What happened to these three doctors from Toronto?

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Three doctors from western Toronto were reported to hospital staff very soon after each other died. What happened next about this information is characteristic of the time we live in now.

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death notification

Five days ago, a message appeared on social media that three doctors of staff of one group of hospitals in western Toronto were reported to have died during the three-day period.

I searched on this topic. In many ways, this message and its aftermath are characteristic of the time we have been living in since 2020.

Let me start with this message. This was the first message I encountered. Three doctors from the same hospital institution in West Toronto are said to have died very soon after each other, shortly after the second dose was given.

Shortly thereafter, those inside notes were also on Twitter. So it was an organization that ran three hospitals in western Toronto.

What happened to these three doctors from Toronto?  - 46579

You read below almost immediately that shortly before the start of the second booster vaccination in that area and these deaths have been linked to this.

On July 18, news broke in the Toronto newspapers that another famous 50-year-old doctor had died of a heart attack while exercising. It happened two days ago. He was an Olympic sailor and also participated in marathons.

my research

When I read these kinds of reports, I am very careful to draw conclusions from them. Why is this information correct? Are these real doctors? Did they really die and when did they happen? And could there be a connection with that second reinforcement?

So I tried to collect information. I decided to limit myself to these three doctors from one hospital organization.

What I found in this research is that they are actually three real doctors (about 60, 45 and 35 years old). And they are already dead. It is unclear when exactly they died, although the report indicates that it was more recently. It cannot be determined if there is a relationship with administration of the second reinforcer. There is no information on whether and when these doctors had that second booster.

The organization they worked for, Trillium Health Partners, runs three hospitals in western Toronto. A community of nearly one million people. According to the organization’s annual report, nearly 1,300 doctors work in the three hospitals.

Three deceased physicians (including two under the age of 50) are close to a group of 1,300 physicians who are, of course, an unusually large number. But it could also be a coincidence.

However, it is not possible to determine whether there is a relationship between these three and the second supporter from public sources. There are those who say that two of the three have been ill for a longer period of time, but this cannot be proven from public sources.

“The Sign of the Age”

Let’s say it was now 2015. And in a hospital organization of 1,300 doctors, three doctors are reported to have died very soon after each other died. There is a good chance that this information will be picked up by the media and an explanation will be requested from the hospital organization. Or the hospital organization itself will issue a press release explaining these deaths. Perhaps to allay concerns among staff and patients.

It’s now the middle of 2022. There are many wild stories swirling around Covid-19, the impact of vaccines and their potential side effects. I always try to focus on the sources (data or studies) and see how hard it is to get the information out.

In the past two years, I often see that the information put forward serves only to prove the position previously taken. In addition, the sources are often less difficult than claimed.

The result is that a form of polarization rapidly develops around information. It is not used to learn from and possibly modify the original view. But the information, no matter what that information is, is only used to support or even reinforce the original point of view.

In the past two years, there has been an increase in mistrust and rigidity. In addition, the authorities are making less and less efforts to remove distrust and it is enough to portray people they do not trust as conspiracy theorists. Plus, people rarely get into public discussion with each other.

In the case of these three doctors, you can also look at this process in detail.

On the one hand, I immediately saw that these deaths were seen on various websites as evidence of the dangerous side effects of boosters. Without knowing for sure what caused the doctors’ death, and whether they had that second booster.

And supposing that 3 out of 1,300 doctors actually died as a result of those boosters (so one out of more than 400), shouldn’t a battlefield also arise in West Toronto last week among the boosted residents there?

But on the other hand, you also see that the authorities (in this case the management of the hospital organization) do not seem to see a reason to provide any additional information. Neither our employees nor the outside world.

If two out of three doctors have been sick for a long time (cancer), as mentioned somewhere, it is very important that your team is informed about this as well. And if there’s hype around these three deaths, it’s very important to be open (with due regard to the privacy of those involved).

Precisely in the world we have come to, it is of paramount importance that many, who yearn for quality and objective information, are provided with correct and transparent information.

There is no open card about side effects

And these are precisely the side effects of the vaccine that have never been played in public. From the start it was said to be almost completely safe. It was also claimed that the beneficial effect for people 12 years of age and older was greater than the potentially harmful effect (and in the US, this is now from 6 months and older). Even now that we’ve dealt with a less disgusting variant like Omikron, people are stubbornly sticking with that attitude.

Plus, she notes, it’s taboo in the medical world and hospitals to talk about potential vaccine side effects. It’s only behind the scenes that people are more willing to say something about it and I also hear the doubts. Especially with regards to reinforcements.

There are now official figures from Germany showing that at least one of every 5,000 vaccines used has serious side effects. What happened to these three doctors from Toronto?  - 46593

This lack of open card playing was and remains a patriarchal attitude, that is no longer relevant in this day and age. People should be well aware of the possible real advantages and disadvantages, so that you can really make the choice that works for you and the consequences of which you will face on your own. And of course you will hire consultants / specialists that you trust.

Failure to do so caused a lot of unnecessary additional mistrust, which could cause people to run away with this message from the three doctors in Toronto.

But at the same time, the above is also a warning to everyone not to take it lightly, even if at first glance something seems to prove what you basically believed. In doing so, you neither help yourself nor help others.

(Small expectation: Similar processes will appear in this article as I described them above.)

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