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It was actually just too cool to believe. Or rather, it was too good to be true. Guy, my last match with Tinder, was one in a million. He was from Paris – l’histoire se répète. It was hot and soft and– I have luck – In Amsterdam for a week. He said, “I’m going to visit some friends.” But this week quickly turned from visiting friends into a short romantic vacation with me. And that’s just what I needed, after the last few flutter turds.

Get the ice cream

I suggested the first date myself. “Shall we go get some ice cream?” I asked on that hot Tuesday afternoon. Perfect, like an ice cream date in the summer. Because: I pray more than ‘have a drink’ for a first acquaintance, it’s delicious down buttonyou will instantly recognize someone’s taste, it will be just a file exciting atmosphere And when the ice cream is gone, you can quickly squeeze it again.

I melted

Once I sat down on a bench with our ice cream, however, I didn’t want to run. Was the ice cream meant to be cooling, it got hotter in a second than the Guy. He was more personally handsome than his profile pictures, as it were smooth And showered me with compliments. He was kind and gentle, but not too much. He would sometimes touch me for so long (to the touch), that my lemon balls just wouldn’t melt like crazy. After I finished my gelato, we took another round of Vondelpark and said goodbye on a grand scale: kissing in front of my apartment.

the same way

I wasn’t quite sure what Guy’s schedule was like in Amsterdam for this week, but the next morning he checked in with me right away. “Bonjour belle! Will you sail along the canals?” Not only for tourists but also for me it is still one of the best ways to experience Amsterdam, from the water. I got on a boat with him, we went out to dinner and he stayed with me that night. We knew it was probably going to be the hottest day of summer with 38 degrees…


Also the next day guy stuck. It was as if those friends he was going to visit weren’t there at all (fake amis). The guy was on vacation with me in my city.

We were inseparable for five days. I even took Jay out for an evening to meet my girlfriends. Which in my group of friends up to “Meeting the Parents”. They all agreed with me: “This is your man!” The Babylon On my stomach I worked overtime. The guy seemed to have everything I was looking for. He was attentive, kind, caring, called me all day long’wife (He needed to know how good that was.) And he was already hinting at the future together. He was moving in with me in Amsterdam or I would face a Parisian life. Anyway, things looked rosy to me with this stud.

Amor infinity

In the following days, I showed Guy my favorite places at 020. I was his local guide. got it all inside Info, plus some nice extras…but all good things come to an end; He had to return to the city of true love. We both had knots in our stomachs. However, “Paris was only a five hour drive away” (so I’ve heard that before) and we could visit each other every weekend if we wanted to. Thanks to my flexible work, I can even quietly book a few days of the week in Paris. I hope this romance lasts forever… Viv Lamour.

home match

After a long nap, he got into his Audi on Monday morning. Aside from his first Monday in Amsterdam, he never saw a friend. However, we experienced the ultimate holiday love together. It was the summer of love.. the tender daydream.. (Singer Shawn Mendes already sang in my head)

Tinder date in extension

“Did you get home safely?” I texted him in the evening. Then you don’t hear anything again. WhatsApp checkmarks went from 1 gray (maybe his phone battery is dead), to 2 gray (he’s received it) to blue (he just saw it and he didn’t respond?!). It was also calm the next day. Tinder Swindler hits again… the guy might have had a different cute personality in every city and with me in absolute Amsterdam expertise arranged for themselves. To him, this might just have been a long Tinder history. smart boy. Well, why would you keep in touch then? ghost is the direction and if he visits Amsterdam again, the next direction is local guide just one drag awayincorrect?

Amor Excellence

and me? Aside from the fact that I amazed myself at always being new to the hotel so quickly, I am no longer surprised. I keep holding out my feelings for a bit, and by the time I get out of that dating pool, I’ll probably have an ice cube where my heart once was (insert: ice box from Amarion). On the other hand, I had a sweetheart vacation without having to book a flight. And these shadows come naturally. Aunt piss!

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