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World music: Omran

Members of the Amran group from southern Algeria are Tuareg. Berbers who were living a nomadic life. Just like the Tinariwen group before, Imarhan combines Tuareg folk music with influences from the West. The result is also known as the desert gloom. The electric guitar plays an important role and the sound is very dry, sometimes gritty. You can also listen to the album, which was released at the beginning of this year apogee Omaran enriches desert blues music with sweet and beautiful melodies.
Thursday, August 25, 8:30 p.m., Toll House Garden

People: missionaries

Do we remember them, Charlie and Craig Reed, the Scottish twin brothers who conquered the world as The Proclaimers in the late 1980s? They both have thick glasses on the nose, both with a sexy Scottish accent. He also recorded a popular rock duo in the Netherlands at that time with songs such as A message from AmericaAnd the I’m on the roadAnd the I’ll be (500 miles). They seemed lost to music for a while, but in recent years they’ve been active again both in the studio and on stage. A new album for the two brothers is scheduled to be released later this year.
Thursday, August 25, 19.00, Melkweg

Vondelpark Outdoors: Lisa Ostermann and Dolph Jansen

In 2020, Lisa Osterman won all the awards at the Leids Cabaret Festival, her first performance all It can now be seen again, this time at the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre. Coryfee Dolf Jansen will be attending his New Year’s Eve show again outdoors Flash delivered. By the way, this was already his thirty-fourth number.
Saturday, August 20, 8:30 p.m., Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Festival: Summer Dance Forever

Summer Dance Forever is the most important dance and hip-hop festival in Paradiso, ITA and DeLaMar. Big international names come to the city to showcase their work, there is a specialized program and there are workshops. The festival was established in 2011, with the aim of getting people to dance in the club again.
From 23 to 30 August, Paradiso, ITA and DeLaMar

Peter Kramer: The Miraculous Incident of the Dog at Night

The quality of this production is good – it is not in vain that it is one of the twelve shows selected for the Nederlands Theater Festival. The play is inspired by Mark Haddon’s bestselling book of the same name, and is about Christopher, a 15-year-old, 3-month-old, 2-day-old with autism spectrum disorder. He loves math, lists, patterns, and dogs more than people.
From August 23 to September 1, Delamar

Nate: Subway

Director Jay Wiseman was inspired by notes from underground (1864), a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Playwright Rick van den Bos adapted it into a text about a person who cannot accept the way the world works. The cute clown is always played by Sanne den Hartogh. Show with drama, dance, acrobatics, live music and poetry.
From August 24 to September 3, Postheater Amsterdam

Course: Summer at Teylers

The Teylers Museum opened its doors in 1784, making it the oldest museum in the Netherlands. At the time, the institute consisted only of Oval Hall, and this is now the starting point for the route that runs through the permanent collection this summer. There are three different ways to explore the building. The artistic path passes through the two drawing rooms, the scientific path extends beyond the tool rooms and excavations, and then there is the path named “Peter Teller’s Ideals”, after the museum’s founder.
until 4 September, Tellers MuseumHarlem

Rijksmuseum: XXL Paper – Big, Bigger, Bigger

Life-size design of a 12-meter high church window. Funeral procession print, 16 meters long. The length of 23 meters of painted landscape. This is a small collection of works on paper from the Rijksmuseum’s collection. I present a work in the exhibition XXL paper It dates back to 1535 and represents a family tree of about 7 meters tall for Emperor Charles V. Much of what is on display is seldom seen due to exceptional size and fragile materials. Only the 23-meter landscape was discovered in the lead up to this exhibition. Until then, it was folded up in the warehouse.
until 4 September, Rijksmuseum

null Image Oliver Midendorp

Oliver Midendorp’s photo

Transformation: SuperWest

Not so long ago, Kolenkitbuurt was still known as the worst neighborhood in the Netherlands. But since 2000, significant investment has been made in western garden cities and the quality of life has improved dramatically. Part of the transformation was the construction of more than 25,000 new homes. An exhibition and publication by Tooth publishers provides insight into what has changed in this part of town over the past 20 years and what is yet to come. Similar to the urban renewal process, new neighborhoods and projects are constantly added to the presentation, so every four or five weeks the gallery looks different.
until December 18, Van Estren Museum

Iris Hasid: Our Own Place

Palestinian and a citizen of Israel. It’s a combination you see more and more. Iris Hasid noted that the number of Arabic-speaking female students in Tel Aviv in particular has grown rapidly over the past few years. In 2014, the photographer met newly graduated Samar and three other young women. For six years I followed them and photographed their daily lives. Together, they selected a set of photos that give a picture of the Arab community in Israel.
until January 29, The Jewish Museum

null Statue of Iris Hasid

Statue of Iris Hasid

Jordan Peele: No

to go out and us Jordan Peele has established himself as a screenwriter who knows what to do with genre films and with a good dose of social criticism. In his latest work, he mixes the icons of Westerners with those of classic science fiction.
It can be seen at: Cinecenter, FC Hyena, De Filmhallen, Kriterion, Studio / K, Arena, Munt, City, Tuschinski, Pathé Noord

Festival: World Cinema Amsterdam

What started as a Rialto “house festival” is expanding across the city in its twelfth edition. Eight days of cinema from around the world (non-Western), focusing on Chile, among others.
From 20 to 27 August to see In: de Bali, Rialto de Pepe, Rialto Vo

Carla Simon: The Karas

Catalan director Carla Simon has created a timeless film that mistakenly approaches Dutch current affairs. also in the carras We see farmers’ protests, although they are not directed against the government but against multinational companies that are charging very low prices. This protest plays only a minor role in the film, which shows last summer a family on a peach farm they’ve run for several generations. When the harvest is complete, they will be expelled from their land that does not legally belong to them. Simone drew on her childhood in the Catalan countryside for her captivating story of an extended family, each of whose members must make a fresh start in life in their own way.
They can be seen at: Cinecenter, Eye Filmmuseum, De Filmhallen, Studio/K.

Junior Channel Festival: Perforator & NJSO

The eccentric duo Perforator, with 26 guys from the Dutch Youth String Orchestra, pays tribute to the lovable low-content animals; It is indispensable to our ecosystem. You see and hear an electronically processed spider web playing with bows, a friendly glow-in-the-dark jellyfish making music, and a boa-tooth fish made of a giant trash stick. If you know why a fish is talking It is a show for the whole family.
Saturday, August 20, 3pm, CC Amstel

Performance: Miffy the Musical (2+)

Inspired by Dick Bruna’s books, Ivo de Wijs has written a new story full of delightful songs about Miffy Pluis and her friends. Director Naomi van der Linden put on a show for the little ones. They don’t have to sit still and warmly invite them to dance and sing with Miffy’s hug.
Friday, August 26, 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., Delmar

Uitmarkt: Willeke Alberti, Karsu and Brass Rave وحدة unit

Williki Alberti, Carso and the Brass Rave Unit will perform during the Uitmarkt 2022 kick-off on Friday, August 26. Concerts at Museumplein are free for all and mark the start of a new cultural season. Sunday is traditionally dominated by musicals. Stars like Simone Kleinsma, Freek Bartels and Pia Douwes show their faces, and there are live previews of new musicals like Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryAnd the prom And the blind date. Presented by Frits Sessing and Marilyn Werdenberg.
Friday, August 26, 8:30 p.m., Museum Square

Neighborhood party: Ildo Nandja Trio

During the 25th edition of the Grachten Festival, more than 200 performances will take place in 120 different locations. The ten-day festival will conclude on Sunday. In Erasmus Park, the Ildo Nandja Trio performs “PanAfrican Rhythms”, jazz, European and world (modern) music.
Sunday, August 21, 2:00 pm, Erasmus Park

Techno and House: Punishment

Âme, Jesse Maas, Maya Jane Coles, ME and Marcel Dettmann, among others, will be on stage at Strafwerk on Saturday. This house and techno festival in Havenpark focuses on subgenres ranging from deep melodies to electronic.
Saturday 20 August 12 noon, Havenpark

Festival: Lake Reggae

Also again: Reggae Lake, the biggest reggae festival in the Netherlands. The “lake” from the name is Gaasperplas in the southeast. A long, long line of reggae artists and groups will perform at Gaasperpark this weekend, spread over six stages. And there are pretty big names within the genre, from now, but certainly from the past as well. We mention Burning Spear, Morgan Heritage, Sean Paul, Black Uhuru and Elephant Man. Children up to 12 years old accompanied by an adult can enter for free.
Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August, at 1 pm, Jasper Park

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