Another busy fair week in Merchtem – good day

The exhibition poster is ready and before its official presentation, the program was already in the mailboxes of Merchtem. It can’t be fast enough as the busy fair week is packed with activities once again. With the fourth week of the month, this edition comes a little later in August. “Now let us show that Merchtem is the party community. It would be nice if all residents would report their homes,” says Julie Aslman, an alderman at Merchtem Gallery. As it has been for years, the starting signal is no longer given on Saturday evening, but before That’s one day, with the KWB Merchtem link. For 26ste Although it is about gathering in the gym for runners and fans.

It’s almost impossible to enumerate everything there is to try that week and the poster makers realized that, too. It sounds really bad, but if you scan the QR code at the bottom right, you’ll instantly be presented with a full panel. It is a tradition for Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia to play “Open Show” at the fair. The booth would normally remain empty after that, but is now filled differently with two sets of DJ’s, cookies and cream on top of the bill. So it is immediately smashed at Varkensmarkt and allowed until 3 am, just like five other days, but with no more than 85 decibels. Geuzeneuze presents its Merchtem album Tripel Neus at A. De Boeckhuis, but earlier today Fotoclub Merchtem is already introducing its latest release with the latest “Het Mooiste van Merchtem” photo album.

Sunday’s grab bag will of course include an aperitif for the Music Society Concordia in the morning and, as usual, the KWB Terrace with the now famous “vegetable contest”, in this case a contest about peppers. This promises to be a fun relationship! Later in the day, food, music and performances including white owl line dancers at Kerkplein. What was not included in the bill but will surely happen is the shooting tournament in Miragemhof. But you can certainly take it that evening, at 20ste fair ball from Ferm and this is also the latest version! The organizers want to close in a beautiful way. DJ Ghost in Riddick’s Shed is on duty.

On Monday, August 22nd, three items stand out again. In the shadow of the church, the KWB is once again filled with petanque, cards and arrows. While a lot of balls are still being thrown there, the race has begun for the Reedijk, first for the elite without a contract and then for the Merchtem drivers. Add to that the Big Bounce Band at Varkensmarkt and today is more than full.

Tuesday, a fair day, is the highlight. And yes, there are again donkeys and dogs to admire in Reedijk. In addition to the traditional ingredients, it becomes particularly busy at A. De Boeckhuis. Geuzeneuze and Fotoclub are not alone on that day. Heemkring Soetendaelle displays old maps of Merchtem, and the Circle of Old Soldiers also opens its doors. They will post an old military jeep in front of the door and in their museum room it will also be made for the war collection of 12-year-old Sissy Lonke. And the fact that Merchtemse KWB has been dropping its fair label in mailboxes for years isn’t entirely inconsequential. In the afternoon, the youth coordinator of Sint-Cecilia will be able to see her there, and in the evening the crowning will be on the cake with a performance of DUK, playing for his audience.

Regarding the traditionally popular horse competition, organizer Yan Di Bao was able to indicate that 29 breeders would attend a total of 128 animals. There are five new stables and one from Wavreille, a neighborhood of Rochefort!

The market is on Wednesday, just as it makes sense. There will also be music in this “party market”. Alder Culture Council member David de Valk: “The musicians of the Koninklijke Stiltlopers start playing and anyone who can make music can bring out your instrument and join in. We deliver enough results!” There is a bike sale in the Varkensmarkt, offered by auctioneer Wim. Last year, Herleving Brussegem rebounded to Merchtem and this will be repeated with a duel against Ninove-Terjoden. Place of appointment: Dendermondestraat parking. And why not explore a piece of Merchtem then? This is possible with De Lustige Wandelaars.

On Thursday, there is a constant vibe at the Varkensmarkt. This makes up for the now defunct Stoofstraat Gallery. Bitterbal’s match at Frituur ‘t Pleintje on Friday night is also a keeper. The third time there is already a search for a greater bitterballen snack. Whoever runs through the fastest ten, takes the main prize or the 1000 bitterballen. With all that food comes music with the likes of Yves Segers and The Knightriders.

This past weekend will begin at 06:00 with the De Lustige Wandelaars trekking dew. Two hours later, you can also join the nature walkers for a 20 km tour. In the evening, a “full vibe” reigns at the Varkensmarkt with Flemish cover band Ontpopt and DJ Joost.

In katuit and immediately on the last Sunday of the harvest month, all music companies Merchtem prepare music in the Varkensmarkt. At 8 p.m., the 2022 fairground story will officially end with the traditional ball throw. If you are not satisfied, you can still go to the annual market at the Jette on Monday! (dad)

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