Almoorans de Becourtjes and Saint Martins gave their best


The Boxtel Equestrian Federation Sint-Martinus and pony club De Pikeurtjes of Gemonde were well represented at the outdoor Brabant Dressage Championships in Deurne last weekend. The Colts put their best foot forward and won many medals with their riders.

Five sets of De Pikeurtjes won a gold medal, three took home a silver and two took a bronze. Thirteen Gemondse fans and their four-legged noble friends have qualified for the Dutch Championships to be held in Ermelo the week of August 15.

Sofie Teulings won the gold on behalf of the Sint-Martinus Equestrian Sports Association. In addition, there was a silver and a bronze time for the Boxtelse club. Sophie also goes to the Dutch national championships.

Naita van der Velden started with De Pikeurtjes on Friday with her Make me Proud and became the champion in the DZ1 class. Tess van den Hork convincingly won with the Showtime Pony in the CZ1 class. This set the tone. On Saturday, Nieta became the reserve champion in the DM1 class with Oberlina. Julien Deuets took 10th place in this category with Casimir de Luxe.

On Sunday it was the turn of the other participants of De Pikeurtjes. Jolien competed with Pablo R in the CM1 class and can now call himself the reserve champion. In the DL1 class, she won a gold medal with Dean Streak Macho and came fourth with Woody of Dean Streak.

Tess Gacker Happy Sox rode the pony to the CB Championship Reserve. In the same category, Jade Verhoeven and Flores took seventh place. Bloemendaal’s Truffel finished in fifth (DB) with Evie Tasseron on the back. Ded Verhagen and McCoy finished thirteenth in that class. Liv Tasseron took bronze in the DL1 class with the gray Onyx. Wim van den Hork ended up fourth with Odins. Bronze went to Jenske Pennings with Flaim (BL1). Ima van der Velden rode Farina in the best class in the entire field in the CL1, good for gold. She also took top honors in CL2, with Woldberg’s Tobias.

Pablo R had a crowded tournament. Julian Doigt rode the pony and Nina Chivers also appeared in the ring with the animal, in Division CL1, with the group taking sixth place.

The youngest riders, aged six, competed in Class AB, the class that includes the youngest ponies. Noémie von Liebenstein ranked 12th with Trippel. Lette Duijts with Blacky thirteenth and Febe van der Velden, also with Trippel, fifteenth. Jet Verhagen finished with Loena in 17th place.

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Thirteen-year-old Sophie Tollings of Boxtel on behalf of HSV Sint-Martinus rode the Jonkers Anigo pony in Class D/E L2 on Sunday. It delivered an elegant and daring test that qualified for over-camp, a round where the best of groups meet again. Junkers Anego and Sophie won the gold medal together. With her other noble four-legged friend, Madame Mino, de Boxtails appeared in Class D/E L1 and took 17th place.

Other HSV Sint-Martinus Amazons also performed well. Fenne van Oers (CB) and Nando scored fifth and qualified for the Dutch National Championship. Sister Lake (Z1) entered the ring with her horses Jason and Edelweiss. Her tests resulted in 12th and 22nd places. The jury awarded Test Renske Kurtjens (D/E M1) and RK’s Bastiaan with a Silver Medal. Ann-Rose Mays finished seventh in the same class, on Icon’s back. Renske and Anne-Rose are also allowed to go to Ermelo. Luuke van der Sanden and Bright Diamond came in 14th in Class D/EB.

Robin Driessen and her horse Jentl Star are allowed to compete in the Dutch Dressage Championships in the ZZL class. On Saturday, the group qualified with sixth place. Liqui de Presser and the Latin Prince came in 11th (L2). Roxanne de Clare and her horse Guess won bronze in Class B. This group also goes to Ermelo. Lynn Bjenenberg and Cardinal finished 17th (M1) and Iris van Oven finished 16th in the M2 class with horse Donna.

More than a week ago, on Friday, July 22nd, Issa Gerchima participated with pony Tommy in the Brabant Show Jumping Championships in Schijndel. It was nine.

Dressage riders who have qualified for the Netherlands Championships in Ermelo can start preparing for the next week and a half. Or maybe a quick vacation before they show up in the ring again.

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