The Apprentice – Chapter 34: “The Agent Wants to Know What My Relationship Is With Lorenz”

The fan is buzzing, I twist the sticks as I throw. I feel dizzy while the wine is still in my blood. It was a lovely evening with Laurens however disappointment prevailed. Turns out, that Disney dream is totally on-going. Perhaps also because I yearn for romance and love so much that my heart is hungry, Rosetta said that day. I enjoyed Laurens’ attention, everything he arranged, even the extra. While I still see myself as a simple woman. But that rush at the end, that cheap fumbling in the car and dropping it off at my house, I felt cold.

It’s five in the morning and at dawn I always see and feel everything flawless. I miss Levi. It bothers me that she does not text and call. And while I’m glad she’s apparently having a good time with Bem, it saddens me that she doesn’t need me anymore. Or apparently you don’t miss me that much.

I’ll tell Lorenz it’s over. Now really. Olivia Newton-John also sang Desperately dedicated to you: My head says, “You idiot, miss him,” my heart says, “Don’t let go.” Now I have this hype around fat I never understood, because it is a musical or a movie? And why do these high school students already have cars? In any case. As a naive teenage girl, I still hope for a happy ending, just like Sandy, when I should have known better.

I’ll tell Pim I expect more from him, in his role as a father.

And I’ll tell Rosetta how happy I am with her. Show that so little, while she does and means so much to me. On Saturday, Faye and I will drive, and then I’ll take her a present. Personal thing. book? a poem? something delicious? I need to think about it more today.

the curse. I’m just going outside.

trrr. trrrr, I hear when I comment on the newspaper with strawberries and blueberries. Oh my God, it was only eight o’clock.

“Rymko van Rijn.”

I say “Oh, good morning.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Van Appleen. We are pleased to visit you with a number of questions regarding research at Boschveld College. Is that good this morning?”

“Ah, well, you’ll surprise me with that. I’m at home, because it’s summer vacation of course. I can’t do that after next week, I’m going back to school?”

“We are coming to your house, madam. Today.”

His tone makes me feel uncomfortable.

“Let me put something on and I’ll be ready. Is ten o’clock good?”

“Look at us at ten o’clock.”

It’s very hot, but I wore a blouse and skirt instead of the shorts and shirt as I had planned. I quickly get a little tidy and turn on the coffee machine.

The bell rings from ten to ten, and they turned out to be three strong. I think it’s an impressive show.

“Ms. Apple. Good morning. Colleagues Staal and De Beer come to do research, and I’m here to ask you some questions.”

I say “come”. “coffee?”

Three heads nodded around my dining table. “Everything is black,” Van Rijn shrieked unwillingly.

While filling the cups, I see the cops walking around the living room and looking in the bookcase.

“What do you want to investigate?” I ask.

“We’ll get to that in a minute,” Van Rijn says firmly. “First I want to know from you again what your relationship with Laurens Verschie is.”

I am dumbfounded and ashamed. “Well, he is, ah, intern with me. Or he was, because the school year is over, of course.”

“Is that all?” asks Van Rijn, without looking at me. It writes everything I say into a tablet with such a thick bumper.

The answer I must give, but not dare, lingers in my throat. It creates an awkward silence, which eventually causes Van Rijn to look off his tablet with a frown.

“Madame apple?”

My phone is still on the newspaper and my vine appears to be down, because Laurens is now sending an app. Do you want to be on your mind I read next to the link tag. Van Rijn sees it too, and after a big breeze, I say, “We went out to dinner yesterday.”

“You and Mr. Vircee?” Van Rijn asks.


“In what circumstances?”

Stop it man, in your official language. with “Your Mission”.

I say “unofficial”. If you want container terms, you can have it too.

In a romantic setting? Van Rijn insists. Now I’m really afraid. Because how does he know? My surprise didn’t escape Van Rijn either.

“You both were spotted by our detectives yesterday in Ravenstein. We’ve been looking at Verschie for a while and think he’s also active here, so my colleagues like to look around carefully. Is that okay?”

“Okay,” I say, surprised. “But what do you mean by active?”

“I’d like to see your phone, your computer, and do you have any other digital devices?”

I say “You can check everything”. “But why is he active? Has he (Lawrence) stolen anything here? I’m not missing anything.”

“Yesterday he didn’t pay the restaurant bill, but other than that I don’t expect anything to have been stolen here.”

“Van Rhine!” The younger of the two screams. He looks our way and holds a book the Prophet Up in the air.

I say “I got it from Lorenz”.

“Then we take it with us for research,” van Rijn says, and that’s clearly not a question.

“I will also take my laptop and phone with me in that case. You will receive a makeshift device from me, so that you may be reached. If Mr. Vircchi calls you, just reach out to him, for he is not supposed to suspect.”

“Okay,” I say softly.

“do you have questions?”

Well, a hundred, at least, but I don’t even know where to start.

What does Lorenz suspect? I ask.

“I can’t dwell on that, madam.”

“And what does this mean to me now?”

“The investigation will show that.”

“When will I get my things back?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

I think of Laurens and how I want to call him right away when these guys are out the door.

“You’d better not call me yourself,” says Van Rijn as if reading my mind. “Keep communication as normal as possible. If you called him today, he might feel suspicious.”

“Should I reply to his messages?”

“That’s right, yes.”

I don’t quite follow that logic, but at the moment I don’t follow anything.

While the guys exchange my phone and pack my devices, I pour them another coffee. Which they hardly end up drinking. Fifteen minutes later the front door closed and I stiffened in the hallway.

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Sana (49 years old) attends a high school. She hesitated when the powerful skater Lorenz offered to be her apprentice, but he captivated her with his charm and knowledge. Throughout the year, she let him get closer and closer and even come to her house. Then her 12-year-old daughter Faye suddenly disappeared.

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