Chloe Shanti Linheur talks about the beginning of her motherhood

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There are countless beautiful moments in motherhood and the first year of motherhood. But the truth is that this time also comes with its own challenges. Iin this book what about my mom Ten celebrity moms who honestly talk about their motherhood experience. Chloe Shanti Linheur (88) is an actress, photographer, and owner of her own hat brand Chloe Chant label. She is the mother of her son Alfie (19) and lives in Amsterdam. frankly say in what about my mom Sisters Anna and Fredericky Jacobs About the difficult period of motherhood she went through, shared motherhood, motherhood along with work and unforgettable moments. Read the exclusive preview of the interview here.

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How do you look back on your motherhood?
The postpartum period was very intense. Alfie contracted meningitis when he was eight days old. I knew something serious was going on when he got very hot and had a fever. I knew I had to ring the bell, because a fever in a baby under three months old can be dangerous. It was horrible to go into the hospital as a maternity nurse and see your little one in the vein. You feel very weak. The outcome of meningitis was unknown for a long time. I didn’t dare share his hospitalization with anyone at first, because we didn’t know what was going to happen yet. My breastfeeding production stopped due to stress. In the end it all worked out and fortunately Alfie didn’t leave anything behind.

It took a few months before I could give a place to this experience. I was also more anxious and anxious afterward than I might normally be. We kept the visitors away for a while and protected ourselves a bit with the three of us. Although I don’t share much on my social media, I did enjoy posting about Alfie being hospitalized afterwards. I have looked for other parents who have gone through the same thing to share the severity of this situation. I’ve had nice contact with other moms because of it, and it has helped me a lot in addressing it.

How was your first year of motherhood?
Looking back, I think the first months were the most difficult. Breastfeeding, contrary to what I often hear from women around me, didn’t come naturally, Alfie was a really bad sleeper, and I also needed some time to sink in the changes.

As parents, you both have to get used to the new role you’re taking on, the responsibility you’re taking on, all along with the lack of sleep. Unfortunately, it can happen that you lose each other in the process. This also happened between me and Alfie’s father. We weren’t together long before I got pregnant.

Of course that wasn’t the scenario I had in mind, but I can honestly say I’m proud of our family in its current form. There is no resentment or arguing between us, we both just want to be happy. It takes energy from both parties, after all, it’s not for nothing to bring them apart, but we think it’s important that Alfie continue to treat each other well. We make co-parenting work together and we both experience that we have the most beautiful baby ever.

What about the motherhood of Chloe's mom?

Joyce Kamerbeek, what about mom

How has motherhood changed you?
My best friend recently told me that she thinks motherhood has changed me for the better. I believed that I had more peace and direction, that I knew better what was important to me and how to approach life. I loved hearing that. I also notice that I feel calm and strong. Motherhood has also affected me in my work. I am more creative and there are more layers in my work, precisely because you are experiencing such a new dimension of emotions like love and sadness.

I am very fortunate to do a job that suits me one hundred percent and that makes me happy. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still important to me to take some time for yourself, to quit work and be a mother every now and then and recharge.

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If you could tip another (future) mother, what would it be?
Enjoy every stage. Alfie started talking now. His first words and sentences give a whole new dimension to having a baby, and I really enjoy being a part of that. The path you take together, as a mother and child, is still special. Over and over again moments come and go and new phases in that dawn. In the process, do not forget that everything is a phase. Difficult periods will pass on their own or get better. Ask for advice if needed, hearing this can help tremendously: that bad food will get better on its own.

What do you love most about motherhood?
The unconditional love you can give and receive in return. I also love discovering the world with Alfie. We can often be found in a museum, theater or zoo. You see everything differently through a child’s eyes and the things he says or does disarm you. Just as I look at the world differently through photography, I see the world differently through my son. I think this is a really great gift.

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