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SIEUWENT – Since 2007, PaaspopKlassiek has been organizing an annual Saint John or Saint Matthew Passion Show in Werenfriduskerk. Works that have created a special bond between Bach and Zuent over the years. To enhance the image of this particular group, PaaspopKlassiek organizes an entire weekend program on the musical instrument business of Johann Sebastian Bach. Fans of the “other” Bach have a special opportunity to learn about Bach’s extensive work.

coffee cans
A surprising part of the Bach weekend is the Kaffeecantate performance. These secular canteens are all about the use of coffee. At that time there was certainly no dispute because the effects were not yet known. The story of Kaffeecantate is about a girl who is addicted to coffee, about women who know what they want, and sexual innuendo is not far off. Liesje is willing to give up everything in the world for coffee to continue drinking coffee. Her father wants to sell her to help her stop drinking coffee. However, Liesje comically makes sure that she manages to drink coffee and communicate with her suitor. Kaffeecantate was written for Kafffeehaus Zimmerman. Transferred to het Witte Paard café in Zieuwent.

a program
During his Bach weekend, PaaspopKlassiek wants to emphasize another aspect of Bach’s music, not serious church music, rather his instrumental works dominate. Not music to glorify God, but instrumental music used at court or public concerts.

Denis Wallenduk will open Bach’s Weekend in Zieuwent with the famous organ toccata in de Menor. Although the member of Werenfriduskerk is not a Baroque member, Dennis and the Egger member will do Bach justice in this magnificent and lavish act.

Next, writer/journalist Bert Natter will give a lecture on the bones of Johann Sebastian Bach at Whitehorse. Bach was buried in a mass grave. Are the bones now buried in the tomb of Thomas Church really Bach’s bones??

In the afternoon, a concert was held by Remy Bodet, violin and Eduardo Vallores, ukulele. They play original instruments (temporary from the Baroque) from a violin repertoire, accompanied and unaccompanied. Bach had two periods in which he wrote a series of six sonnets and an island and continued to work on them throughout his life. Six is ​​common in Bach, because the number 6 symbolizes the perfect number. Remy Baude was the musical director of the 18th century orchestra for many years.

On Saturday evening, the baroque ensemble La Sorpresa led by François Fernandez performed. Together with husband Yoon Kim they play the beautiful double concerto in D minor and also the Brandenburg 3rd and 5th concerto dedicated by Bach to Christian Ludwig Markgraf van Brandenburg in 1721, who wants to miss the air of the third orchestral suite in a live show?! La Sorpresa Baroque ensemble focuses on performing Baroque works in its most authentic form. The band, made up of world-class musicians, tries to get as close as possible to Bach’s performance practice.

Sunday mornings at 11:30 a.m. at the White Horse Show from Kaffee-Kantate. It was sung by three soloists: Wendy RuPaul, Matisse van de Ward and Vincent Lesage. They are accompanied by the baroque ensemble La Sorpresa. In a theatrical performance, the inn “het Witte Paard” was decorated as if it were Kaffeehaus Zimmerman, which Bach liked to visit often. The serious-looking Bach painter Hausmann had a very Burgundian side that we don’t expect soon, but he gladly surrendered to it.

Sunday afternoon two solo concerts. Young cellist Ella van Poucke opened her concert with the most played cello: the first cello group at G major. The introduction of this suite is very popular and is also used as a backdrop for films and documentaries. Ella enriches her party with cello wings number two and five. Werenfriduskerk’s beautiful acoustics will be very good for her. Ella van Poucke developed into one of the greatest violinists in the Netherlands.

Finally, pianist Laurens de Man plays Goldberg Variations for piano solo. This work, loved by pianists, consists of the song Aria (Sarabandi Beautiful) and 25, Bach also called changes (differences) to distract the mind. Laurens de Man is the rising talent who amazes everyone on the path to being played by JSBach on the piano.

The organ party can be accessed this weekend for free. For other concerts, you can buy tickets, a day pass, or a weekend pass. All tickets via