After the summer break, Formula 1 will only be about Verstappen crumbs

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  • Louis Decker

    Formula 1 reporter

  • Louis Decker

    Formula 1 reporter

The main conclusions of the first half of the Formula 1 season? Ferrari came out of the basic blocks very strong and fast, but it turned out to be weak. World champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing are the biggest winners in 2022.

At the start of the summer holidays, it is already clear that the traditional apotheosis of Abu Dhabi is less bloody than last year. Perhaps the last races even become the mustard after the meal.

The question is no longer whether Verstappen will extend his world title, but when.

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Champions of the first half of the season in a row

Formula 1 revolves around two world championships: the best driver and the best team are crowned. For stables, the title of the builder is the most profitable. In both tournaments, Verstappen’s team dealt the cards.

“After all these years of Mercedes dominance, I don’t know what will happen to me. This arrangement is beyond all my dreams,” Hungary team principal Christian Horner said after Verstappen’s exciting catch-up.

During qualifying in Hungary there was still some sand in the machine, but the bulls are now running smoothly. “I insist we don’t have the fastest car, but we are very strong at getting the best results,” Horner said. “We make mistakes, but we fix them and are there when we have to.”

Statistics prove Horner right. Verstappen even managed to win the race at Hungaroring from tenth on the grid, on a track that should fit rival Ferrari perfectly. Even the 360-degree rotation didn’t stop him from winning.

Downers for Ferrari

Ferrari fans left Budapest in mourning. Instead of one and two, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz finished next to the podium.

“We cannot afford to make more mistakes, but it is really possible to win all the remaining races,” said Mattia Binotto ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The team boss rarely regrets a good-willed rant so quickly.

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Frustration at Ferrari after Charles Leclerc crash in France

This year Ferrari proves on the assembly line that speed in Formula 1 is not everything. After two disastrous seasons, it was Scuderia It all starts with a winning machine in 2022.

That worked at first, but the galloping horse has a double Achilles heel: the engine is unreliable – the faster car is of little use if it doesn’t make it to the finish – and Ferrari drives itself too often with a rattling strategy.

Max even ends up with a ten-second difference when he spins.

Lewis Hamilton

Ferrari is still dreaming of titles, but no one in the Formula One circuit is seeing that happen yet. Carlos Sainz said so aptly: “Now we have to take all the races that Max also wants to win. We only give up when that’s not really possible, but that would be a hell of a job.”

fight bump

For years they were nearly unbeatable, but Mercedes choked on new F1 regulations. W13 proved to be a rebound and the former first team spent months perfecting the ball.

This is ridiculous. A Mercedes designer predicted last year that a number of teams would miss the mark when building a new car. That’s literally what happened to Mercedes, but the silver stock is closing the gap.

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Russell and Hamilton during the Drivers’ Show in Austria

Toto Wolff has occasionally apologized to his drivers. The team captain even called the W13 a “bullshit box.” Lewis Hamilton feared a season without a win, but the seven-time champion sees things going in the right direction.

“It’s great that George Russell and I are sitting on the podium together for two races in a row. After the summer we’ll discuss with Ferrari. The Bulls are still very fast. Max even finished by ten seconds when he spins.”

Mercedes is a Ferrari model. Not the fastest, but reliable. Russell’s impressive series of top five results says a lot.

Alpine vs McLaren

Mercedes left a fierce battle for fourth place in the constructors’ championship. Betting: Millions of prize money. Duel: Alps vs McLaren. At the moment, the French racing stable is considered the “best”.

Two-time champion Fernando Alonso (who announced today that he will make a surprise move to Aston Martin in the winter) is a trendsetter, but misfortune means he has lost many points. His teammate Esteban Ocon can keep up with the veteran and achieve better results. Alpine Advantage: Stable driver performance is exactly what McLaren lacks.

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Alpine star Fernando Alonso will drive Aston Martin next season

Daniel Ricciardo fails at McLaren. The Australian is not a match for Lando Norris, who takes the lion’s share of points. It is crucial for McLaren that Ricciardo does a better job, but the sacred fire appears to have been extinguished.

There are persistent rumors that McLaren wants to get rid of Verstappen’s former teammate despite having a permanent contract. Not an ideal breeding ground for harvesting in the second half of the season.

Haas takes points

Fabulous Haas offering. For the team years with the Red Lantern, last year desolate at the bottom with zero points. Nobody wanted to believe Gunther Steiner when he predicted a revival. “In 2022 we can get points in every race and become a strong midfield player.”

It fails to score points in every race, but otherwise, the illustrious Haas boss lives up to it: his team is seventh, behind Alfa Romeo. Thanks to the car that looks a lot like a white Ferrari. As Steiner acknowledges. “Obviously, if we copy something, we’re not imitating Williams.”

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Mick Schumacher in Hungaroring

low budgetRacing stable Haas leaves behind Red Bull’s colorless brother Alpha Toure. Even more surprising, the stable of billionaire Lawrence Stroll has slipped backwards. Aston Martin took a good look at the Mercedes W13 and Verstappen’s RB18, but the copy is a weak, sluggish copy.

It was expected that Stroll’s son Lance would not break any bet, but even four-time champion Sebastian Vettel can’t get an AMR22. Now that Vettel has announced his retirement, the formidable “dollar-guessing five-year plan” is in danger of achieving nothing, although Alonso hopes to turn the tide next season. In any case, he is rushing towards the stable who wants to dominate Formula 1 from 2026.

A little consolation for Aston Martin: Williams’ performance is worse. The legendary racing stable seemed to be on its way back last season after dramatic years, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Driver Nicholas Latifi is the most moderate rider on the field and is on the swing. Williams is looking for the best talent. But which young driver still dares to venture into this faltering investment vehicle?


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