Village party Santpoort, program for tomorrow Thursday 4th August – Jutter

Trot No. 263 for short track: 1e NETHERLANDS – BELGIUM INTERNATIONAL

13.00 – 18.00 / Main Street

The Board of Directors of Harddraverij Vereniging Santpoort is proud to be able to organize the first international short-track match between the Netherlands and Belgium. This fulfills a long-cherished desire of a sport harness.

The short track has always been a Dutch sport. Here we have an intensive circuit of 25-30 short courses each year. Sport is on the rise in Belgium. At De Haan Beach, two races similar to the short course are held every year. On Friday August 12, a short track in Ruiselede, Belgium, is also on the program for the first time.

new! Grand – 16

During this first international match, there’s a lot more to it than the traditional short track. But the biggest difference is that the field of participants consists of horses of Dutch and Belgian owners. A total of sixteen participants will take action. They compete on the principle of Grand-16. This means that losers from the first round can still qualify for the second round via replay. In the first round, 16 horses start, here 8 horses qualify for the second round after winning, the losers do not have to grieve the Grand 16 system. All losers go to the so-called “intermediate round”. Also in this round, it is determined by the lottery that the losers will compete against each other. There will be 4 winners from this intermediate round. These winners will also be placed in Round 2 of the short track. These four horses always return to the 6th, 8th, 10th or 12th places by lot, so it is possible that a winner of the middle round will be drawn against the horse they previously ran with.

Did the horse you bet on lose the first round? do not worry. The horse can regain its place in the short course through the medium course. So, don’t throw away your tickets after the first round!


During Kortebaan in Santpoort, a record turnover of at least €147,777.50 was achieved in 2019; An unprecedented new national record in the short track. Gambling on “win” (paying if the horse wins) and “place” (paying if the horse takes third place) are popular in Santpoort. Winscore is also being used more and more because the payouts there can be huge. In this figure, you indicate the winner of the first round of all games. For an explanation of all the game options it is best to take a look at the website: There you will find an explanation of the different game options based on clear videos from the ZEturf deck.

More and more people are also using the internet. This betting method prevents you from standing in line at the collecting machine afterwards. There is also a nice promotion going on at Create an account at the right time and take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered.

If you come to the track and want to bet cash (it is also possible to install in the accumulator), keep in mind that we only have one cash machine at Readshop in Santpoort, which will likely be heavily taxed during the village festival. Arrange your money on time.

The organization does everything in its power to keep the noise on the optimum track, so that everyone can follow the cycle properly. But since there is a large audience (often enthusiastic), sometimes you may miss some competition information. That’s why we recommend that you follow the contest track live via twitterkbdraverijen.


In order to keep crowds in and around the administration’s short course, the organization also received additional safety requirements from law enforcers this year. For example, glazing is never allowed on the track. Furthermore, residents are required to make their passage through the house to backyards available as escape routes (only in acute emergencies). And if you, as a course resident, are considering erecting scaffolding in the front yard, please be aware that moderators are also doing safety checks this year.

Since you are used to it, there will be additional supervision over the amount of alcoholic beverages brought with you. Crates or (fish) full of drinks do not pass through security. For accessibility reasons, party tents may not be set up on the pier. And finally, no crossings are ever allowed throughout the afternoon. Not even when running horses.

festive flag

The organization asks residents – as usual – to raise the flag on the track; The perfect moment to display the Harddravers flag (as long as the stock lasts for €15.00 for sale at B&E IJzerhandel in Hagelingerweg 67).

After the race, the Aart Aarts Trophy award ceremony will take place at Duineveld Transport in the Hoofdstraat (behind number 114). This award ceremony is open to members of Harddraverij Vereniging.

Finally, access to Kortebaan is free. Upon submission of Drafpas, members receive a free program brochure. You can report this to sellers along the path. The start is 1:00 pm, but the voice recorder is already open at 11:45 am. Start at 1.30 pm.

Sponsor: Repromat.

Bridge driving in the evenings

19:30 – 23:55 / Wilsehoft

More information: see Wednesday evening.


Bartje/’t Palet/De Bank: 8:00 PM – 00:00 AM Bob & The Blue Band, Rock-n-Roll

Ramses: 20:00-00:00 Van Kessel Live & Suitcase

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