I live on an area of ​​50m2 and it has 100 plants

Iris (33 years old) lives with her boyfriend, daughter and 100 plants in a cozy house of 50 square meters in Bos-en-Lumaire. “As far as I am concerned, plants belong in the house, they bring life literally and figuratively. Some people choose a beautiful picture, but this one is not alive.”

Iris, better known as Mama Botanica, is still happy with her place in Bos en Lommer, where she has lived for four years. “It is a very nice neighborhood that changes a lot, and more and more nice tents are being added. There are also many playgrounds that I like for my daughter.” When the weather is nice, Iris loves to go to Terrasmus in Erasmus Park.

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Dad’s hobby

Iris grew up in a house full of plants, “it was my father’s hobby.” was for
It’s so natural when she went to live on her own to bring some greenery into the house.
She still had the first plant she bought when she moved into her room. has now
Over 100 different plants from the classic pit plant (Monstera deliciosa)
For the strangest species of cactus. Is there a place in the house without plants? “the toilet,
Because there is no daylight there.”

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Forbidden to fake plants

In addition to the many plants, we also see a lot of color in Iris’s house. The base is white, but there are also some green walls and dark blue kitchen walls. She describes her lifestyle as vintage and colorful. Think antique furniture and colorful utensils. “We enjoy old-fashioned fishing, even when we’re out and about.” But Iris and her boyfriend sometimes get things from friends and family. “Like an old sewing machine cabinet, we inherited it from my friend’s grandmother.” Iris also prefers to buy used planting tools and utensils. Of course, no fake plants are allowed in, just like neon colors or signs with the word “HOME”. “

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Her favorite plant is Epipremnum aureum (also called dragon ivy) in the bedroom that grows slowly over the ceiling and thus the real forest.percussion instrument Give. “It is a hanging plant, grows very fast and is easy to care for. Useful if you are just starting out with plants.” If she could take one plant with her, it would be the one in the bedroom. But in reality, her comic notebooks are probably just as sacred.

Hanging plant and red chairs are favorites

The red chair has also been a favorite for years. “I lived with a friend for a while and she had this red chair. She loved it and it was my favorite. When I moved in on my own, I wanted that chair. It’s only from IKEA, but it’s an old model that’s no longer made, I finally found it through Marktplaats.” Another important element of the house is the paintings painted by her mother-in-law.

A full time job like Mama Botanica

Eris can’t see a house away from the plants, as far as she is concerned she belongs in the house. “It is a living being, literally and figuratively bringing life into the house. Some people choose a beautiful picture, but this one is not alive. The beautiful and unique thing about plants is that they can give you a lot of satisfaction, and you are proud when you see new leaves.” Iris explains that you actually start Plants to take better care of your environment.

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Favorite lily.

Her boyfriend really likes plants, but he’s glad he doesn’t have to take care of them. It is not for nothing that Iris calls Mama Botanica and takes care of her plants with love. Previously working as a videographer and photographer, she now works full time at Mama Botanica and has written three books on houseplants!

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How does Mama Botanica actually do when they go on vacation? After all, it is not necessary to hand the care of 100 plants to a person. “Then my father comes in, of course he knows better than anyone how to take care of plants.”

Advice from a professional

Of course we can’t leave Eris’ house without stealing a plant tip. “If you are just starting out with plants, choose a plant that grows a lot. Preferably no cactus, because it grows so slowly, you can’t see what’s going on.” What if they died? “This is really not a disaster, this is a part of life. Find out what was wrong and try to improve it next time.”

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