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Beautiful, funny and honest celebrities Jimmy Weiss It has been in the news more and more over the years. This is partly due to her career and partly because of her ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé: Jurick Schulten, better known to many as rapper Lil Klein. Below you’ll find all about the famous Dutchman, from her age to her height and from the way she used to look on Instagram to how she is now on her reality series on Discover+.

Jimmy Weiss: A Biography

✍️ Noun Jimmy Joan Weiss
❤️ Friend Afshin Mumadi
Previous Lil Klein (real name: Jurick Schulten)
place of birth The Hague
date of Birth August 17, 1989
age 33 years *
Length Unknown
🇳🇱 nationality Dutch
Accommodation Amsterdam
Instagram Tweet embed
Baby Liu Zion Weiss Schulten
* Time to write

Own a reality series “Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane” upon discovery +

Many people know Jaimie Vaes as the Dutch influencer with 377,000 followers on Instagram, but also as ex-girlfriend and fiancée of Jorik Scholten (better known by stage name Lil’ Kleine). She clearly shows on social media how glamorous her life is, but in reality series Jimmy: In Vice lane We get to know more about the frenetic pace of her daily life. Season 1 aired here from February 2021, Season 2 from August 2021 and Season 3 from June 2022 (also read our review). You can watch the series here at discovery +. This reality series cannot be watched on Netflix, Videoland, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or any other streaming service in the Netherlands except Discover+.

Jaimie Vaes is 33 years old and is best known as a fashion designer and presenter on YouTube and MTV with the name Just tattoo us. She has been with Lil’ Kleine since 2017 and together they have a son named Lío Zion in June 2019. Jaimie’s life can rightly be described as hectic and full of contradictions, as evidenced by the series. One minute she was preoccupied with her role as a caring and responsible mother to the household, the next she was frolicking in front of hundreds of flash cameras alongside famous ex-boyfriend Juric Schulten, better known as Lil Klein. However, this relationship has since ended and she is now a DJ and Entrepreneur with Afshin Momadi. We get a very personal insight into the hectic and hectic life of Jaimie and her family and good friends Koen Kardashian and Estelle Cruijff. You can also find our review of the software on Streamwijzer.

Jaimie Vaes used to look like this

Jamie is honest about the fact that she’s had cosmetic procedures. Lots of people speculate about it online when it comes to plastic surgery, Botox, and other procedures, but she can tell about it herself in her own series. However, on her Instagram profile and on her YouTube videos, some photos can still be found online, so you can get a picture of her before and after.

For example, in the video below from June 2012 Jaimie Vaes can be seen with Chantal Bles. Here she was 23 years old.

She has also shared her own photos on her Instagram account since 2013. For example, below is a photo from March 2013, when she was 24, and a photo of her at 25e December 2013.

in the media

Because of her open personality, a lot has been written about Jaimie Vaes in the media. For example, photos of her and ex-boyfriend Lil Klein have been reported nearly nude, but these photos have since been taken from their Insta accounts. There was also a riot last summer over rumors circulating about an alleged affair between Wesley Schneider and Jimmy Weiss.

However, one of the most surprising stories relates to reports that Jamie entered the hotel lobby in Ibiza with a bloody face, after which the police arrested her fiancé Lil Klein and they were supposed to break up. So the question was whether the wedding that had been planned could go on. The well-known Dutchman also addresses these kinds of matters in her own series, in which you hear her side of the story.

In Khaled and Sophie, Jamie first told her story in April 2022 about the horrific photos with Lil Klein that she later moved on and her report of the assault. This interview can be viewed via the NPO, among other things, via the broadcast broadcast here at NLZIET.

Age and Height of Jimmy Weiss

Furthermore, a surprising number of people are curious about the reality star’s age and height. So let’s start by answering the question: How old is Jimmy Weiss? At the time of writing, she is 32 years old, as she was born in The HagueAugust 17, 1989. Only her height is still unknown at the moment.

At the age of 29, in December 2018, Jamie Weiss and ex-fiancé Lil Klein announced that they are pregnant with their first child. Their beautiful son Lío Zion Vaes Scholten was born on Sunday 9th June 2019, the new father and mother shared via Instagram. Lil Klein (Jorick Schulten) attached the post to the following sweet message: “Legend is born!” Lio Zion Vaes Scholten. 09’06’2019″

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