Diary of Robert Koig, Huttendorp Oldemarkt co-organizer: “It’s always nice to see 150 kids doing a gnome dance”

It gives the people of this area an insight into their daily life in the form of diaries. This week it is Robert Koig. He is on the board of directors of the Huttendorp Oldemarkt Foundation. This week the kids were able to enjoy carpentry, sawing, painting and playing at the event site in the Oldemarkt.

Friday July 22

Today is the last day to build a cottage village. We put the last points on i for the preparations. Eric the patrons visited and Marek and Mariel arranged shopping. I’ve been busy arranging the platforms and pools. There are 494 containers due to school renovation. After several phone calls, we were able to move the containers.

Saturday 23 July

The alarm goes off at 7:30 in the morning and we’re at the party site at 8:00 in the morning. We start by unloading the pallets, two trucks full and putting up fences around the site. Refrigerator cart, toilet unit and swimming pools are brought in and set up early in the morning. Slowly but surely during the day, the terrain changes into our “cottage village”. 7pm is ready for the day and we ended the day with a nice barbecue.

Sunday 24 July

No hut village to me today. My day is full of my work in the fire service. I have a 24 hour shift in Zwolle, as we are stationed for 24 hours at the main center in Zwolle. During my shift, we have one storm damage report. A branch has broken loosely over a bike path. The branch is removed with the pneumatic platform. Several applications are sent throughout the day about progress in the field.

Monday 25 July

At 6.00am the alarm goes off again and at 7.00am we have a shift change. After the change in the house, we continue to go to the party area. At 8.30am we have a volunteer briefing, most volunteers are for the first time of the year. The current institution is also there with 22 Ukrainian children. After the start at 9:30 am, we had some connection issues. Fortunately, we have Olga as translator and after a few consultations things start to run smoothly. Today’s hairdresser is the busiest in braiding and coloring hair. For lunch we had hamburgers and after lunch the kids were swimming nicely. It’s 3 p.m. It’s ready for the day and the kids can go home. As an organization, we are not ready yet and we are preparing everything for tomorrow.

Tuesday 26 July

The day starts early again with coffee for the volunteers. At 9:00 in the morning the children come again and we start the day with morning gymnastics. It’s always great to see 150 kids perform the genie dance. Then he immediately proceeded to carpentry, handicrafts, and painting. Fortunately, we have several volunteers who together have baked 500 muffins so we can enjoy them at lunchtime. 2 PM is ready and we’ll get ready for the evening. At 7 pm, the camp is set up by the children with tents. After the fox chase, it’s time for bingo. Then it’s time to sleep.

Wednesday 27 July

After a short night’s sleep, it’s time again at 6.30am to go to the party area to prepare breakfast for the kids who stayed up for the night. After dinner the other children join us and we are busy preparing the huts for an evening of watching. In the meantime, we are cleaning the camping site again so that the inflatables can also be put there again. After french fries with snacks, it’s dessert time and we go for ice cream with kids at snack bar. After that we went swimming and at 2:00 PM the kids come home again. This is the moment when everything should be ready for your evening of viewing. I pumped and cleaned ponds, moved tents and set up clouds. DJ Rudy has already hooked up the disco. Then it’s time for a moment with my wife and we eat at home. The viewing evening begins with many spectators, clouds and a wheel of adventure. For the kids, my fire brigade will come to entertain the kids by spraying letters. The evening of watching ends at midnight, and as we finish dinner, we close the evening with a delicious meal and discuss the evening.

Thursday 28 July

As I write this I am in the midst of chaos. Lots of people are busy cleaning things up, really cool! The children came this morning to have breakfast and to clean the huts. Together with a child from each hut, I crushed their hut with the shovel and shove it into the middle. After closing, we have already started cleaning. We’ll continue for a few more hours. We can look back on a successful week. In general, many people were available for Huttendorp 24 hours after Saturday. Hopefully we can start over next year. We’ll have to wait and see if this works. Everything stands and falls with enough board members and volunteers so we can ensure the safety of our children. Thank you all to everyone who made Huttendorp possible for 2022!

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