Horner: Verstappen would have loved to be able to race again on Sunday

Christian Horner is thrilled with Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 victory in Hungary. Having started from 10th, his Dutch star saw a victorious driver, widening the gap to Charles Leclerc in the title fight to 80 points. Red Bull Racing did an excellent job strategically, and the team boss believes his staff deserved more than the summer break.

“Verstappen was great today,” said the Englishman in his first reaction via play. “We had a little problem at first, the clutch was not working properly, but we managed to solve it. Then he can attack.” “Once we analyzed that, he took part in one of his best races ever.”

Verstappen complained about the onboard radio when the RB18 didn’t cooperate at the start of the race. What if Verstappen stays calm in the cockpit? “We don’t need the radio,” he jokes, before taking his story seriously: “The relationship between him and Gianpiro Lambiase (his editor-in-chief) is very important. Lambiase already knows what comes out of his mouth before he says it. This dynamic is very powerful.

“After qualifying he was disappointed, but was happy to be able to race again on Sunday. He loves those fights and again, there is a lot of respect between him and Charles Leclerc. The Briton said. Verstappen made good use of the average tire compared to By Leclerc.Without the virtual safety car, Sergio Perez would also have fought on the podium.

Ferrari squanders victory

Ferrari has once again made a bad impression in terms of strategy in Hungary. Earlier this year, in Monaco and Great Britain, things went well and Horner once again saw Italian competitors wash one to two down the sewers. “I can just focus on our race, and we’ve done a great job,” said Horner, who joined us. Sky Sports F1 Competitors do not want to lose weight.

We have adjusted our strategy on the network. We had a problem with the heat generation in the tires. We wanted to start on the hard tyres but we switched to the soft tyres anyway.” Verstappen has already said that Red Bull changed their plans at the last minute, and praised their stability for the fact that they were able to make the right decision under pressure.

Horner: “Once Leclerc was on the hard frame, we knew we had a chance.”

Ferrari’s biggest mistake was that they put Leclerc on the hardest tire to ever put in mid-race, even though it was already clear at Alpine that this tire wasn’t working well. “Once we saw Leclerc was on the hard tire, we knew we had a chance,” Horner said.

“Perez splendidly led a different strategy. He immediately fired Verstappen at Leclerc. Verstappen rotated, warmed up his tires a bit, and overtaken him again. Great performance from him,” he continues. Blame him.

Horner also looks back with satisfaction at the strategic team behind the drivers. This team is led by Hannah Schmitz. “We have a great strategic team here and at Milton Keynes. Hannah did an excellent job again. She does a great job under pressure, but the whole team really does it. It’s not about one person. For example, the pit team once again did a great job,” Confirms.

Red Bull happy summer holidays

Horner goes to summer vacation with a smile on his face. The gap from Verstappen to Leclerc is bigger than it is so far in 2022, and Red Bull really doesn’t have to fear in the constructors’ championship this year either. “Winning twice in two weeks is the perfect way to start the summer break. That was a great race. It’s good that he picked up so many points, and Verstappen did a great job again.

“The whole team deserves a break, but it won’t be until Friday. We will try to do as much work as possible next week,” Horner suggests there won’t be a break yet. Horner says the following about the lead over Leclerc and Ferrari: “It’s a very healthy progress, but we still have a lot of races to go.”

“Today we have a clutch problem, which could easily have been a DNF. Thank God it wasn’t the case. We still have some work to do, and many more races to come. Horner, who has regularly opposed Mercedes pressure publicly, said.” You also see Mercedes rejoining, so we probably don’t need the technical regulations changes at the Spa at all.” “These changes won’t affect us. I hope to hear more about the plans for 2023 this week.”

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