July 31. Just: Michelle Martin released

All general in Ireland Rick Sunday (Irish: Domhnach na Cruaiche). On the last Sunday in July, thousands of pilgrims climb Ireland’s holiest mountain, Mount Krug Patrick (764 metres) in County Mayo each year. They commemorate the patron saint of Ireland, Saint PatrickWhoever fasts on the mountain for forty days and forty nights in the year 441. The story says that with a black bell (Saint Patrick’s Black BellHe fought the demons that were harassing him in the form of black birds. It is also said that Saint Patrick chased all snakes out of Ireland.

Krug Patrick is one of the highest mountains in western Ireland. At the top, the service is held in a white chapel. Some climb the mountain barefoot and perform ritual cleansing by walking in circles around the summit with the sun and praying loudly. The pilgrimage was held at least 1,500 years ago and may predate the advent of Christianity. It is believed that the pagans used to come to the summit to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season.

The route begins in the village of Moreske, five miles outside of Westport. On average, it takes about two hours to climb to the top. Archbishop of Tawam leads the annual Ascension. Each year, “The Reek,” as it is popularly known, attracts about one million walkers, with more than 25,000 climbing Croagh Patrick.

2012 The Mons Execution Court orders the conditional release of Mr Michelle MartinEx-wife of Marc Dutro. She spent 16 years behind bars at that point. Too few, he judged the families of the victims and a large part of public opinion. Due to an appeal in cassation, Martin will not be released until August 28, 2012. She finds shelter with poor Clarice at the convent in Malone. In 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law through Evening Classes.

Martin was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2004, in part because she left Julie and Melissa to fend for herself in the Marcinelle basement, where the girls were locked up. For example, she did not feed them when Dutro was in prison for a while, but she did feed the dogs. When he returned, he found the two girls extremely weak. Shortly thereafter they died.

Every month Martin deposits €20 “compensation” into the account of Jean Lambrix, father of the murdered Evji. She says she can’t do more than that. However, after the death of her mother, she refused a large inheritance, so the money immediately went to her children.

In 2014, the novelist Christian Heimrichts published the novel The woman who fed the dogs. In this novel, you see Dutro’s case from the perspective of Michel Martin.

2007 After 38 years, the presence of British troops is over northern Ireland. operation banner It began in 1969 after violence between pro-British Protestants and pro-Ireland Catholics. In total, more than 300,000 soldiers were deployed to help the police “maintain law and order”.

1990 The former Yugoslav Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina Declares independence.

1972 Death in Brian Laloyd a politician from Brussels Paul Henry Plumber (73). For a long time, the socialist Plumber, who had been Prime Minister on several occasions, remained out of the files of society for a long time, but as Foreign Minister (1961-1966) he allowed his Flemish deputy, Hendrik Fiat, to start cleaning up. Raising language relations in the diplomatic corps.

Paul Henry Plumber

From 1946 to 1947, Plumber was president of the first United Nations General Assembly. In 1957-1961 he became Secretary General of NATO. He broke with the Socialists in 1966 when they opposed the transfer of the NATO seat to Belgium. Then he left Parliament after that. Under the influence of his daughter Antoinette, he began to take a close interest in the position of French speakers in Brussels. He publicly supports Francophone Democratic Front (FDF) He supports the federal reorganization of Belgium.

Although the Dutch language is ignorant and advocates Belgian unitary thinking Establishment, he contributes to the discussion of federalism. He does not get any support from the Flemish side for this, because he defends the Brussels region too big and too strong. He was behind the FDD’s great electoral success in November 1971, but died shortly thereafter, on July 31, 1972.

1944 leave Antoine de Saint-Exupery (44), professional French pilot and writer, known as Le Petit PrinceAnd the all night And the human land. He disappears with his plane during an Allied reconnaissance flight over the Mediterranean.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The wreckage of his plane was not found until April 7, 2004. The circumstances of his death have not been fully clarified. Some have suggested assuming suicide. The night before his disappearance, he wrote to his friend Pierre Dallose: “If they let me down, I shall have absolutely nothing to regret. The next ant terrifies me. And I hate their robotic virtues. I was created to be a gardener.”

1849 Death in Segesvár (now Romania) from Sandor Petovic (26) National poet of Hungary and hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Sandor Petovic

1784 death in paris Denis Diderot (70), French philosopher of the Enlightenment, but is best known as editor-in-chief L’Encyclopedie, published between 1751 and 1780: “The purpose of the encyclopedia is to bring together the scattered knowledge of the land; to explain the general order of the people with whom we live, and to pass it on to the people who will come after us.” Diderot’s wish was that if civilization was completely destroyed, humanity would be destroyed L’Encyclopedie can recover.

1667 The hello breda will close. Treaty between the United Republic of Seven, the Netherlands, England, France and Denmark. End of the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

1559 Basis Doway University in French Flanders, the first after Leuven in the Netherlands. The important chairs are awarded to scholars from Holland and Germany. Students come from all over the Netherlands, but also from Germany.

Philip the good

1473 Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold He establishes his authority in Gelderland, thus completing the unification of Holland.

1396 Birth in Dijon Philip the good Duke of Burgundy. As ruler of Flanders, Brabant, Namur and Limburg, he laid the foundation for nation-building in the Netherlands.

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