Twin sisters Ann and Esther Vader have expanded their jewelry business into a multi-million dollar business

‘Yay! It’s 11 a.m. and we have some really great news. We went to the drawing board with Chantal Janzen to design a very beautiful pinky ring. We admire this design ourselves, as well as Chantal. We are interested in your opinion on it. And if you want to order it, quickly go to our website! “

In a YouTube vlog, as of December 2020, identical twin sisters Esther and Anne Vedder (33), from jewelry line Vedder & Vedder, talked about their newest piece of jewelry – at the time. This is one of the ways they do business: on social media and in collaboration with celebrities.

who – which Influencer Marketing It is now available everywhere. In recent years it has become a medium for advertising. But when the sisters started it in 2016 – also with Chantal Janzen – they hadn’t heard of it before. “We just sent Chantal a gold necklace written with her son James’ first word, ‘Mama.’ Then she posted it on Instagram with our name on it,” says Anne of their office and studio in East Amsterdam. “Wow, that worked so well. Followers and requests poured in.”

Six years later, Vedder & Vedder, which sells personalized jewelry by, among other things, engraving names, handwriting and fingerprints in jewelry, has grown into a company with a turnover of millions (€9 million in 2020, in its own words “more than 10 millions” in 2022). Women have 60 employees. Within a few days of Chantal Janzen’s Instagram post, Carice van Houten was on the doorstep: could she also pick up a piece of jewelry. “We thought we were being deceived,” Esther says. “But all of a sudden she was in our office, among the boxes.”

The two have only recently been in their former office, also in East Amsterdam, and are ‘young’. They’ve just finished their studies in communication sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam (or do they do many of the same things? Both, with a resounding “yes.”) and decide to turn their informal jewelry business into a real business.

jewelry making workshops

They already began to do this during their studies: when they were still children, their mother organized jewelry-making workshops, and they often accompanied them. From the age of fifteen the sisters began to organize the workshops themselves. Handy, when they moved from Nijkerk to Amsterdam for their studies: Instead of sitting behind the cash register, they sold home-made jewelry to fellow students.

Upon graduation, both received a gold necklace from their mother. Esther: “Then we thought: How nice would it be if her handwriting was on it? She has such a beautiful handwriting, even a note on the counter with the words ‘emptying the dishwasher’ looks pretty.” Handwriting engraving wasn’t so easy, so they decided to learn it themselves—also with a view to selling. This is how the idea of ​​a jewelry line with only personalized products was born.

Esther (left) and Anne Vader In the studio in Amsterdam-East where goldsmiths, tinsmiths, and polishers make all of their jewellery.
Picture of Dieuwertje Bravenboer
Holland Amsterdam. August 9, 2022. Vedder & Vedder. Photo: Dewertje Bravenborg
Esther (left) and Anne Vader In the studio in Amsterdam-East where goldsmiths, tinsmiths, and polishers make all of their jewellery.
Dewertje Bravenbauer photos

The sisters founded Vedder & Vedder with their own money – not much: their last student scholarship. “We had to send the intern away because we couldn’t even afford lunch.” The financial assistance came from a family friend who bought 10 per cent of the shares for €10,000. The sisters have had these stocks in their hands again since July. It was not without conflict: at first they did not agree with a family friend about the amount of the acquisition. Now Esther says it’s a good lesson, which she would love to pass on to other young entrepreneurs. “Don’t expect it to be a multi-million dollar company. It’s a good idea to consider that possibility as well. Seek expert advice when it comes to contracts.”

At first there were no lawyers in the Vedder team: there were only two of them. Ann built the site – “It took a while TutorialsEsther took care of the jewels. She could already design, but she had to learn engraving. “I hung on such a device for hours during sessions.” They could not pay the salaries of the employees. But strategic collaborations with celebrities did their job. They are now working with greats like singer Rita Ora, model Romy Strayed and soon-to-be model Chrissy Teigen.

The latter met in April of this year in Los Angeles, where they launched a festival group at the Coachella Music Festival. Ann: „Our manager has been in touch with Chrissy. We didn’t expect much from him, but she was an instant fan. And suddenly we got an email: Good to come to you, if we have any dietary requirements? Then suddenly we got there with two girls from Nigeria.”

design team

The two are still designing themselves, with support from the design team. No more engraving. Esther: Lately I’ve been trying to help with the engraving, because she’s been so busy. My team almost got fired.” Below the desk in Amsterdam-East is the studio, where goldsmiths, heathers, and polishers (not excluding young women—”that’s not politics, but men don’t enforce”) stoop over gold, silver, and gold-plated jewellery.

Esther and Ann believe in “Visualizing Dreams and Goals”. ‘When we started the book’ the secret Esther says.

Anne, to Esther: “Yes, you started reading it after that and you took me with you.”

Esther: “It has truly become our religion: a manifestation of the fulfillment of your greatest dreams.”

Ann: “You have to be willing to work eighty hours and give everything for it.”

Vedder & Vedder is on sale in many European countries, including Germany, Belgium and England. The United States is their next target, and there are even plans to relocate temporarily. “It’s good to sit there for a while and talk to the right people.” There is no set date yet, but it’s already in see board. “How accurate do you want it to be?”

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