that many have They are gone. I don’t think seven players are very few. They are spread across all the lines. If they were all on strike, it would have been a different story.

Who left and who stayed?
Lisa Sherlink, Kim Hendrix, Fleur Hoggers, Theresa Khoo, Vivian Peters, Yannick van de Ven, and Carmen Victoria remained. This is a very nice base. The rest is gone. It was unstoppable. I was also determined not to go into persuasion mode. Girls must want to play for Team Orange-Red off their toes and fight to the highest level. Some want to play in the big league. It’s just in their heads or there’s no other way. You can’t argue with that. Lisa Post (to SCHC) for example. She didn’t want to go, but had to because she’s with Oranje. If we hadn’t landed, I would have stayed in Eindhoven.

Lisa Sherlink and Fiona Morgenstern. Photo: Joris Refers/Orange Pictures

Your new team is now complete. Are you satisfied?
‘Believes. It is a young group. Now they can develop faster, because they get a chance sooner. This is the perfect moment to build a bridge between the Youth and Ladies Academy 1. I’ve been missing it here in recent years. While we have such a good childhood. We have a selection of nineteen and two goalkeepers. And seven young talents. They are allowed to train twice a week. We will train twice a week. These are six training moments, four of which are mandatory. I want to arrange things in such a way that Laura Nonink, for example, wants to play her final years in her old club. She wants to be a part of this. This is simply not the case now.

But such a young group.. you probably would have liked to see it differently in the first place.
‘This is correct. Our first step was to try and strengthen ourselves by using toppers. I wish I had players from the top international. We’ve been busy with that too. It’s hard to get people excited about the promotion category. For example, we’re almost done with Valerie Magis, but she finally decided to stay with the Dragons.

So there are no big names. But the club invested, right?
“They did. Players who cost a lot of money were budgeted. The best players from the international hockey world. They didn’t come. Also our facilities weren’t cut. We work with Toon Siepman twice a week, we have a physical coach and a physical doctor. We are definitely supported by club.

Rob Huntgis and Kim Hendrix. Photo: Bart Schuldermann

Then leaving. Daphne Nichols and Marlena Rybacha went to Tilburg. Does this step hurt more?
‘we will. When it became clear that we were related to Tilburg, I actually took this scenario into account. Winner gets everything. I can’t help their ambition. It would have happened the other way around, I’m sure of that.

What will be the goal?
“We want to win every game. And fact. Then you want to get a Ph.D. It’s hard to estimate if that’s realistic. With a lot of young grunt. But talented young grunt. If we lose the bottom line, become more goal-oriented and grow to average. Fit, we should be able to do it. We may not be the favourites because we don’t have a balanced group. We want to radiate enthusiasm and ambition. The leadership is clear. I am not running from anything. As a club we belong to the big Eredivisie.

A complete overview of conversions:

player unpleasant From
Fiona Morgenstern Amsterdam orange red
Sarah Sink Stop orange red
Pauline Licliffe Heracles orange red
Sian Keel Stop orange red
Lisa Post SCHC orange red
Trijntje Beljaars SCHC orange red
Nora Boyensma HDM orange red
Dear Verhoeven was de orange red
Shauna McClain England orange red
Kim Janssens Unknown orange red
Daphne Nichols Tilburg orange red
Marlina Rebacha Tilburg orange red
Hope Ralph orange red New Zealand
Vera Bookers orange red Tilburg
Jules van der Velden orange red was de
Daisy Bear orange red QZ
Sophie van Grimbergen orange red Tilburg
Babs Van Hesto orange red was de
Sarah Boglesic orange red Larin
Brechje Scheepers orange red Den Bosch A1
Ferrell den Hood orange red her youth
Guusje Moes orange red her youth
Sam Riegmakers orange red her youth
Charlotte book orange red her youth

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