Want to send an assignment quickly? Do not leave your pet in the car!


We all know not to leave pets or small children in the car during hot days, but that sometimes happens. That’s why veterinary expert Esmeralda van Bommel explains why pets are never left in the car!

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In the car it is sometimes 10°C warmer!

Esmeralda: The temperature in the car is rising very quickly. When the outside temperature is 25 degrees, it will be 35 degrees in the car after only 10 minutes and after half an hour the temperature rises to 44 degrees. Dogs cannot lose their heat like humans and quickly become overheated. This can be fatal. There is also the risk of heat stress, which can lead to death in cars that get little sun or when the windows are open.”

What should you do if your pet is overheated?

Dogs cannot sweat very well, which makes it less easy to lose heat and therefore overheat more quickly. You can identify a dog’s high temperature by:

Intense panting, often with the mouth wide open. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help enough, and intense panting usually makes dogs warmer.

– He might drool a lot.

The mucous membranes of the tongue and mouth can turn dark red to purple.

If a dog’s temperature rises, this is life threatening and it is important to contact a vet immediately!

In any case, be sure to cool the dog down with water (spray it, watch out for hypothermia), apply a damp cloth, or apply alcohol to non-hairy areas (such as the groin and soles of the feet). Dogs, like people, can burn. So be careful not to lie down in the sun after the dog has been cooled with water, as this causes it to burn faster.


To prevent a dog from overheating, you can do the following:

Make sure your dog has enough opportunity to lie in the shade.

Provide adequate drinking water. Let them swim for a while or spray them wet with a garden hose.

Do not cycle with your dog by the bike on hot days. Dogs only sweat through panting, and the ground your dog walks on is also warm. As a result, they warm up faster.

Do not leave your dog in a closed car! It’s a matter of minutes a dog can overheat in the car, where the temperature can be up to 4 times the outside temperature. It is not enough to leave the windows a little open, so leave your dog at home or always take him out of the car.

Dogs naturally find playing with a ball or playing with other four-legged friends more enjoyable than boring laying in the shade. In short, they don’t always listen to their bodies. So you should let your dog find some shade now and then and make sure he drinks enough.

Short snout breeds in particular are very sensitive to high temperature. Think English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Pug. Do you have a short snout dog? Keep this in mind during high temperatures.

Heat stress leads to death

Cats usually find a cooler place on their own. If that doesn’t work, create great places for the cat to lie down. Make sure the cat is in the shade and can get in. In addition, it is also important to have an adequate amount of fresh drinking water. If the cat does not want to eat, do not force it but offer it again later.

Like dogs, cats can also burn. The nose, bridge of the nose, thinly covered parts such as the abdomen and ears, or cats with fluffy fur, especially white, are at risk. So it may be necessary to use sunscreen if your cat spends a lot of time in the sun and wants to bask in the sun.

For rabbits, it is important that the rabbit cage is not in the sun and that it is cleaned often.

Additionally, you can make your own cooling items by filling two-thirds of plastic bottles with water and placing them in the freezer (not the bottle that could explode). Place the bottle in the cage, perhaps wrapped in an old tea towel, so the rabbit doesn’t cut its nose on the chilled bottle.

How can I make sure that my four-legged friend does not get burns?

On days when the sun shines brightly, the asphalt gets very hot. This can get so hot that a dog’s feet can burn. To test if the asphalt is too hot, you can test the temperature by placing the back of your hand on the road surface for 7 seconds.

If this is hot to the hand or you cannot continue for 7 seconds because the asphalt is too hot, it is best to avoid the asphalt and try to let the dog walk on the grass as much as possible.

Watch out, it’s very hot in the car! (Photo: Zowizoo)

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