Anneke (60) probably has Apeldoorn’s most visited front door: ‘She’s already helped thousands of parents here’

There are people who mean a lot to others without it being shown on the big screen. In Apeldoorn, Anneke van Zevenbergen (60 years old) is someone who definitely belongs to this group of people. From her home in Bilderdigklan in Apeldoorn, she has already helped thousands of cash-strapped families. With clothes, shoes, food and drinks and also with holiday gifts. We’d like to put Anneke in the spotlight as Apeldoorner of the Week.

single mother

Born and raised in Apeldoorn, Anke says she had a wonderful childhood in Apeldoorn. “Everything was always possible. We had a great time,” says Anneki. But that changed when I became a mother. She faced it alone. “I raised my sons Ivo (31) and Jesse (26) alone. I was a father and mother at the same time. That was very difficult, but I always did my best to give them everything. That’s why I know the tricks of the trade so well.”

In addition to motherhood, Anneke has worked as a social worker in the Deventer and Zutphen area. Here I reached out to the target group that I now help voluntarily with heart and soul.

I was a father and mother at the same time. It was very difficult, but I always do my best to give my children everything


Good Condition

Fourteen years ago, she ended up in WAO by herself. “Doing nothing was not an option. It just made me sad and then I really started helping families in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area.” “I know how many people are in need.”

“Lots of people just want to take. They come to get things and never return anything. I can’t stand it. That’s why I started my Facebook group: Goed Bezig.” I wanted to create a more social group where people take and take together. It was a huge hit with nearly two thousand loyal members.

She also received regular assistance from two women: Olga Farrow and Monique Clement. “They basically help manage the Facebook page. That way I can go back some steps,” she explains. “The time has come. I sometimes spend up to 16 hours a day with the group. I also receive many requests for help via a personal message. Especially for food, drinks, shoes and clothes. Then I help them wherever I can. Now I spend about three hours a day with the group,” says Anneki. .

I wanted to create a more social group where people take together


Anki through her front door window. Photo: indebuurt Apeldoorn

afternoon for kids

She is still active behind the scenes. She prefers to take fun outings only with children. Organizing afternoon shifts for children. Because that makes her happy. For years, she’s been taking the kids outside for five weeks during summer vacation. Kids who have been sitting at home all summer vacation and have nothing fun to do.

“We go out on a day trip three times a week. Nearby, for example to Julianatoren, Apenheul, petting zoos in the area and Day of Princes and Princesses at Paleis Het Loo.” I try to get it as curated as possible, but that doesn’t always work. Then I ask in the group for small donations. Or people sell something I get the proceeds from. I try to arrange food and drink for picnics at the shopkeepers,” says Anneki. “It’s a great job, but when I see the kids are cheerful, I know what to do with it.”

It’s a lot of work but when I see the kids shine, I know what to do for it


Saint and Christmas

For many years, Anke also ensured that hundreds of families in Apeldoorn living in poverty could still celebrate Sinterklaas or Christmas. For years, from October to Christmas, her conservatory was filled with gifts and goodies donated by people from all over the area. Anneke made bundles with a bunch of helping hands. In this way, many families can still celebrate Sinterklaas or Christmas.

It’s been a huge operation every year. But it was great to see all those happy faces on my door. Parents relieved. This is what I do for him. I’d like to leave something behind. I had a good childhood. I give that to other kids too. All children should be able to participate,” says Anneki.

Anki is busy with her phone for the Goed Bezig group. Photo: indebuurt Apeldoorn

I had a good childhood. I give that to other kids too. All children must be able to participate.


heart of gold

Ann has a heart of gold. “There’s nothing stopping her,” she says. “Everything is close to my heart. But it adds so much satisfaction and pleasure to helping these children. “When I see such a happy face, my day is happy again!”

She also has many stories of beautiful moments with the families that helped her. “Actually, any help you give is a beautiful moment. But some moments stay with you a little more.” But a special one you will never forget. Suddenly a camera crew appeared at her door.

Faith Hope and Love

Young mother Angela referred to “Faith, Hope and Love” to put Anki in the spotlight. Angela made a plea on Facebook a few years ago to buy pajamas for her son. Half an hour later Anki was at her doorstep. With pajamas, food and drink. But Anki helped Angela with many other things. Like a full baby.

Watch below how Angela surprised Anneke (from 31 min 30 sec)

No more people at the door

Ann will be moving soon. Its front door is perhaps the most visited (private) front door in Apeldoorn. She doesn’t want that anymore. “For example, if I can now come to my bakery to get bread for families in need, I will take it myself. Then I see where it ends. The grateful smile of the families. It gives me satisfaction. I don’t have all these things in my house anymore.”

The grateful smile of families who give me satisfaction


It’s time for some peace in her life. Travel time and exercise. She didn’t have time for that. “I’m a real water rat, I’ll go swimming a lot again,” Anneke says.

take over

It is time for you to find more peace in her life. Do you want to take charge of it? Or do you want to donate something in the afternoon to the kids during the summer holidays? There is a special need for the healthy and delicious foods and drinks that Annick can bring to children. Please feel free to contact her.

Do you or do you know Apeldoorn with a story worth telling?

Let’s know! Maybe he or she will soon be the Apeldoorner of the Week in the neighborhood!

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