RSM: Lost and Found Animals

Publication date: 08-11-2022
Updated on: 11-08-2022 16:42

Lost and Found Animals

Source: Animal Aid Woerden eo

11-08-2022 List of animals found and lost in Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden eo Telephone service from 08.00 to 19.00 at phone number 0348-414242 for all kinds of questions / information and from 19.00 to 08.00 There is a bar with 06 numbers for emergencies only. On our website you will find the current list of missing persons, finding them and more information:

lost animals

Austerlitz/Woerden: 3/8 Oude Postweg – Milo; Male (Australian Shepherd). white brown

Bodegraven: 27/7 Jan Evertsenstraat – Bomba; Kat, 2.5 years old. Semi long hair. Gray black combination with white pantyhose in the back

Driebruggen: 25/7 Kastanjelaan – Boca; Bo, 13 years old. Semi long hair. White with black stripe, black on the nose, slim, small

Harmelin: 11/8 Orangepark – Lizzie; Kat, 7/15/2015. Black with white spots under the front legs and on the belly and 2 white toes on the front leg

Nieuwegein: 29/7 Hagestede – Jello; Ornamental bird, 7 months. Green head with yellow dot, black wings, blue tail, blue-violet nose cover
4/8 violin – lady / diva; Female (British short hair), March 19-2021. all-lilac (beige/grey)

Woerden: 7/8 Meidoornstraat – Pearl; Macaw, male, about 1.5 years old. The body is blue and the head is white

found animals

Bodegraven: 28/7 Borg. Kremerweg – the name of the asylum is unique; Hangover, 02-03-2021. Black crest, white stripe between the eyes, around the nose, white muzzle extending to the abdomen. Front and back feet are white
29/7 Alvear – Cat. Black with white toes, a camel and a stripe across the nose. Thin white stripe on the right throat
10/8 Oud Reeuwijkseweg – Cat, Young Adult. Gray and brown striped coat without white. gray flea collar

Harmelen: 28/7 Reijerscop – Asylum name Tooske; Kat, 2021-03-04. Black with a little white hair on the chest
11/8 Field – Cat. black and white

Montfort: 3/8 Willeskop – the name of the asylum Rosalientje; Kat, 03-03-2020. White with red/white/black spots and tabs
3/8 Willeskop – Asylum name Adje; Hangover, 02/03/2020. Light red tabby with white
10/8 N204 Roundabout – Cat, Nnb Black, 3 Feet White
3/8 Willeskop – the name of the asylum Vonkie; Kat, 01/03-2020. Red tabs with white. A white muzzle continues to the abdomen. White spot on the forehead. White feet in front and back

Nieuwegein: 28/7 Brugwal – Kat. white with black spots
7/29 Violier – Asylum name Jojo; Kat, 4/22/2022. Black with white nose, shoulders, front legs, white back knee socks, black chin, black patch on left front leg
31/7 Nedereindseweg – Cat. brown-black
Nieuwegein: 1/8 Ringwaade – Cat. White with red and black spots, the right eye with a black spot, the left eye with a red spot, stripes on the tail
1/8 Wijnesteynstraat – the name of the asylum Nandy; Bo, Young. red black turtle
3/8 Justelan – Cat. red white
8/8 Bernhardstraat – Cat, young adult. Follow
9/8 cymbal size – Tomcat. grey
10/8 A2 (Car Park Jutpaas) – cat, adult. white with red
10/8 Orvelterdek – male, young man. Young white feet, otherwise spotted in black and white, tamed, listen well

Neuwerbrough: 3/8 Wigland – Cat, Jung. white with black spots

Oud: 2/8 gear – male, young. red white
4/8 Goudsestraatweg – Hangover, 7 months. Gray brown with a little bit of white
4/8 Hoencoopsebuurtweg Thv – Kat, 6-15-2022. black and white

Woerden: 30/7 Geestdorp – Kat. Predominantly white with black spots and tail
31/7 de reg – cat. Gray and black striped tabs, no white
31/7 Popelierstraat – Catt, Young. Semi long hair. orange/white
1/8 Utrechtsestraatweg – Kat. White with black back, spots and tail
4/8 Polannerpan – rabbit (tame). white with black spots
5/8 Rijnkade – Cat. Black/gray stripe. not white. The animal is very shy
5/8 Tournoysveld – Asylum Lucky name; Cat, one year old. black
6/8 Kruittorenweg / Molenstraat – Kat. black and white
6/8 Molenvliet¹ – the name of the asylum Mango; Kitten, 3 to 4 months old. Mainly white with 2 red spots on the back. The tail is red/reddish and there are also two distinct red spots on the head. The left ear on top also has a red spot. Stain in the nose
8/8 Parrodswarder – Female. White / Black / Mottled Brown
8/8 De Geul – Asylum name Rikke; cat. black and white
8/8 Mall Madeliefweide – cat (British shorthair), age unknown gray, orange eyes
10/8 Singles – Cat, Young. Small red white spot on the chest

Siegfeld: 2/8 Ekenlan-Hund. black

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