Movies with four leaf clover are very exciting

A movie gem from Italy, a portrait film about being a mother from Argentina, a mother-daughter struggle from Canada and Lebanon, and a lost love story in 1920s Paris! In short, a quartet of very interesting films that objectively address the topic of identity.


to Piccolo Corpo Company (Little Body – ****, in cinemas this week) Italian director Laura Sammani has created a true film gem: authentic, distinctive, and deeply authentic.

Italia. Circa 1900. On a seemingly idyllic but rugged fishing island, Agata’s daughter is stillborn after a difficult birth. Even before a young mother can see her child, the child is already buried. Since the child was stillborn, according to religious law, he cannot be baptized and cannot be named. Then it falls into oblivion.

And Agata’s mother says to her: “Your body will forget, and so will your heart!” The young mother learns from the priest’s housekeeper, however, that there is a shrine in the Dolais Valley where – according to legend – deceased children are briefly resurrected and then named.

Alone, the young woman, barely recovered–biting her grief stubbornly, almost unquestioningly–sets out in search of the miracle, the coffin she had dug with her child tied behind her back. A rather perilous outing, not without danger, which Agata must go and endure, though someone has joined her along the way: Lynch.

Laura Samani: ‘Women start their journey instinctively and don’t suspect any danger. She is the fragile woman who gradually radiates something like war, something manly.

Samani did not know the story that in her native Friuli Veneto Giulia, during the Counter-Reformation in the 16th century, there were many sanctuaries in the Alps where people went to pray to the Virgin Mary to bring their child back to life. It can depend.

Samani: ‘Men were always the ones to make the trip because the women who had just given birth were so weak. I take a woman on a journey to come to terms with her grief and regain her dignity as a mother, as a woman and as a human being. (…) Is the child a girl? I never thought of that.

It was necessary to give the child a name. Laura Smani: “I asked the lead actress to come up with a name for the baby but I don’t tell anyone, not even me!”

A mystical tale, set in motion through moody traditional folk music, which also turns out to be a particularly intelligent story of liberation or identity.

Piccolo Corbo, the pearl of beauty, of pure cinematography.

being a mother

From (also) Italian director Maura Delpero the mother (*** In cinemas starting next week). Her story of motherhood, takes place in a suburb of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. With three women up front all trying – each in their own way – to deal with being a woman, with motherhood. Teenage single mothers are cared for with their young children in a home run by a strict Catholic nuns community. It depicts Mother Lou (Siana), a young mother who struggles to be a mother – ignoring her daughter who is constantly imitating her – and thus plays the eternally reckless and irresponsible teenager. On the other hand, Fatima strictly follows the house rules. Although Lou and Fatima are friends, they are opposites at the same time. And Paola, the newly arrived Italian sister, will know how to give her maternal instincts a place.

The mother is trying to show that despite all kinds of setbacks, something can still be made out of life.

magic chest

Find and browse your teen mom’s diary without disturbing, including photos, movies and audio materials. It should be every teenager’s dream. This is also the great premise of memory box by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige (***, currently in theaters). The duo covered this moving history with their memories. In the run-up to Christmas, teenage girl Alex in Montreal, Canada requests a mysterious box with an ice pack. What could be in that box anyway? Since her mother has always hidden her past from her and lied to her, Alex shamelessly opens the box, a magical moment. Because the box is filled with fragments of diaries and letters that her mother wrote from the age of 13 to 18 to her best friend Lisa, who fled to Paris due to the civil war in Lebanon.

In addition to her roots in Lebanon – the true story of her family – Alex also learns about the history of the country, which was torn apart in the 1980s by a brutal civil war and a relentless bomber attack. But also strikes since: fade to gray from Visage and dust in the wind Kansas, among others. And this is not uninteresting: the mother’s first childhood love: a radio producer but also a member of some militia that taught her to shoot.

The Memory Box seems extremely important with the genocidal war in Ukraine in mind, but there are glimmers of hope. Finally, Alex really realized who she was!

That gives this character a deeply tragic nostalgia-filled story – Alex’s mother was a passionate photographer – and it’s also something delightful.

fierce births

The strange duck in the movie bite this week is the interesting song of the sailor My wife’s story by Hungarian director Ildiko Enedi (***, in cinemas this week), modeled on the novel of the same name by Hungarian author Milan Fust from 1942.

Paris. twenties of the last century. Dutch sea captain Jacob Stoer has many concerns on his mind. A friend gives him good advice to get married as soon as possible. Then all his troubles disappear like snow in the sun. Jacob then divides the sugar oath to the first woman to enter the institution. Execution will take place before we finish listing your application. The stumbling sailor may well know how to defy and subdue the most turbulent waves of the sea, but the sailor does not know how to respond to the feelings of Lizzie, the refined Parisian. Jealousy lurks in the corner.

Lea Seydoux plays her character as a completely mysterious, murderous woman with the opposite of characterless Gijs Naber as grit. The introverted sea boy who doesn’t know what to do with love.

Or Beauty and the Beast – how many episodes?

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