“I feel like a SP’er in heart and soul”

Until recently, Yvonne Hesel was the only chancellor and party leader in SP Utrecht, but decided to cancel her membership in the SP. As a result, the group will lose its only seat on the city council. After the summer holidays, in September, Heysel started her own concert: Utrecht Solidere. The board of directors of the Utrecht branch of the Socialist Party said it was surprised by the “sudden decision” to terminate its membership. According to Hessel, her decision was not due to the principles that SP represented, but because of the lack of a well-functioning team. We asked her why she stopped at SP and what her favorite place in Utrecht was.

Why did you leave SP?

“I am new to city council and will receive support from SP from experienced people. It happened minimally. A lot came from me and I received very little support and information. As a result, I got it wrong several times. Soon the bell rang, and also with the national government, but It was like dragging a dead horse. I thought it was just me, but I found out that there had been an idle section in Utrecht for many years. Many good SP members had left or had to leave. I got into a struggle of conscience: I don’t want to hurt myself. I feel like an SP At heart I want to represent the interests of the people.But if I simply leave, it will not happen.This is not how SP should be.There was only one solution for me.Now I can look for good employees.You can achieve a lot with one seat.Usually I am against Steal the seat, for the seat belongs to the party, but I could find no other choice.”

What will be your spearhead with Utrecht Solidere?

“I hope we get a match that really stands by the Utrecht team. My agenda is still socialist. I’ll try to create a kind of pre-SP working group for local actions. I think people are more willing to take action, but then for things that matter to the residents themselves. One of the things that tops My list is a food bank. A lot of food and volunteers are provided, but space for this is almost impossible. Within four years, every food bank collection point should become a store. It is hard enough for people, often they are already ashamed. No Need to emphasize this by holding a bag or box in their hand. Let them roam on their own and get the things they need.”

Why did you want to go into politics?

“After my early retirement, I wanted to do something that I really enjoy and where my passion lies. I’ve always followed all the politics. In the city council, all my talents come together: socialism, rights, meaning something to the people and being a critic.”

What is your favorite place in Utrecht?

“The bridge over the waters of Zwarte in Lauwerecht. I was born on the waters of Zwarte and I grew up there. When I was about twelve years old I also helped my father there with my first SP work in Utrecht. We were allowed to collect stones from the street and throw them into the water. They began to silence the water themselves, because people had many mice in the house because of the sloping side. In the end, this piece was muted by the municipality.”

Where to relax in Utrecht?

“When I walk along the canal with my dog, Buddy. Along the way, I enjoy the beautiful old trees.”

Where can you enjoy delicious food in Utrecht?

“A Domplein at the LOOF Restaurant. The dishes are delicious and beautifully presented. The service is also very attentive. Feel like a Domplein in the heart of Utrecht. LOOF is next to my old high school, where Theaterschool Utrecht is now located.”

Where can you enjoy the best evening in Utrecht?

“I don’t have a permanent place for that, but I like to go to the Louis Hartlauber complex, for example. I also love to dance at 40UP in Tivoli.”

Who is your favorite Utrechter?

“This is Ces Grimbergen. I recently found out that he lives in Utrecht. I think he is a great investigative journalist who continues to expose injustice. His TV series, like Zwarte Zwanen and Hollandse Zaken, are indispensable. He can make complex problems understandable in a very honest way. Jos Stelling is also one of my favorites. I have it at Utrechters. It makes an unprecedented contribution to the visual culture of Utrecht without a single cent of support.”


“…unique with its historic city center and friendly atmosphere.”

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