18 stunning natural photos at the right time

We knew that Mother Nature was full of wonderful animals and landscapes. But capture the animal kingdom or special natural phenomena in time. The winners of the Nature Photo Contest have been successful. This produces 18 breathtaking images.

The TTL Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 is a photography competition for wildlife photographers from around the world. This year, 8000 photographers submitted their work to win one of the categories. Participants can submit a photo for the categories Animal Behavior, Hidden Camera, Landscape, Small World, Night Sky, Underwater, Urban Life, Under 16, and Wildlife Images. And we are happy to share the winners and runners-up with you, because these pictures make you realize how beautiful nature can be. If you are a fan of animal and wildlife pictures, then take a look at the most hilarious wildlife pictures.

The 18 most beautiful nature pictures of 2022

wild life pictures

“See you” – winner © Tomasz Szpila / Nature TTL

In the wildlife photo category, this photo won the head of a hacked lion. According to the Polish photographer, the gaze of a giant lion is so impressive that he forgot for a moment that he was in a car at a safe distance. The lion was enjoying a buffalo like him. In second place came this fox looking directly into the photographer’s lens in the mountains of Switzerland.

“Wild Moment” – 2nd place © Matt Engelman / Nature TTL

animal behavior

“The Cat and the Prize” – Category Winner and Final Winner. © Dennis Stogsdill / Nature TTL

This drenched cat proudly walks its prey across the Tanzanian landscape. In addition to the first prize in the Animal Behavior category, a photograph of a flamingo hunting also won the Best Picture award for the entire competition. According to the jury, this photo shows how raw nature can be. In second place came the photo below of an elephant spitting dust, as well as on the plains of Tanzania. Discover the animal photographer from a jeep.

– “Dust Blows the African Elephant” – 2nd Place © Michael Snedic / Nature TTL

hidden camera

“Ice Bear” – winner © Jeffrey Reno/Nature TTL

This bear braved the snow during Canada’s coldest days. The photographer captured a real “polar bear” with his hidden camera, which is why he received the first prize. In second place came this snow leopard in India, which monitors the environment during its journey.

“Top of the World” – 2nd place © Sascha Fonseca / Nature TTL


Sunset Ray – Winner © Andy Schmid / Nature TTL

The winning photographer in the “Underwater” category captured this sea creature while diving in the Maldives, creating a magical portrait. In second place finished the fish below with eggs in its mouth in the picture. The males of this type of fish collect the eggs of their females in their mouths, thus protecting their offspring.

Caviar – 2nd place © Talia Greis / Nature TTL

Animals and landscapes show the power of mother nature

night sky

‘Australia Summit’ – winner © Jocelyn Corneau / Nature TTL

The winner in this category is a photograph of Australia’s highest point. It is also one of the best places to enjoy the Milky Way. This green phenomenon in Iceland ended in second place. Because photographing the northern lights, rainbows and wonderful Icelandic nature at the same time.

“Amazing” – 2nd place © Mauro Tronto / Nature TTL

small world

“Moth’s Journey” – Winner © Tibor Litauszki / Nature TTL

The image above looks almost like a picture from a fairy tale. The photographer managed to capture the animal during dusk in Hungary. In second place came this other moth in England, covered with buttercup pollen.

“Beautiful in pollen” – second place © Tim Crabb / Nature TTL

Natural views

“Nature fights” – winner © Bertus Hanekom / Nature TTL

The winner in the landscape category is also one that shows that we don’t always get along with Mother Nature well. In South Africa, sunflowers escaped mountains of waste in a nature reserve. Thunderstorm raging in the background. In second place came this lava landscape in Iceland.

“Lava” – 2nd place © Marek Bejalski / Nature TTL

city ​​life

“City Hare” – Winner © Jan Pesha/Nature TTL

The photographer of the photo above found this rabbit in a crowded spot in Kassel, Germany. You will find crowds here during the day, but at night the animals play under the street lamps. This fictional image came in second place in Australia. It was the glowworms that lit up this tunnel of an old and abandoned train station. The photographer says she traveled to this place during a storm and a waterfall splashed around the tunnel. “A day later, the tunnel was flooded,” the photographer said.

“Glow worm metropolis” – 2nd place © Jocelyn Corneau / Nature TTL

under 16

“Preference Points” – Winner ©Achintya Murthy / Nature TTL

As the name of this category suggests, these nature photos were taken by young talents. The winner managed to catch these parrots in the middle of their fight. The duck below is posed to another young photographer during sunset in Poland.

“Great Crested Grebe” – 2nd place © Maksymilian Paczkowski / Nature TTL

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18 stunning natural photos at the right time

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