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What is the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? This is the first sentence Constructa, the singer who will participate in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest for Serbia, sings in her song. in Corpor Sano (Translator: In a healthy body). She sings it dry, not completely, and she thinks it’s more loud, like a question that comes to her mind while washing her hands. Because that’s what she does, both in the video and in the live performance: she washes her hands, sitting on a chair with a sink. why?

Konstrakta (stage name Anna Đurić) began her music career as a member of the band Zemlja gruva! , with whom she participated in the Serbian Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 2008 and in 2009. Ten years later, she began her solo career, and recently (in February) her project appeared trekking (triplet), a three-part video clip in it in Corpor Sano The middle part of it. The song is prefixed with . noble and follow him flexible. Together, the three songs provide an insight into Serbian society today.

Nobel (left)
It is about aging in the senior Serbian (gentry) circles, and in particular about the dilemma: Botox or not?

Sharon Stone Doesn’t Get BotoxKonstrakta sings, for example. “I once went to the bathroom with a bottle of wine. I looked at her face in the mirror, I looked at her body and cried and cried.”

soft (right)
flexible It’s about an economic recession that people are stuck in. “We spend, we work, we spend, we work.” We work five days. Five days, two days, five days, two days, five days, two days.
In the summer we go to the coast. “Swim, swim, swim, swim.”
In winter we go to the mountains. Skate skate skate skate skate.

Every now and then we show our sharp edges, with phrases like “I stand for my individuality” and discussions about neoliberalism. Then we go to eat. Mmm, that’s cute. We rest, we watch a movie. “You and I are going down softly.”

middle panel
In the triptychs of medieval painting, the middle panel is the largest and most important work, containing the central object. This is as it should be in Corpor Sano It’s also watched, not only because this is the song she put herself in the picture (by being sent to the Eurovision Song Contest), but also because of the message.

Onas eroproc ni amrifni snem
The dark and deeply personal meaning of the song unfolds very slowly, in a series of well-thought-out sentences that are not inferior to the theatrical monologue.

Constructa answers that first question (about Meghan Markle’s hair) with a sentence that seems to come straight from a TV ad: “I think it’s all because of deep hydration.” At this point, the song could become a commentary on the Western model of beauty. But Konstrakta takes another turn. She associates beauty with another, more subtle ideal: health.

Big minor, bad liver
In ambiguous sentences, it says that spots around the mouth indicate mild enlargement, and dark circles around the eyes indicate liver problems. But she continues: “Fortunately, we don’t have to think about our autonomic nervous system.”

She describes a carefree walk with her dog on a summer’s day. Tralalala. Her skirt slides down her legs and her heart is beating on its own, Tralalala, she doesn’t have to do anything for it. “I give up, I let it beat, I let myself breathe.”

There is a grim irony in these sentences, because as much as she states that her “autonomic nervous system” goes through on its own, she names it, so she is in it. On that beautiful summer day, her head is full of worry. worried about her health. but why?

“God bless us”begging.

Why Constructa?

May God grant us wellness
Because I am not a believer.

When you hear that last sentence, it gets dark. It is the core of the entire song, and it indicates abuse in society. Artists in Serbia are not entitled to health insurance. Now that we know this gist, the meaning of the part of the song not yet discussed here is also clear.

“Betty Strava” (Be healthy), Konstrakta repeats in a choppy, choppy tune. He looks strict and assertive, like an appointment to himself. She washes her hands to reinforce this assignment. She appears to be referring to her compatriot, performance artist Marina Abramović.

be beautiful!
In 1975, tired of some media criticizing her appearance more than her performance, Abramović decided to express her frustration in a later artwork. Devoting herself to being beautiful, she photographed herself up close brushing her hair without boundaries.

She does this so violently that as a viewer you feel a hair pain. She can hardly help but scratch her scalp with the bobby pins and take the flakes with her, and while she does, she keeps repeating these words: “Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful.”

cleaning hands!
What Constructa does with her hands looks like what Abramovich do with her hair: take care of them

broken. She washes her hands until they are dry and rough. There is no escaping the association with the time of Corona (and with the advice that emerged here in the Netherlands during press conferences). Needless to say, Konstrakta’s desire to stay healthy was born here. Because if she gets it right, she’ll have to fight it alone.

Hand washing can also mean something else. Pontius Pilate washed his hands innocently. He did not condemn Jesus to death, it was the law that did.

Moral and physical cleansing have been compatible since time immemorial (just think of the classic word combination “clear conscience”). The illusion is that by taking a shower you wash away all your sins. You are clean, fresh and free of impurities.

That’s how Constructa sits here, as a hospital nurse (look at her white dress in live performance!) who just tells a desperately ill person at the desk that she’s not going to help him/her/them. Because the person is not insured.

Human disability in Corpor Sanu
The song ends with the result of this abuse. The artist is obsessed with her health and cleaning her hands. she “Human Impotence in Corpore Sanu”Latin means “a sick mind in a healthy body”. You sing this at the end of the song. The exact same sentence seemed distorted and vice versa (Unas Aeroprok ni Amerivni Sneem) during the first two beats of the song. This sentence – very symmetrically – frames the middle panel of the trio.

noble And the flexible Define society that dictates that we are young, beautiful, successful, and value-added (economically). But there is one factor that can make all of this worthless in one fell swoop: our health.

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