Mrs. Seuss Caron celebrates her 100th birthday

On Monday 1 August, Rene Aldermann paid a congratulatory visit to Mrs. Seuss Caron. Today she celebrated her 100th birthday. A member of the Municipal Council handed her a beautiful flower arrangement on behalf of the Municipal Council for this special occasion

Ray Karon was born on August 1, 1922 in Ostend. Her father Janos was the son of a noble farmer in Den Haute. Her mother, Jans, came from Oosteind. Jan helped her father with his carriage, with a horse and cart.

Rie is the largest family with 8 children, 6 girls and two boys: Rie, Cor, Jan, Tonny, Fien, Bep, Ad and Jopie. The difference between Rei and her younger sister Jubei is 19 years. When Rey was young, she often stayed with her brother Jan at Grandma Karon in Den Haute, who had several horses, and this is where her relationship with horses developed. Horses have always dominated home life.

Her father and mother founded a moving company together. Her mother kept the books and her father shipped. At that time with a horse and a cart. There were also cars for private transport. Like “Jan Tawil” to move trees. The Karon family worked hard and the older children had to help from an early age. Ray often had to get out of bed very early to “harness” the horses so they would be ready when the father left. Jean had to come regularly to deliver the freight before school started.

Later, the horses and cart were replaced by trucks. Her dream was to become a nurse. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, but she became a dental assistant at Boelaars dentist in Dongen.

In 1951, Ray married widower Bram Seuss. Bram gave birth to a daughter, Grete, who was a few years older than her younger sister. Gopi and Jeret become friends. At the wedding, they were bridesmaids together. Ray had three children from Bram. Els, Ad, and Hein. They lived above the fire station for years because Bram was a fire chief. Then Ray was on the phone every two weeks to report the fires and was in charge of the sirens that ordered the firefighters to come to the station urgently. After Bramm was not a fire chief, they moved to western planning, at the time a new residential area. During that time I started working at Overdonk. There she worked as a nurse for older brothers. Rey was a modern woman. She had a job at a time when it wasn’t uncommon for women.

Ri and Bram love to dance. Every weekend they went to Belgium for this. They dressed elegantly for it and of course they wore dancing shoes. It was often thought that they had a dance school because they could do something with it. At that time smoking was very common and Rey also smoked. Not willingly, but still. When she stops smoking she stops without any effort.

Later they moved to Brabantpark where they spent quality time together. While they were living there, Brahm died in 1996 at the age of 86. It was a tough time for Rey. But she bravely passed it. Did not give up. What helped her was that Rey was happy to take care of her three grandchildren, Margit, Shawnee, and Megan. After Bram’s death, Ray moved to another house in Brabant Park. She had a special relationship with her neighbors Geir and Gerda. Gerda was watching her and regularly served something delicious. Gere cut the fences and put the green box on the street.

She continued to do the hard work she had learned at home. She brushed her teeth from morning to evening. She didn’t want to help. Nobody can do it like her. She continued to live independently in Brabant Garden until the age of 94. After that I moved to Donge Park. When she lived in Dongepark she continued to do everything by herself. The entire house was meticulously cleaned. This became increasingly difficult, but she continued to refuse help. But in the end she had to accept that the children had come to help. She had the stain which made her see worse and worse.
Several times she had a collapsed vertebra but it persisted. In 95 she moved to Volckaert. Her poor eyesight and back prevented her from living independently.

You still find it hard to accept help and sometimes grumble when you think the kids are doing or taking on too much. She is a strong woman who wants to take matters into her own hands. And that for a century. Rey still enjoys her children and grandchildren very much. As well as from her granddaughter Zoe and Nova. She loves to take car trips for the grandchildren and her sister, Joby.

Photos: Pix4Profs / Jules van Iperen

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