“Because of his knowledge of everything, we ended up on a very scary path along a narrow valley.” | Bright


Emma (49): “Evo wanted to survive a day in the Ardennes. I thought that was a bit too ambitious for someone who isn’t an athlete at home. Anyway, our teenage son liked it too, I just assumed it would strengthen their bond and stayed in The camp site myself.They will be back around seven.At eight in the morning I got worried and at nine in the morning I was about to call the police, as they were just entering the camp.Evo barely got out of the car, he was very wrecked from climbing, falling and wading.Our son was injured A little panicked, because he didn’t know his father that way. My husband wasn’t human until five days later. Office tigers shouldn’t like that kind of thing, but hey, testosterone, huh?”


Truus (48): “I’ve learned through trial and error: Don’t put off a meal ‘until after the museum’ or ‘until we’re in Valencia.’ My husband becomes a cranky kid when he has low blood sugar.”


Nance (54): For some reason, the caravan settlement is a plea to my husband. Only there in the convoy a tool to adjust it, but Theo insists on doing it manually. You need practice and a real spirit level, the toolbox takes up the space of an entire suitcase. I have no patience for that. In the meantime, you can quietly walk through a Super Marchy I walk and when I come back, it’s still busy. This is not a reason for divorce, but it is annoying.”


Lina (41): “My husband really thinks the ladies on the animation team love him and then go above and beyond for water aerobics or other activities. I can’t stand watching it, but the advantage of the resort is that it’s big enough to escape from somewhere else for a while” .

up to the hole

Karen (30): “Marcel is the one who wants to get the most out of a vacation ’cause it costs money.’ This usually leads to crazy things: climbing the Acropolis during a heat wave, wanting to do everything the resort has to offer, snorkeling until he sees blue And I get angry if I want to sit down after five hours of walking through Berlin, “Because we only have three days here!” We argue about that more on vacation than we have at home the rest of the year. I’d rather say: Find out, I’ll stay here. But then I’m afraid for something to happen to him again, so I’ll go anyway. I’m always happy when we get home.”

barbecue show

Amanda (38): “My husband grills at camp as if he’s participating in it barbecue master. It’s a great show, boring everyone with his stories of pulled pork and wants all the neighbors to come and taste it, while socializing is the last thing I feel like on vacation. I admit I sometimes go for a long walk with the dog when he’s busy again.”


Judith (38): “Scary: when he tries to order coals in German so he doesn’t sound like a tourist and the waiter answers in either Dutch or English fluently.”

a little too relaxed

Henriëtte (41): “More than once snarled in front of my slightly relaxed husband: ‘If I disappear again to drink coffee during Last call on board-I’m getting rid of you! “

smart ass

Pete (36): “My ex-husband wasn’t very good at dealing with setbacks. He would whine if the flight was late, fix if the view from the hotel wasn’t exactly the same, and turn to onlookers for support if he had to wait his turn. He also liked to teach me Things on vacation he knew balls to do and flirting at the expense of others. I don’t know why I suddenly saw him last year more intense than I had seen in the previous fourteen, but now he’s my ex for some reason.”


Zainab (44): “I’m the planner, he’s the complainer for the two of us. So if something goes wrong it’s always my fault. The bed is too soft, the rental car suspension is not good, the hotel has seventeen sports channels but not just the one he wants to see, the sun It doesn’t shine, the sun is too shining, the sea is too salty, etc. Once I made a rule that he can only complain about something once a day. It lasted for twenty minutes. Then the ice was very cold. Sometimes I dream of going on vacation alone. “.

Tourist route

Eileen (51): “A regular spot on every vacation: My husband knows better than the navigation system and because of his ‘shorter way’ we drive down a very scary goat road along a ravine. That’s also our frequent holiday quarrel, by the way, isn’t it?”

Every time

Sasha (59): “I am a woman. Let’s go. He is our all time man. Which is fine if we go out with the car together and have time to ourselves. But not if you really need to get back on your cruise on time. Rarely have I been so angry with him when his yelling, bargaining (“let’s take a look here”) and optimism about getting a taxi (no taxi available!) made us late in the port and saw the ship sail away. Twenty calls from the hostess on his mobile phone, which the idiot puts on silent “because it is a holiday”. We had to fly to the next destination at our own expense, only had my hand luggage with us and within 24 hours of spending time at the airport and cruise terminal I was in tears thinking of our lovely cabin. Since then it has become time manager The two of us are, and that in turn annoys him.”


Mays (63): Vacation in the ’80s. He’s driving, and I’m navigating Norway with my finger on the map. “Look around,” he said, reproaching, “you missed the view!” He too, a little later, reprimanded: “Where are we going now? Don’t you read the maps? Fight screams at Hardangervidda. Long live the arrival of the navigation system!”

Business degree

Linda, 38: “My husband travels a lot for work and is used to baggage drop, quick check-in, and a quick meal at a good restaurant before boarding. This is a very different experience than a vacation trip with three excited young children. He can after That is to grumble terribly: “I will never have such situations.” Low point in our marriage: When the hostess loves him Frequent flyer He was upgraded and disappeared in business class and I had to sit in economy class with the kids. He claimed he really had some work to do. At the destination, I held him fully responsible for the children for three days, because I really had to rest a little. ”

dont follow

Catellini (29): “My boyfriend sometimes makes strange choices. He has a 5k book in his handbag, but he won’t read a letter in it. On the other hand, he doesn’t pack a neat shirt, so for days I look at an old shirt that he rinses every night. To save money , I buy delicious things from the hotel room supermarket, he eats and drinks the mini bar without thinking. He once bought an antique garden in a market in Barcelona. We don’t have a yard and shipping really costs a fortune. That’s what makes it fun, but it also drives me crazy sometimes” .


Jose (71): “When he’s home telling everyone it was a great vacation, while he spent two weeks sighing about the weather, the house, the not-cold beer, the mosquitoes, the neighbours, the sea, the family and the TV where two pixels were lost. Were we really on the same vacation? ?”

arrogant wine

Ryan (48): „He drinks beer at camp, but in a French restaurant, my husband suddenly becomes swamped with wine. I’m sure they spit our food in the kitchen before serving it, it’s really terrible at a time like this.”

*Note some names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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