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Zevenhuizen – Throwing darts in the blood of seventeen-year-old Ross van der Velde from Zevenhuizen. A while ago, she became a champion at the 2022 Dutch Darts Open – Bachelorette to Girls and had an outstanding performance during the European Championships. Ross excitedly tells about her passion for arrows.

The final of the Dutch Open Archery Championships was very exciting. “I won the quarter-final 3-1 and the semi-final 3-1,” says Ross van der Velde. “The final, on the other hand, was a little different. The Dutch Open means that darts players from outside can also participate. The entry rule is that the laces may not be in possession of a Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) Tour Card. I faced a German darts player in the The final was in the lead, but I was able to come back with a score of 2-2. In the end I got down to number 1. So if you hit a square one more time, you’re instantly “dead.” Luckily for Roos, I was able to throw a double. She can now call herself the Dutch Open Darts 2022 – Girls Single champion.

Ross acquired Mad Darts from her brother Jürgen, who holds the title of world champion. Jurjen saw darts on TV and became interested. It also made me curious and I went to tournaments. Roos previously participated in the Dutch Open Darts, but many tournaments were of course halted due to Corona. However, she recently won the title of Frisian Champion and became the Dutch Ranking Champion with the girls. The prize cupboard is full. Ross participated in competitions for girls up to the age of seventeen. This means that the classification of women follows quickly. I think I can keep up with the ladies. They throw significantly higher. Just before the Dutch Darts Open, she participated in a women’s pairs tournament. We finished eighth there and lost to the world champion.

The European leagues are no stranger to Ross either. She previously competed in Turkey and last July in Budapest. It was my first time in Budapest. We discovered the city on the first day and the opening ceremony began on the 13th of July. She first played a duo with Chantal Tessin. We were in the group with Slovakia and Italy. We lost our first match against Italy but we beat Slovakia 3-0 and allowed us to qualify for Knock Outs. Unfortunately, we lost the quarter-final against Turkey 3-1. On Friday, Ross also participated in singles, again on the set with Slovakia and Italy. She beat Slovakian Ilicka Klyomkova 3-0 and then faced Italy’s Aurora Fuchsato, one of the favorites to win the title. “I did really well that day and I won 3-0. After that I was in the last 16. Here I played an interesting match against Sophie McKinlay. In the end I just lost 4-3, it was nerve-wracking! In the end, Aurora Fuchsato won the European Championship. That’s kind of a loss because I beat her and so I knew I could have won the championship. However, I’m proud to be there.

The world of darts still bears the stigma of being a men’s sport. In general, there are fewer women playing darts, but there is an increasing space for women’s darts. There are also mixed tournaments. You notice that women play against men easier than the other way around. You notice inequality in the sense that men do not want to lose out to women. However, the respect for women in the darts world is growing. Female darts players like Fallon Sherrock and Lisa Ashton are big names. The athlete is also thinking of teaching a group of girls darts. I think it would be interesting to organize the afternoon workouts. Girls don’t play darts much yet, so we can help with that a bit. Ross presents the basic technique of arrows to journalist De Grant. Put your foot diagonally against the tab (the board that indicates the distance) and bring your other foot back slightly. You have to stretch your hand well to really finish your throw and then have a solid start. Roos technology puts her little finger in the air while throwing. “The most important thing when you start is that you have fun, and the rest will come naturally. I think a good darts player should be mentally strong and fit. Of course talent plays a role too, you have to have a feeling for it. Darts is a tremendous excitement. Tension… Then double hitting… that gives a powerful kick.

Good material is also important. Ross’ 23g darts with Winmau Overdrive. “These arrows throw very well and have a lot of grip, then things go better. I throw about an hour every day. In halo time I also throw online against others via webcam, and there is also an app that you can play against a computer. But I play Mainly against Jurgen. This really makes me feel better, I can count on him. Jurjen was also present during the Dutch Open Darts Championship. Ross’ mother Marianne van der Velde says: “Ross’ winning affected Jurgen deeply. As bosses amongst themselves, they understand what The other goes through. “Darts is not a game of speed,” Rous adds. During the final Jurjen gave me a tip to rest while throwing, and it helped me a lot. After all, you have to keep calm, despite the stress. I am very grateful to my family and the support they have given me. Mother Marianne: It is nice for your children to have a dream that applies to all of our children. You should encourage something like this when they are still young. If you didn’t try, you don’t know what it could have been. If anyone is interested in appearing as a sponsor on a Roos shirt, they can contact

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