Esther has an affair with the father of her best friend, Tessa

Are you ready to harass your brain? Tessa (27 years old) and Esther (28) are good friends. Esther recently gave birth to a son – the half-brother of Tessa. Tessa also has a baby boy, Esther is the grandmother’s wife. Esther is Tessa’s stepmother. How can this be? Esther has an affair with Tessa’s father…

Tessa: “I got to know Esther about five years ago, when she came to work for my father Marcel at the market butcher shop. I have a clothing store, Esther was in my shop once, but we hadn’t seen each other before. We’ve progressed really well from the start. My dad is 51 years old and very young at heart.He regularly goes out for a drink with the staff after work and also planned to go to a hard party with a group.Esther and I hated it, we don’t like that music.We spent the whole evening together just to have a little fun.That’s when The friendship really started, I guess.
I knew my father loved Esther more than anything else. I’ve known him for longer than today, he has no secrets to me. His fascination with Esther was not a problem for me at all. My parents divorced when I was three months old, I gave my dad a new love. I didn’t see the fact that he was so much bigger than Esther as a hindrance. What I found a little complicated is the fact that Esther and Abi are both completely flammable. They can be banging with each other with words. This made me doubt the match. So Esther is still in a relationship.”


Esther: “Shortly after I came to work with him, Marcel hinted that he liked me. I got along well with him, but I didn’t feel any love at all. There was a strong bond of trust between us. Marcel and I both have ADHD. In my case, I was diagnosed very late, only at the age of 23. I had a great time talking to him about it. Marcel understood me in this field like no other. I was looking for a way to handle it properly. He advised me. In terms of relationship material “It was taboo for me. I had a boyfriend and I also thought Marcel was too old. The funny thing is: I didn’t think he was too old for me, I was afraid what other people might think of such a huge difference in age.”
After a few years I left Marcel’s butcher shop. I had started a new electric car business with my father and wanted to focus on that. Marcel didn’t like that I left, but on the other hand it was a relief to him as well. His feelings for me began to get in his way more and more. Perhaps it would have been better, he thought, to go on with our lives.”

difficult period

Tessa: “I was living with my dad at the time, because I was taking time out from my relationship. So I was on top of developments. Esther’s departure caused some mood swings in him. Then he was angry and frustrated, then he was glad she left him as an employee, and then he succumbed to the situation that he doesn’t Something could work between them.He didn’t show his true sadness over the situation, but it was there.
Of course I kept in touch with Esther, but in a way that my father only got as little as possible. You tore me. I had a very sweet girlfriend in Esther and because of my father’s infatuation I couldn’t see her as easily as before. I also have a very good relationship with my parents. I also thought it was a difficult situation for him, and he didn’t ask for it either.”
Esther: “Tessa and I didn’t want to lose each other. I click with Marcel as much as I click with Tessa. She and Marcel are very similar, and that has something to do with them. We have the same tastes, the same interests, and we never lose the conversation. We always have something to discuss and tell each other.” Some with absolutely everything. During the time I was creating my own business with my parents, I broke up with my then boyfriend. I found comfort in Tessa. I also noticed more and more that I missed Marcel. I bought my ex and was left alone in our house with a huge mortgage. In order to generate some extra income to be able to do some fun things, I decided to work at Marcel again one day a week. I also enjoyed working in the market a lot. And so I was seeing Marcel again…”
Tessa: “My father immediately saw his opportunity now that he knew Esther was celibate. If you gave him a finger, he would take your whole hand. He went out of his way to seduce Esther, for example by buying her flowers. He showed the most beautiful version of himself and looked like a teenage in reality. Love. A year and a half ago, his efforts paid off. Esther went on a date with him after work. I just loved him for them. If I had to have my stepmother, then Esther. And frankly: I was also glad I got out of this shattered situation.”

finally happy

Esther: “Marcel and I started a relationship. As a result, I’ve definitely lost friends from the past; people kind of like him. I was more afraid of my parents’ reaction to my new boyfriend. They experienced firsthand how bad my skin was during my previous relationship. They saw me happy once. Others thought that was more important than any age difference.”
Tessa: “I have noticed in everything that my father has finally found his happiness with Esther. He has become quite volatile, but he is very stable now – calmer than he has ever been. I am often asked if I am not afraid of losing my girlfriend. I was not afraid for a moment. Not only did I gain a girlfriend, but also a family member. We still think a lot in the boxes. “My dad is in a relationship with my best friend,” it might sound a little crazy. But when you see how happy they are together, it’s not surprising at all. And Esther is a woman Adult, right? My mother taught me to always look at everything in a positive way. I did with this too. Esther’s relationship with my father only brought us closer together. My mother is now also a friend of Esther, we have really become one big family in this regard. Happy for me to have such a nice person in my life with Esther.”

I wish for children

Esther: “I had a wish to have children, I made it clear to Marcel from the start. It was no longer necessary for him, but he didn’t want to take my wish away from me either. Since Marcel was already fifty, we didn’t want to wait long. I was really into it too. Years ago, I heard from doctors that it might be hard for me to get pregnant. We figured if a medical procedure was needed we could only find out as soon as possible. But before we really thought about it, I was Already pregnant. We were thrilled!”

Tessa: “I was very pregnant at the time, and my waters broke the day after I told Esther she was pregnant. I loved it so much for her. I already knew they were going around with the plan, but I didn’t think it would work so quickly.
My son Seif (eight months) is Esther’s grandson. When I talk to Sev about Esther, I jokingly say “Grandma”. Moss son of Esther is my half-brother. This is not how I see it. I see Moss more as Seif’s brother. I feel very strongly that he is my family and that we are all connected to one another. My mother recently had a babysitter for Moos. Isn’t it nice that this is possible? “
Esther: “I hope Moss and Seif grow up as brothers, and that they become really friends. It’s great to be a mother. Marcel has experienced everything of course, his first time charm is gone for him. When I’m so careful, it’s nothing new to him. We’ve made agreements. Clear with each other. For example, I go out every night to eat. Of course, Marcel is very fond of Moss, he loves him very much. “
Tessa: “We realize that the way things work for us is very private, but we hardly think about it in our daily lives. Esther is my best friend and Marcel is my dad. Every now and then we like to say something about it in public and then see the reaction of other people. For example, when we go out, I consciously introduce Esther as my stepmother. This is not a word of lie!”
Esther: “We are currently in the middle of a renovation, and Marcel and Moss are temporarily living with my parents. We have a very nice time together. Because of my previous relationship, the relationship with my parents was temporarily less good. We are now closer than ever. You see, I’m very touched.” What others might think. As a result, I did not dare to follow my heart, something I will definitely do from now on!”

Text: Hester Zetfast

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