Six champions on the first day of horse racing

Day one of the KNHS Witte van Moort Hippiade 2022 is over. The dressage groups for Class B ponies, Cat A/B, C and D/E and Classes B, L1 and L2 are to begin. The six champions were honored after each division at the Medalplaza where they received their well-deserved medals, championship sash and sponsor awards.

The hero of the first day immediately made sure that the roof was off at the Medalplaza. Ten-year-old Nikki Tenold (South Holland) was the first on the podium for the awards ceremony. With her eight-year-old pony Pickfield Daphne, she won by a large margin in the feline class of the dressage category. C curated by Witte van Moort.

After the awards ceremony, Nikki says, “I think it’s really cool to be here. It went really well and I also had a good feeling about my audition. It’s our first time in a tournament and it was so exciting. The middle jog went even better because she can.” Do it well. I’ve been riding it for a year and a half and it’s so cute. I’m so glad I won and we’re going out to dinner with the family to celebrate together.”

Pixiu Indian wins B cat category. dad

Less than a week ago, eight-year-old Iris van Helvert (North Holland region) was found at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo with her foal Diego de Almagro; Beautifully dressed as an Indian on Pixiu Day. Today she was wearing another radiant outfit, a dressage outfit. It went well! I was a little nervous because it was our first championship. My pony is 12 years old and I’ve been riding it for a year now. Not only do we ride dressage, we also love jumping, And crosses, and pixie contests. He can do everything very well. What do I like most? Actually everything!”

Susan Jansen Smulders named ‘Best’ in Class B horses

Susan Jansen Smulders (Nord Brabant) was the last group to enter the road to the Class B final and immediately convinced the jury. She rode her horse Nina Ricci H (by Daily Diamond) to a good 69.444% and took gold in this category. “Yes, that’s the best they say. My horse was really great today,” said the brand new champ after the awards ceremony. “Nina Ricci H is only four years old and I carried her myself a year ago. She is very stable in her performance and that is also her greatest strength. She is a very beautiful horse and always gentle and steady in the skinny. Of course you can achieve that in grade B.”

Moenza Schepers takes gold in Class B with a four-year-old foal. The

With a lovely score of 72.333%, North Brabant’s Moenza Schepers couldn’t miss a win in the Class B cat D/E. Ariana convincingly led the four-year-old Welsh pony Beukenoord to gold. “I had absolutely no expectations because it was only our seventh race together, but she was very comfortable in testing. Our goal was to have a solid and efficient test, and we definitely did today,” says the fourteen-year-old rider after the awards ceremony at Medal Plaza.

Friesian Harm fan de Coldenhall wins the title with Thea Dykstra in the L2 horse class

Gold in the L2 horse class is back in Friesland. Thea Dijkstra did best with her Friesian horse Harm fan de Koldenhool at 69.333%. I really exceeded expectations! I rode with my four-year-old Friesian stallion among all the beautiful KWPN horses and wasn’t expecting to win today. Especially since he’s only four years old. He doesn’t have that much experience yet, but once he’s focused, he’s focused Really. On the way to the track and after the test he roars regularly, but at the track he’s focused which is good. I’m so proud of him!”

Rookie Julia Frolegken wins the L1 class

In the morning she was the first group to start at the KNHS Witte van Moort Hippiade 2022 and in the evening she was the last champion to be honored at the Medalplaza. For Julia Frolegken (Gelderland), her day couldn’t be worse. With her five-year-old Miliane SC (by Indian Rock), the Nunspeets rider achieved a good score of 72.22%, giving her the gold medal in the L1 horse class. “It’s really weird that I won. I still can’t believe it. This morning I’m still a little nervous in the first test, also because of the whole entourage here, but she went for it this afternoon. It’s really a horse that goes the extra mile in the ring.”

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