7 tips if you are looking for a great museum and beautiful gallery

Of course, you go to a museum to immerse yourself in art and culture and be inspired. But the tropical temperatures are also a reason to indulge in the exhibition: Almost all museums have climate control. So, what else is there to cool, ah, see?

Japanese modern lacquer and XXL paper

Painting is a wonderful art form that you can name in Japanese. In a process that sometimes takes years, performances are presented in dozens of layers with incredible interest.

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The art of painting shows a dreamed world, inspired by nature or classical Japanese literature.

In the Paper XXL gallery you can see the largest papers from our collection. Because of its fragility and size, it is almost never seen

Rijksmuseum, until 4 September 2022

3 exhibitions

At the Moor Museum in Görsel, 50 masterpieces of Expressionist art by German painter Tadeus are on display in a large retrospective.

The Garden Hall is fascinated by the mysterious earthlings of artist Anya Janssen.

And at Ruurlo Castle you can learn about the colorful family stories of young super talent Leonie Schneider.

Holiday tip: Sunday, September 4th, is about artist Jan Manx. Join our quiet, mindful session with Manx or sign up for our Creative Art Writing Workshop.

Brigade-bearer in the Drenz Museum

Thanks to a unique collaboration between 12 museums, De Vaandeldrager by Rembrandt will travel across 12 provinces of the Netherlands next year.

In this way, everyone in their province can learn about Rembrandt’s masterpiece from 1636. The famous painting can be seen in the Drenz Museum from August 2 to August 31, 2022.

Closer to Vincent

Until October 30, 2022, Vincent van Gogh House presents the exhibition Closer to Vincent – Everyday Objects in the Works of Vincent Van Gogh.

The exhibition is based on research by art historian Alexandra van Dongen into the objects Van Gogh painted in his paintings.

Her study provided many new insights into Vincent’s work. The gallery was designed by artists André Smits & Monika Dahlberg and contains various objects from the Van Gogh estate, from the collections of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

From girl to woman

Symbolism, tradition and secret language are intertwined with the lives of girls in Africa from an early age. For example, dolls play a major role in African culture. So it can be seen in many forms in the exhibition “Africa in Pictures, from Girl to Woman” at the Museum of Women. From simple play dolls for little girls to figurines as symbols or as lucky creatures.

But not only dolls tell a story. Fears, complaints, and desires are expressed in jewelry, fabrics, or pottery. For example, girls in South Africa know the secret language of designing a love letter with beaded threads and aprons in a colorful language. The woven fabrics are evidence of the girl’s readiness for marriage. Once you are married, you make your relationship problems clear to your partner and your environment through a pot lid with symbols.

The new exhibition “Africa in Pictures, from Girl to Woman” can be viewed until February 2023 and takes you into the expressive culture of Africa. A special visual language, exquisite craftsmanship and centuries of tradition.

silent splendor

Harmonious landscapes, calm characters and simple spirits, this is what painter and art collector Paul Arntzius (1883-1965) is drawn to. In 1963 he donated his collection to the Gouda Museum, where part of this “silent splendor” can be seen from July 30.

Avatar in Flanders

A dreamy river landscape to hide in, a powerful farmer’s head looking you straight in the eye and a weak, outstretched figure of marble. The symbolism of Flanders cannot be easily captured in a single photo and yet all works have one thing in common.

They represent a yearning for deepening. Return to nature, origin and inner peace. A topic that many now recognize. This exhibition tells the story of a group of artists who opposed industrialization around 1900 and settled in the village of Saint Martins Latheme, south of Ghent. Beautiful representations of landscapes and human figures are created in an environment of peace, space and spirituality.

On display at the Het Noordbrabants Museum-Hertogenbosch until October 9, 2022.

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