“Myimperium offers tailored training and therapy pathways”

Jacqueline van de Hoof started Myimperium in 2017. She offers her clients new insights and tools for living their best. Jacqueline combined all her passion and energy with the company, but where did that passion originate from? And why did she want a company like Myimperium so badly?

Written by Luc Datmer, student media at HBO Amsterdam

Where did your passion for training and therapy originate?
Well, my name is Jacqueline van de Hoof, so I was born there, haha. I grew up with horses. From what I remember I had a pony instead of a bike, so this passion has been around for a very long time. In addition to my passion for horses, I’ve always had a passion for people’s behavior and especially Why do people show certain behavior? This started when we used to have adopted children at home with multiple and complex problems. I later discovered that I find people’s behavior so interesting that I can say that this passion was born there. Then I started working in youth care From that moment on, my passion for therapy and training has grown and continues to grow.”

What is the main reason why you want to start a company like Myimperium?
“Before I started my own business, I was working for a youth welfare company. Unfortunately, I had a problem that I didn’t have any opportunities to grow. At that time, I really liked being a bit busy by myself and helping people beside my work. In 2017, I went through a lot of heaviness medically and that was a realization moment for me. I said to myself why not, I’d rather regret something I did than regret something I didn’t.” From that moment on, I got started and started Myimperium in 2017.”

What kind of training and treatment does Myimperium offer?
“Myimperium offers customized training and therapeutic pathways. This means the client comes to us for help and then we look at who you are and what you need. Myimperium is all about providing our clients with new tools and insights that enable them to live their best lives. This is the foundation of what Myimperium does and different methods are used for that. Training Equine is one method The horse is a great trainer, because the horse reflects exactly what a person is feeling or thinking. This is incredibly valuable. In addition to training horses, Myimperium also offers EMDR therapy EMDR therapy treats trauma by removing the charge of a subject or situation Certain. Life coaching and hypnotherapy are also offered at Myimperium.”

You do rewarding work, when does it work for you?
“I get the most satisfaction from my work when I can really show someone and feel what they can change. If that person is also really strong to take steps, so that they can feel better about themselves and can live a kinder life, I’m having a party, I think This is very beautiful “.

What does Myimperium offer online to customers?
“Basically what Myimperium does is constantly share values ​​with its followers. I tell stories of what I experience in practice, how great horse training can be and what great results can be achieved with EMDR. These are examples of what Myimperium shares online, but that’s not all something Myimperium offers monthly free master classes in which a different topic is discussed. What I also pride myself on is the weekly podcast in which I am only busy presenting values ​​and ideas. The goal online is for followers to really learn about Myimperium. Customers often say while eating, I I know you well already. This shows how they got to know Myimperium.”

What does the future of Myimperium look like?
“There is no doubt that Myimperium will continue to exist for a long time to come. There are still a lot of plans for the future. I think it would be great to be able to train people in the future, so that Myimperium can grow and help more people. As I mentioned before I also have my own podcast since September. I really want to expand that and inspire more people with it. In short, there are still many plans, but they are all aimed at making Myimperium even bigger and therefore being able to inspire and help more people.”

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