New names and additional international experience in Training of Trainers (Youth) Orange

The National Water Polo Picks kick off the new year with a partially revamped coaching staff. There are many “new” former international staff on the job in both youth and youth choices and the proportion of female coaches has increased. “Over the past few months, we have assembled a fantastic team of coaches and coaches who must show international players – the future – the way to the top of the world,” said KNZB Water Polo Director, Arno Havinga.

Havinga himself left after the Tokyo Olympics as the women’s national coach and was succeeded by Evangelos Dodisis. He is assisted by Richard van Eyck, himself a former international and active with the Polar Bears, Schuurman BRC, Jadran Herceq Novi (Montenegro) and Montpellier (France).

Bas de Jong, a former international and two-time Olympian, will take charge of the Young Orange girls’ under-19 group. Eszter Gyori, who in turn has Young Orange girls under 18 and 17 under her wing, helps him with Arjan Vos as an assistant. Vos and Gyori also run the Water Polo Academy in Eindhoven where several Young Orange girls (and boys) complete a full-time program during the week.

Two former internationals, Ingrid Venhes and Efke van Belcomb, are leading the Orange U-16 and U-15/U14 girls respectively. Veenhuis will have Dagmar Genee on her side, who stopped off as an Orange player after Tokyo, and Adam will also support Zaidi in various youth programs for girls.

Former Spain international Patricia Del Soto is the new goalkeeping coach for the A-selected group and the girls’ under-19, 18 and 17-year-olds. For the two younger age groups, Sebastian Brands, who is also the men’s goalkeeper coach, will provide goalkeeper training.

men line

With the men’s line, national coach Harry van der Meer and assistant Branko Mitrovic continue to direct the first selection and Mitrovic (with his assistant Zeno Ryutten) is also in charge of the Junior Boys Under-18s. Zeno Reuten is the national coach for the boys under 17 and 16, while another highly experienced craftsman – Johann Antiges – is in charge of the older (under 19) and younger (under 15 and under 14) Young Orange groups. ). Aantjes, who is also a former international coach and former first-team coach, will receive assistance from Arjen Silvis.

Arno Havinga: “I think with all these names we have made a great mix of coaches from different personalities, disciplines and backgrounds. As far as I’m concerned, the biggest common denominator is that each of them has gained a lot of international experience; as a player or coach or both Evangelos, Eszter, Adam and Branko have been living and working in the Netherlands for some time, but they also bring their education and influences from their home countries of Greece, Hungary and Montenegro. Of course the same goes for Patricia and Spain.”


Havinga continues: “Within KNZB+, the younger talent assimilation program, Zeno Reuten is responsible for cohesion between coaching groups and scouts. He translates Zeist to Regional Training Centers (RTC) and Water Polo Schools (RWPS) in the country. Of course in consultation with the respective youth national coaches and the anime peyote, which records all information from the athletes from KNZB and maintains communication with them and their coaches.”

International calendar 2022

February 17-20: Men’s European Championship Qualifiers, Netanya (Israel)
February 22: Hungary-Netherlands (FINA Women’s World League preliminary round).

March 15: Netherlands-Greece (FINA Women’s World League preliminary round).
April 8-10: EJK Boys Under 19 Qualification (NNB Stadium)
April 22-24: FINA World League
European ‘Final 6’, Women’s, Tenerife (Spain)
May 13-29: Women’s World Cup Fukuoka (Japan)

June 25 – July 3: Volos (Greece), O.16 Women’s World Championships
July 12-17: FINA World League Women’s Final (if you qualify)
July 3-9: EJK Girls turn 19, Netanya (Israel), officially announced play dates yet
July 30 – August 7: Belgrade (Serbia), World Boys Championship at 18
August 13-21 Belgrade or Novi Sad (Serbia), WJK girls under 18:

August 27 – September 10: Ik Split (Croatia), women (definitely) and men (if eligible)
September 18-25: EJK boys under 19 (if eligible), Podgorica (Montenegro)

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