Racers and TeamNL horses announced for the Herning World Cup

The World Four Equestrian Championships will be held in Herning, Denmark, from 6-14 August. At the stables Guus Lansink, TeamNL Showjumping National Coach, Head Coach Iris Poelhauer and the National Coaches announced the final selections for today’s World Cup.

National coaches Alex van Sylvhout (dressage), Gus Lansink (jumping) and Joyce van Ruijn-Heuytenk (dressage) made the selections below. National Voltage coach Claire de Rieder has already announced her selection and was also present with a number of athletes at the presentation.

TeamNL Herning World Cup Jumps
National coach, Guus Lansink, has already had impressive results with his team this year, and knows the powers of showjumping like no other. “Of course we are going to a place on the podium, but the most important thing is to qualify for the Paris Olympics. So we have to finish the race in the top five (except France). There are six or seven very strong teams now and everything is possible. We are in good shape, But in the tournament it shouldn’t be so bad.”
In vaulting, five groups may travel to Herning, four of which will start for the team and into the World Championships. The fifth / reserve group will start in the CSI3 competition * located in the program next to the World Cup classes. Willem Greif, Harry Smulders, Michael van der Vleuten and Sunny Thiessen will defend the Dutch tricolor at Herning. Jur Vrieling is a travel reserve, the first one being Hessel Hoekstra.

The elect are:
William Greve (Marcello)
Grandorado TN (The Stallion, KWPN, 2011, The Gulf, Es El Dorado in de Zischuk)
Owner: Willem Greve Sportpaarden BV & Team Nijhof

Harry Smulders (Lou Merdy)
Monaco (Gilden, Holstein, Bay, 2009, vs Cassini II)
Owner: Evergate Stables LLC

spare horse
Dare Low (The Stallion, KWPN, Chestnut, 2008, by Tangelo van de Zuthoff)
Owner: Evergate Stables LLC and Nayel Nassar

Sanne Thijssen (Sevenum)
Con Quidam RB (stallion, Holstein, Gulf, 2006, Quinar)
Owner: Stal Thijssen BV

Michael van der Vleuten (Sumerian)
Beauville Z (Moe, Zangersheide, Bay, 2010, s.Bustique)
Owner: Marta Ortega-Perez and Springstal Van der Vleuten

travel reserve
Gore Friling (Hollwerdi)
Long John Silver 3 (Glading, Holst, Gray, 2012, vs Lasino)
Owner: SF Equestrian BV

1e the reserve
Hessel Hoekstra (Werden)
Icon VDL (Stallion, Bay, 2013, v. Bubalu VDL)
Owner: Stal Wiefferink

The team of veterinarians Frank Hook and Willem Verheij

TeamNL WC Herning toilet
National team coach Alex van Sylvhout certainly sees opportunities for his team from Amazon. “We certainly don’t have very experienced groups on the team, but when I look at the performances during the CHIO chiefs in Rotterdam and Aachen, I trust them. Only Emmelie Scholtens has World Cup experience, but then rides a different horse. For her Indian Rock horses, she will be the first His major championship.Dinga van Lier rode in the European Championship last year and was protected in Tokyo, but it is also the first appearance of her horses in the championship.Marek van der Putten and Tamar Zwistra made their international debuts.To qualify for Paris 2024 we must be in the top six This is certainly achievable. Denmark is my top candidate and then Germany, and behind them are several countries vying for the next places.”
In dressage, no reserve mix travels to Herning.

The elect are:
Dinga Van Lier (Uden)
Hermes (Horse, KWPN, dark brown, 2012, easy game)
Owner: Joop van Uytert

spare horse
Hartsuijker (Gilding, KWPN, Chestnut, 2012, S Johnson)
Owner: Jean-Peter Dalesme

Marek van der Putten (Grosbeek)
Torveslettens Titanium RS2 (ruin, DWB, dark brown, 2012, against Totilas)
Owner: Jack Lemmens and Saskia Lemmens Regnen

Emily Schultens (Gorenchem)
Indian Rock (Stallion, KWPN, Bay, 2013, s.Apache)
Owner: Ad Valk and Black Horses BV

Zwistra fruit (shore)
Hexagon’s Ich Weiss (stallion, NRPS, Gray, 2013, S.Rubiquil)
Owner: Stal Hexagon BV

1e the reserve:
Dennis Nichman (Hasselt)
Boston STH (stallion, dark brown, 2006, S Johnson)
Owner LF Nekeman

2e the reserve
Karen Nevelt (Hoven)
Elias (Ruin, black, 2009, jazz)
Owner: Nils Linars, Karen Nijfeldt, Tuan Van Wensel

Edwin Enzerink (Asten-Heusden) Veterinary Team

NLO-WVM-TeamNL Para Dressage Team WC Herning
National coach Joyce van Roygen-Heuytenk is clear: “The approach is a team medal and a direct qualification for the Paralympic Games in Paris. In addition, I also hope to come home with a number of individual medals with this strong team.”
Routine on the team comes from Sanne Voets and Frank Hosmar. Lotte Krijensen was there in 2015 and 2017 at the European Championships. Amazone Demi Haerkens makes her international debut in Herning.

Demi Herkins (Helmond) 4th grade
EHL Daula (Mare, KWPN, Chestnut, 2008, s.Gribaldi)
Owner: EHL Horses, P. Swinkels, R. Swinkels, B.Ugen

Frank Husmar (Harley) 5th grade
Alphaville NOP (Gelding, KWPN, Bay, 2005, s.Sandreo)
Owner: F. Hosmar and A. Hosmar-Keekstra

Lott Krijnsen (songs) 3rd grade
Rosenstols (Mary, old, dark brown, 2006, S. Rotesbone)
Owner: family. moaning

Sanne Voets (Berghem) 4th grade
Demantur RS2 NOP (Gelding, KWPN, Chestnut, 2008, s.Vivaldi)
Owner: RS2 Dressage Center de Horst

Britney de Jong (Utrecht) 5th grade
Karamba (Gilding, KWPN, dark brown, 2007, S. Tushinsky)
Owner: Yvette Freiberg
Britney is the immediate reserve of Demi Herkins, Sunny Voights and Frank Hosmar

Maud de Reu (Zwolle) Grade 3
Webron NOP (Gelding, KWPN, Bay, 2003, s Sir Sinclair)
Owner: Boris Bramm

Maud is Lotte Craigsen’s direct reserve, and after Britney De Jong reserves for the other team members. This section is all about the specific requirements of team building with riders of different grades.

Team Vet Wim Van Dyck (Hilvarenbeek)

Team Jump Team TeamNL World Championship Herning
National coach Claire de Rieder had previously announced her selection for the World Cup in Herning. You can read more about this here.

single ladies
Joske van Koelen (Amersfoort)
Shamur (Gilding, KWPN, Bay, 2007, by United)
Owner: Arno van de Ven
Longhor: Ryan Perrick

Annebeth Kobe (Northernlis)
Evermore R (Gilding, KWPN, Bay, 2009, SVDL Zapatero)
Owner: Annebeth Kubbe and Marjon Kubbe-Van Vught
Longhor: Jente Berek van der Heyden

Rinsky van Shayk (Shalquik)
Fabiola W (Marie, Westf, Bay, 2004, S Forest Piccolo)
Owner: Voltigier Association Köln-Dünnwald eV
Longuere: Corinna Knauf

gentlemen individuals
Sam dos Santos (Reti, B)
Shamur (Gilding, KWPN, Bay, 2007, by United)
Owner: Arno van de Ven
Longhair: Ryan Perrick.
Longyear Reserve: Genty Beric
Horse reserve:
Doemaar (Gelding, KWPN, Chestnut, 2008, Vivaldi)
Owner: Arno van de Ven

team (squad)
Wittegheit 1 (Odiliapeel)
Wim (Gelding, KWPN, Dark Brown, 2003, s.Gribaldi)
Longuere: Meta Guns
Owner: L. Rooijmans & W. Jans

Veterinary team: Femke Laan (Bodegraven)

Other instructions
In addition to the aforementioned trainers, team vets and technical director, TeamNL Herning’s riders and horse guidelines consist of:
Ad Wagemakers – Chef de Mission and Dressage and Jump Team Manager
Monique van der Heyden – Dressage and Jumping Team Manager
Don Lammers – Physiotherapist
Peter van der Weig – jump team assistant
Zhantian Van Zun – Press Officer
The grooms of all horses are unknown at this time.

Good to know!
The World Championships Searching for an equestrian sport? One place every four years In dressage, jumping, competitions, dressage, four-in-hand, jumping, endurance.

Unlike, for example, Dutch sports such as hockey and skiing, equestrian sports are also Too big in the world. In the 2018 World Cup, more than 1,000 passengers Share 74 countries From 1243 horses. 1500 journalists From 50 countries mentioned in the event. This also reflects the global interest in following the sport. The International Equestrian Federation is the International Equestrian Federation. Every year 3,825 FEI international events are held in 79 countries around the world. there 74,000 knights which may start at the international level. enormous 37 million people around the world Sit on horseback (or on a horse’s back) at least once a week. Representing the sport all over the world Economic value From More than 300 billion euros. On social media Follow all over the world 750 million people Sports.
Holland became both in 2006 Such as 2014 World champion in jumping 2010 World champion taming. in 2018 The Dutch Paradressage team became the world champion.

World Formats Hearing Championship
Read all about Herning’s tournament formats here

View the Herning World Championship website here.

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