to where? Flea Market, To Cocker, Adel Osteen…

This weekend: Freiwalds Jumping-World, flea markets, Westzaan nature walk, sailing to Koker in Wormer, Lay Mojo in Tolhuys, climate alarm… (From August 4th: Fair Oostzaan)

Sunday July 31

  • Flea market Fort Veldhuis, Genieweg 1, Heemskerk, 11:00-17:00
  • Trunk market Wormer, De Groene Wig event area, Wormer, 9:30 a.m.
  • Sailing to Molen De Koker, De Poelboerderij Visitor Centre, Wormer, 13:30 (Photo above: René van der Meer)
  • Nature walk Riettoppad, Westzaan, 14:00
  • Freiwalds Jumping-World, Mayor In’t Veldpark, Zaandam
  • Lady Mojo With Soul, Funk & Disco, Heat Toloise, Zaandam, 16:30

Monday 1 August

  • Climate Alert 11:45-12:15 in front of Zaandam City Hall

Tuesday August 2

  • This summer vacation is through August 28, Tuesday evening from about 7:15 p.m.; Karate lessons in Twiske. Parking in the Oostzaan gymnasium. Information 075 7710399

Wednesday August 3

  • Expedition boat trip: Round Field, De Poelboerderij Visitor Centre, Wormer, 13:30
  • Evening walk in Het Twiske, Oostzaan, 19:30

Thursday August 4

  • Oostzaan . Gallery
  • Fair de Wood

Friday August 5

  • Oostzaan . Gallery
  • Fair de Wood
  • Opening of “Rembrandt: His Life, His Paintings” – Polkirk, 16:00

6 Until August 26 – Rembrandt: His Life, His Paintings – Polkirk

Saturday August 6

  • Hans and Theo guide delicious tales and special facts about the fort in Kromendijk, 1.30pm to 2.45pm, at Lagendijk 22, Uitgeest.
  • Oostzaan . Gallery
  • Fair de Wood

Sunday 7 August

  • Oostzaan . Gallery
  • Fair de Wood
  • Fort near Veldhuis, Lecture: Targeting the Fokker Factory in North Amsterdam by Peter de Raaf, 2:00 PM, Genieweg 1, Heemskerk

Monday August 8

Friday 19 August

  • Funfair Oostknollendam: Children’s Amusement Park, Nova Vita Fun, Raft Bridges and ‘No Signal’ in Dorpshuis (from 10pm)

Saturday 20 August

  • Traditional fair in Lagedijk in Zaandijk
  • Oostknollendam Gallery: kayaking, pontoon bridges, René Eshuijs

Sunday August 21

  • Fair Oostknollendam, ring sign with horse and cart, reunion of old Oostknollendammers and wheel of fortune, raft bridges

Monday August 22

  • Outdoor play day at Rozengracht
  • Kermis Oostknollendam: children’s pool; Women’s afternoon, pillow fight, this is for you! in Village Hall

August 30, 2022 until September 13

  • Amusement parks in Burcht, Zaandam

Always check:

  • Exhibitions In Het Weefhuis and Zaans Groen
  • Movies In Pathé and De Fabriek (and sometimes in Groos)
  • Live Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Blues: De Flux, Roots aan de Zaan, Jazz Inverdan, De Melterij
  • stage: Zaantheater, De KunstGreep, Pook Oostknollendam and the cheese factory
  • Bee Poel Farm in Wormer are weekly activities
  • Kromenedik Church: Open every third Sunday of the month
  • Great Weiver (Wormerveer): Movies (Thursday), Live Music (Weekend)
  • The Library in Zaandam and Kromeny: Courses, lectures and exhibitions
  • Events and fairs in blue buildingAris van Broekweg 22, Zaandam
  • Check the program Zanstad Cultural Council
  • classic: Honig Breedthuis, Fluxus, Nieuwe Huys Concerts, Culturale, Admonition Westzaan (Early Music Foundation), Vermaning Wormerveer, Muziekhaven
  • coffee shop repair (7 in Zaanstreek): Opening Times Overview

Furthermore? Check out the Zaanse events calendar.


An exhibition by Hilda Wendt, a recycling artist, in Bibb, Westzegde. Zaandam: complexes with mixed techniques. Old paper, packaging materials, cards and photos are used. Opening hours are like the library. Until the end of July

Until Sunday 7 August: Art Zanstad: exhibition “Made in Doland, the visual language of Dolly Bellevil”

Mea Chairs Gallery (Krommenie) in Cacaoboom, Zaandijk, Until August 27, 2022

Benems Care Center, Until the end of August: The LEGO exhibit below the Benyims lobby in the Zaandam. The gallery contains no less than 80 LEGO art pieces. From Bugattis to forklift trucks and from Porsches to tractors.

Hassle Free 2022 – Contemporary Realism at Galerie Stavorsius, Until August 27

The exhibition at Hönig Bräthos: Can you imagine a game? From May 20 to September 25.

Next months

Wednesday 7 September

  • The play Chekhov, at 20.30 at the Zaandem Theater

Thursday 8 September

  • The musical Chekhov 20.30 at the Zaandam Theater

Saturday 10 September

  • The fourth edition of Zaanse UITMarkt takes place in Bullekerk
  • The 36th edition of the Open Monument Day
  • Kunsteiland, Zaneland, 13.00-17.00 hours

Sunday 11 September

  • Kunsteiland, Zaneland, 13.00-17.00 hours
  • The 36th edition of the Open Monument Day

17/18 September

September 22 and 23

  • Living Sculptures Festival, Zaandam Centre

Saturday 10 December

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