Ketnet series with young talents in the cast

Kids on the Block is the new Ketnet series with a good dose of young talent in the cast. Recordings will take place in Beringen in the summer of 2022; In 2023 Kids on the Block can be seen on Ketnet. The series is directed by Sarah Kassemi. Members of the children’s team include Issam Daqqa, Lee Paula Arendelle, Iman Amedy, Zakaria Torero, Dean Douda, Isabelle Pang, Yasmine Akhlou, Samba Thiam, Sofian Arbi, Shakira Azila, Mohamed El Ahmadi, Amber Nairt, Shahid Douda, Sina Van. Polaert.

Kids on the block

What do you expect from this new Ketnet series? It will be a funny fantasy series. In Kids on the Block, we follow the adventures and mischief of a group of children in a city in Limburg. From a talent show about falling in love to the frozen pizza trade.

Sarah Kasmic

Ketnet TV series Kids on the Block (KOTB) directed by Sarah Ghasemi. As a director of Moroccan descent and a mother of three, she loves to bring diversity to the screen. It focuses on fun and inspiring stories where diverse children meet, share fun, little drama, and love together first.

  • Did you know that Sarah Kassemi is now also working on the De Studio series for VRT NU and Prime Video Netherlands?

Kids on the block cast

In the Kids on the Block team, we’re seeing a lot of young talent once again. Ketnet offers young people to take their first steps in the world of acting with this series. Who likes to share? We have made an overview based on different messages on Instagram. For example, Issam Daqqa and Lee Paula Arendl speak very clearly about the series. And in the photo of the children in the cast of Block, we also get acquainted with Iman Amede, Zacharias Torero and Sina van Bolaert. In addition, we can say that Diane Doda, Isabelle Bang, Samba Thiam, Yasmine Akhlou, Sofian Arbi, Shakira Azila, Shahid Doda, Muhammad Al Ahmadi and Amber Nairt also play in this Kitnet series.

If we know more names, we will of course add them. You can always message us on social media to pass on the names, because of course we want a full overview.

Actors and Actresses

Perhaps the names of (young) actors and actresses from the Ketnet series mean nothing to you just yet. Let’s refresh your memory.

  • I recently saw Issam Daqqa in the Flemish version of De Verraders. But you’ve already seen him this year in TV series like Lost Luggages (on One), Hidden Assets and Couples Therapy (both Streamz) and memorable as Mikhel in telenovelle Lisa (VTM). You may also know him as Prince of De Luizenmoeder. This year we’ll see him more as a green in Everybody Loves Diamonds. He is also part of the cast of the new Dertigers series.
  • Lee Paula Arrendell was previously seen in dance dreams. Did you know that Lee Paula Arrendell is the daughter of actor George Arrendell and singer Gina Brondell, whom we got to know thanks to X-Session.
  • You may know Iman Amedy from the Stebet Brigade and from everyone famous and from his various roles as an extra. That’s how I saw him as Joeriken in Loslopen Wild.
  • You know Senna Van Pollaert as Alex from the Ketnet Girls series.
  • Yasmine Aklou previously appeared as Pixie in Night Watch: The Dark Heart. She also played in a commercial for K3.
  • Ysabel Pang has previously participated in musicals, such as Annie and The Best of Musicals in Concert.
  • You can get acquainted with Dien Doudah from De Luizenmoeder, where he played Ahmed. Nice detail: His parents were played by Issam Daqqa and Serene Ayari. Now let Issam Daqqa join the Kids on the Block team.
  • Zacharias Torero is also not in front of the camera for the first time. He has previously appeared in several short films. You’ve also seen him in the Moving Ground productions; An initiative that gives urban youth the opportunity to create performing arts together for a barrier-free future.
  • Samba Thiam was previously seen in Girls and starred in an Aveve commercial.
  • Sufyan Arbi previously participated in the Wajow Talent Factory, where the short film he starred in was shown in Wajow Pants. Adel Al-Arabi and Bilal Falah participated in this initiative.
  • Shakira Azila starred in the movie “Spider in the web” and several commercials, and also studied drama at a music school.
  • Amber Naert has experience in plus and short films. In addition, she will appear in a new series of VRT, which has not yet been played… We are very curious!
  • Mohammed Al-Ahmadi starred in several short films. We even saw him in September next to Nabil Mallat.
  • Shahid Douda plays Saber in Kids on the Block; In addition to this, he also plays in that other new series written by VRT and Sara Kassemi, namely De Studio’s.


KOTB is a program produced by the first team. The series is expected on Ketnet in the year 2023. If we learn more about Kids on the Block cast about the broadcast date, we will of course update this article. Keep following us on social media (links below) so you don’t miss out. If you already know more about this series, you can also reach us in this way.

New Ketnet series

At Ketnet they are busy this summer anyway. At least five new series are being recorded. In addition to Kids on the Block, it’s about Season 3 3Hz, New Adventures for Girls, Season 2 of GameKeepers and Samson & Marie Ice Age.

  • The third season can be watched at 3Hz on Ketnet in the fall of 2023. This is the last season of the series.
  • You can catch a glimpse of the new season for the girls – who are now enrolling in junior high school – in the fall of 2022.
  • GameKeepers Season 2 can also be watched this fall on Ketnet
  • Samson & Marie’s ice cream season can also be seen this fall.

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