5 Surprising Career Tips From Milda, Founder Of Vinted

classic; Who does not know the second-hand clothing market now? The idea for Vinted was born in 2008, when co-founder Milda Mitkute ​​moved into a new home and discovered the few clothes from her wardrobe she was already wearing. “If I had this problem, there would likely be other girls in Lithuania who had it as well,” Milda says. “It turns out that this is not the case only in Lithuania.”

More than thirteen years later, Vinted has 50 million members worldwide and is the largest international consumer online marketplace for second-hand fashion in Europe. So if we’re going to take professional advice from anyone, it’s Milda.

Career advice from the founder of Vinted

We call Melda to ask her all about her career. Her advice is not only very valuable, but also surprising: “Take the time to figure out what you want and do nothing because society expects you to.”

1. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want yet

As a child, you are often asked what you want to be when you grow up. Milda never knew the answer to this, even when it came time to choose college. “I think it’s pretty crazy that you’re supposed to know what you want to be doing for the rest of your life at 18,” she says. “But then I was still a kid! So I saw my time at university four more years during which I could discover more about myself.”

She never expected that she would start working later. She laughs, “If someone asked me if I saw myself starting a business, I’d say no anyway.”

2. Know when to take the next step

Five years ago, Milda decided to step back from Vented to focus on starting a family. “I was 30 years old at the time,” she says. “And Vinted was a demanding kid. I spent every minute of the day in the office. Whenever I came across someone on the street, it was always about how well Vinted did. It’s no longer about me as a person.” Vintide and Milda became synonymous. “I thought: I’m more than Vinted.”

“When one of my colleagues got pregnant, I thought: ‘Family, this is also possible,'” she says. “I Everyone is included-person. I don’t mind devoting 200 percent of my time to something, but because of that I knew I couldn’t combine it.” Melda now has four children.

3. Experience in life

One week before Melda gave birth to her first child, she stopped working at Ventide. “My life completely changed instantly,” she says. “In the beginning, you only care about diapers rather than business goals.” But as she gets used to her new life, she finds that she no longer has intellectual support.

“I also began to think: Who am I without Vinted?” , as you say. “I didn’t know it, so I became a ‘yes’ person. If someone asked me if I wanted to try something, I said ‘yes, sure.’ Half of what I tried didn’t work for me, but if you don’t try, you won’t know.”

You still can’t answer that question exactly. “If you ask me now what I’m going to do in a year, I have no idea,” she says. “But I’m taking my time. I don’t want to force myself.”

Melda Mittkotte, co-founder of Vinted
Melda Mittkotte, co-founder of Vinted

4. Let go of the expectations of others and society

According to Milda, most people put a lot of pressure on themselves. “I have a friend who quit his job with the intention of staying home for three months and getting to know himself,” she says. “But within a month he got a new job – he felt the social pressure to do something and he felt his confidence dwindle because he thought others thought he was lazy. And that’s when the first month is the hardest. It should have gone on.”

Milda doesn’t care much about other people’s expectations. “After launching Vinted seven years ago, my grandmother asked me if I couldn’t find a regular job,” she says with a laugh. “I thought I had failed in my career because I could not find work in the field I studied in.”

5. Find your passion

Milda has now found her passion. “I wouldn’t call myself an official student, but I’m currently taking a lot of courses on climate change and capitalism,” she says. “I want to know how the world will change in 10 to 30 years and what we can do to change it or prepare for it.”

Milda is really excited about this topic. “I wouldn’t mind reading 50 books about it,” she says. “I don’t consider it a job and I don’t count the hours I spend in it. When I’m passionate about something, I know I’m going to push that thing a lot harder — even when things get tough.”

So it’s one of her career tips to find that passion. “It got me where I am today,” she says. “At the beginning of Vinted, people said, ‘You only spend money on it. But that’s fine. I also didn’t mind working on Vinted on weekends and evenings as well as a ‘regular’ job for the first couple of years. It was a passion project. Now look where Vinted”.

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5 Surprising Career Tips From Milda, Founder Of Vinted

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