Esther’s Blog: How Three Generations Enjoy One Horse

It worked!!! Last year we were really very proud and every year comes a little more. But perhaps the word gratitude is much better. Mino turned 26 last Monday! What a great age for a Friesian horse and in good health too. 26 years and perhaps even more special, with Marieki, the daughter of a Mino breeder: Hessel and his wife.

Born in the garage

Menno is Doeke x Hearke born on February 28, 1996 in Hessel and his wife’s garage. At the time, Hessel didn’t have horses at home and when the mare was heavily pregnant he took her home. In the garage, he made a chest where the mare could have her foal. But despite these precautions, Heysel wasn’t around when Mino was born. “Yes, how is that possible,” Heysel said. I was still very busy at the time and after that I got a notification. I rushed to practice sewing a dog that had been shaved very enthusiastically by its owner, a GP.. ‘In that moment Mino was born, Mariki was alone and for Mino Mariki it was his first contact with a human. That band never left. Mino has remained with her to this day.

Versatile horse

Years passed and Mino grew into a beautiful Friesian horse with plenty of wallpaper and theme. Mariki got him under the saddle and got him into the sport, and rode him to the Z2 and with that he got his sport kickstand. In addition, he walked in front of Hessel in carriages 2, 4 and 6 with horses and for years with his girlfriend Stella in front of the chair. What a versatile horse. But the best thing about Menno came a little later. Meanwhile, Mariki has moved in with her current husband, who also regularly rides Mino, and it wasn’t long before daughter Eris was born. Eris grew up among horses and other animals. Soon the love for the Friesian horse came and it wasn’t long before Iris was in Meno. And this is where the best quality in Menno came to be. Being careful with how he moved and giving little Iris the confidence to ride without fear was special and poignant.
I think these are probably his best character traits. A horse can be good at sports or can lead the way, but a horse that wants to work with you, thinks with you and also thinks when necessary, and that is worth gold there is nothing against. And he was careful not only with Iris, but he was also careful with Pelle NP fan de Hesterhoeve, the colt from last year. On the day Billy went to Mareki, it was Mino who immediately took care of him and gave him confidence. Because that’s what Menno does, he gives people and animals confidence, so that not only three generations will enjoy him, but he’s also a great teacher for Pelle.

his mother wallpaper

Pelle fan de Hesterhoeve is now 9 months old and Mariki is crazy about it. It’s really a big size and has a nice front. This beautiful background must have been in the genes of his mother, Roza fan de Kromme Jelte. Jobke also had plenty of wallpaper appropriate for his age, and so did Maike. All her offspring that I found have a lot of wallpaper and they all have the same good looks as Rosa. In 2017, Rosa gave birth to Daan van de Warande, Eibert 419 Sport x Lolke 371 Sport, a beautiful mare who earned a well-deserved first premium during a pony check. Dan also inherited his mother’s beautiful wallpaper and when he was three, his forehead was up to his nose. Will the pony that Rosa is now wearing get a lot of wallpaper again? I hope so, but of course the most important thing is that the foal is in good health and that everything is going well with both. However, it is always a miracle. So far everything is going fine. Rosa is now seven months pregnant with Jehannes 484 Sport. The foal is now about 65 cm long and weighs about 12 kg, and now has tail hair and sag although it is only 2.5 mm long, it is still bald. A foal will not have hair all over its body until the ninth month of pregnancy.

Baked schnitzel

Speaking of hair, man, how do horses really fall! I take all loads of it every day. Now that the days are longer, I immediately notice that the horses react to the number of hours of daylight. Hormones are produced in the pituitary gland that begins the process of elimination. It’s not so much about changing the temperature. These fallen bristles are very itchy, so it is a real treat for horses to put them in the crate without a blanket in this lovely weather. My Wiebe hasn’t been in the yard yet or has already fallen, preferably several times, rusk schnitzel with nothing. “What a beautiful trio,” I suddenly heard behind me! It was Hessel who was content to watch Wiebe and Roza enjoy themselves. Yes, it makes you happy, I’m sick of all this rain and wind. “Me too,” Heysel said. “But never forget: With the sun in your heart, it never rains all day!” What a wise saying I thought of myself, it brought a smile to my face…

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