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“If you think we have the worst characters with Hans in Tuscany – think Desiree and Gherkin Gate! – Silvia really excels at everything. This girl belongs more to Astro TV than B&B Vol Liefde. Poor Hans was initially fascinated by her looks, “She’s a sophisticated lady”, on the first day he was really missing the mark. „Very Silvia down to earth. “Dear Hans, we can say a lot about Sylvia. But not at all. down to earth he is.

toilet seat

If only it touched the ground. This “sophisticated lady” only climbs trees these days! In a prom dress and with a matching handbag and shiny nails. She doesn’t turn her manicured hand for that. And if you thought it couldn’t get any more annoying, I even brought a garden pillow.

She could literally climb the tree from Hans, and he received confirmation on the third day that this lady also comes for ratings instead of love. But according to Sylvia, this is of course not her fault. Hans simply lives on a different level of sensation, when in fact it was she who literally flew to the sky …

If it turns out that the floating bitch Sylvia will also behave in a high-profile manner, then Libra has had enough. No, with lying women – Valsa! I learned another Italian word! – Hans’s Italian ex-wife has absolutely nothing. Then you may have glued Swarovski stones to Libra’s nails so beautifully, they searched their nascent friendship once again. Then Sylvia should have said frankly during her manicure hour that she was not satisfied with her cleaning skills. Something in the bottom of the toilet seat is dirty.

lazy horse

Then it comes. Libra will get you a story. This scene is already in my books as the best part of the new season of B&B Vol Liefde. And yes, from last season too! Of course that’s partly due to the cowboy music in the editorial. This is exactly what makes this software so great. An angry ex-wife talks about a dirty toilet seat with a new individual lying in a tree. Isn’t anyone making that up?! Because Sylvia is now of course again in tree number 46, this time including the garden pillow.

Where I hoped in a battle where he was Swarovski screws Of both ladies flying across the garden, Libera asks in a calm tone what her toilet problem is. “Under the rim is not completely clean,” Astro Silvia says. Still lying on a branch in an evening dress. Or, as Hans puts it: “She lies like a leopard on a tree. A leopard.”


The place where he basically pulls a dead horse is with Ab and Ted on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Many viewers could see that there would be nothing between these two of the sofa. Oddly enough, Ab loves it, but as he says himself: “It has to come from both sides, right?” Well dad, I think so. Meanwhile, Ted thinks “No, no, no, no.” It even annoys her a little, because Ab knows everything better. He also has three pairs of golf shoes in his car. This doesn’t make Ted snug, rather cheerful Ted always gets a pointy head. It wasn’t long before a father got the ticket. In a romantic setting with a sea view and a drink, that is. Two down, two to go. “It can only get better,” said positive Ted. Exactly, that’s how we know you again.

Anyway, Richard’s pace in Portugal is really good and the women go through it just as quickly as his ADHD. Number four is already driving in the yard. In any case, the new lady, Suriname Maureen, does not intend to leave in 24 hours, just like Jerry – she will soon forget her again. This is also evident in her packed, heavy-duty bags.

Debit or Tiki Card

It seems that peace has returned to Natasha, after she and Gus have taken possession of the kingdom for themselves. Lazy Dirk – who was still too lazy to drive home on the same day – is still in his red convertible. So it’s time for romance! Gus even took off his ugly, shiny sweatpants for this happy moment. They go out for a fancy dinner and Gus pays. With a debit or tiki card, that is the question. But finally this thing seems to thrive here, it’s good to see it in secret, because no matter how good I am at all spit Genres go, it’s still a matter of finding love after all. You’ll almost forget…”

more women

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